Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been a lil too long

Hey people.

Like the title, IT HAS BEEN A Little TOO LONG... Aiyoh, many things has been happening off late. But this week would be quite a busy one. My first meeting that I'm responsible for after about 3 weeks in the new section. Yeah, not so interesting but it is what it is.

Money has been flowing like SUNGAI YANG DERAS! Nasib baik gaji blum masuk during my time in KL. Mark&Spencer's brown pants is mine at 50% off! Wheeee!!!

I'm something different as of today :)

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Anonymous said...

M&S ada clearance sale kat OU when i was there last 2 weeks. sgt best but very limited time so tak sempat nk enjoy shopping :-( beli apa yg patut je huhu.