Thursday, March 6, 2008

Online Shopping Really Works!

Another parcel for me today! This one really made my day. I had a long one, BTW. sigh....

Anyway, the other dress is here. It's a wrap dress from the same kedai,!

It's a bit too long, but that can be altered later. Again it fits so well. To answer maktam's question in the previous entry's commment:

1. New items ada, used items pun ada. Akak beli used item, that's why murah. Both dresses for only RM77!
2. Size akak tau from my purchase in Dorothy Perkins and Marks&Spencer. I'm using the same size so, it fits me really-really well!
3. Payment made by online bank transfer and it takes about a week to reach here in Miri from Semenanjung. You can just email the owner, ask a lot of questions before you make any purchase... that's what i did.

Ok, esok akan hantar altered. Next week boleh pakai gi ofis, whhheeeeeeee!!!!!


Anonymous said...

looks great on you...both dresses. tapi kenapa bila gambar you tak terang sangat. get someone to take a picture of you. anyway, maybe i should try this on-line shopping as well even tho it doesnt make sense since i'm here in kl and can get whatever i want...almost. but the price you got was really, really cheap for a branded item.wonder where the owner got his/her supply btw, i went to marks&spencer last weekend. bought myself another new pair of jeans. i just love their jeans, don't you? ...mak tam

Harteeny said...

Blurry because:
1. Amek gambar sendiri
2. Nnt orang jeles, tengok best sangat baju yg akak beli! hehehe...

Memang best price-nye tu pasal taklepaskan! Ada sorang kat UK, yang belikan all these baju...

Rindunye Mark & Spencer... New jeans. i bought two at dorothy perkins since i keje ni... nak seluar kerja!

Zulaikha said...

saya mau online shopping juga lah kalau begini dehh..

Babe said...

hi teeny, tq for the promo heheheh
Next stock will arive in May. Meanwhile kalau ada yang berkenan ke boleh cakap dgn Nadia. Memang market for loose people pun:) sorry kalau baju tu mcm peronyok sikit:P kelam kabut hantar

farridhusin said...

got nothing to comment bout your post
just the dress looks cool with you

sy kawan en nor fairul zukry
ada pic dia di blog anda
kim salam sama dia

visit my blog sama k


xitane said...

oih hang nyibuk jgk kat sini!

Azealea Dz said...

hahah...yeah online shooping is a bliss!! i bought tons of dresses n handbags without even lifting my fat ass!! haha..btw, i've started one of my own jugak..feel free to visit.. your everythang

Harteeny said...

Faridhusin : Thanks for dropping by.

Azea: Your everythang does not have anything my size babe! :P accessories oklah kot.