Monday, March 3, 2008


Life goes on today.

I am officially moving to Integrated Operation Planning! We had our section's discussion this morning, introducing self to everyone and receive a whole lot of things to learn, familiarize and do. I was very nervous this morning, not knowing what the hell to expect - it is my first day after about 3 months away for training. It was OK. Tomorrow insyaAllah is going to be better, Amin...

The car is safely in a workshop somewhere in Piasau. I met the guy who hit my car and he discussed with the mechanic in chinese (which of course, i have no idea what they're talking about). He looked like he's sincere (but that does NOT mean I trust him). He said that he's going to call the mechanic on Wednesday, find out for me if the car is ready... So, let's see what happen then.

I received my medal. I won (did you all know that?!) Second place for TENNIS in SKO GAMES 2008. Last year we were at #4 but this year, a silver medal! I played tennis but I've never compete until I'm here in Miri. Awesomeness! :)

Oklah, that's all for today. Nitey-nite everyone...

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