Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I really did last weekend

I have so many things in my mind right now. I wish to blog about every single thing i experienced here in Miri or while i was away in KL but every single topic that was very interesting ended up not being told as I would be doing something else once I'm in front of my laptop. I read somebody else's blog, gawk at people who can seem to buy all beautiful things ever existed, window shopping using Windows (hehe...) or simply watching Friends over and over again. I can ever remember when is when and the line as well. :)

What I did last weekend?

I know it was so "poyo-ish" of me to wait for Konsert Akademi Fantasia yesterday. But hell to it, I enjoyed watching it with Hasfa and Nadrah (hasfa's housemate) at her house. I ended sleeping over. But all in all, I was not home watching it by myself. I thought if I have something to look forward to (like last weekend case: AF6. haha!), my weekend would be arranged and I'll be really enjoying it...

Prior to this little AF6 party, I was out shopping for some stuff. I bought 4 CetRom DVDs, a weighing machine; a new bed sheet set (comes with a comforter at 70% less! B-E-A-U-tiful!) and i went to Tupperware and get three stuffs (one very cool container! Hihi. I can’t believe I bought my own Tupperware containers! I used to go to a Tupperware party when I was in Hulu Langat. With my mum lah... :P)

picture from:

check out my bedsheet. so sweet. I only used a one colour sheet before. I have pink, blue and red. Now, i have a floral pattern one... yea!

I also bought a new curtain. But only after I came back that I realize, I have no idea how to hang it. It’s not the hook type; you just look at what I’ve done to mend it) in the pic. The pink ribbon does not really jive with the silver/grey material but whatever. I think a wonderful silver organza would do the trick. Of course, I didn’t have spare silver organza ribbons in my room. (I’ve been having this satin pink ribbon since last year because i thought of something creative but never finish it until today)

Sunday was a spring cleaning day. To my surprise, my baju-baju fit in my new wardrobe. Maybe I have a gazillion laundry hang outside and some is already in the drawers and the chest i bought early last year, but hey - tetap muat! Maknanya, tak cukup baju lagi lah ni :) hahaha! I have four more at a local tailor here in Miri. She said siap by this week. Yippee!

Now I don’t know where I’m going so I’m ending my entry here. I’m leaving some pictures as evidence of my story.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been a lil too long

Hey people.

Like the title, IT HAS BEEN A Little TOO LONG... Aiyoh, many things has been happening off late. But this week would be quite a busy one. My first meeting that I'm responsible for after about 3 weeks in the new section. Yeah, not so interesting but it is what it is.

Money has been flowing like SUNGAI YANG DERAS! Nasib baik gaji blum masuk during my time in KL. Mark&Spencer's brown pants is mine at 50% off! Wheeee!!!

I'm something different as of today :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Online Shopping Really Works!

Another parcel for me today! This one really made my day. I had a long one, BTW. sigh....

Anyway, the other dress is here. It's a wrap dress from the same kedai,!

It's a bit too long, but that can be altered later. Again it fits so well. To answer maktam's question in the previous entry's commment:

1. New items ada, used items pun ada. Akak beli used item, that's why murah. Both dresses for only RM77!
2. Size akak tau from my purchase in Dorothy Perkins and Marks&Spencer. I'm using the same size so, it fits me really-really well!
3. Payment made by online bank transfer and it takes about a week to reach here in Miri from Semenanjung. You can just email the owner, ask a lot of questions before you make any purchase... that's what i did.

Ok, esok akan hantar altered. Next week boleh pakai gi ofis, whhheeeeeeee!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Online Shopping works!

I received my first item from shopping at! Here it is. I was so excited, and i just get a blurry photo - and be done with. Malas nak snap so many times :)

The pic on the right was the one posted in the blog. and guess what, i have another dress coming. A kimono wrap dress, hope that one is perfect too.

This pink/orangy long shirt is from OASIS - a famous UK Brand. The ads are all over UK mags (Glamour UK) i bought from pasar malam Miri. The material is fine, perfect fit, exactly my size and so so cheap. Thanks babe!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Life goes on today.

I am officially moving to Integrated Operation Planning! We had our section's discussion this morning, introducing self to everyone and receive a whole lot of things to learn, familiarize and do. I was very nervous this morning, not knowing what the hell to expect - it is my first day after about 3 months away for training. It was OK. Tomorrow insyaAllah is going to be better, Amin...

The car is safely in a workshop somewhere in Piasau. I met the guy who hit my car and he discussed with the mechanic in chinese (which of course, i have no idea what they're talking about). He looked like he's sincere (but that does NOT mean I trust him). He said that he's going to call the mechanic on Wednesday, find out for me if the car is ready... So, let's see what happen then.

I received my medal. I won (did you all know that?!) Second place for TENNIS in SKO GAMES 2008. Last year we were at #4 but this year, a silver medal! I played tennis but I've never compete until I'm here in Miri. Awesomeness! :)

Oklah, that's all for today. Nitey-nite everyone...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

When you thought that everything's PERFECT...

KakLaila, Iman and yours truly were on our way to restoran Muara (yet again, for me!) for lunch. In front of Plaza Bintang, Kababoom!!! A huge Mazda four wheelers (don't know what it's called) hit my baby kelisa's back.

A minor kemek but i was furious when he said that the kemek was from eksiden dolu2. HELLO, i know my car lah. Dengdong betul!!! And then, i pick up his pieces of plat number on the ground - and make my "Are-you-really-that-stupid" or "Do-you-think-I'm-that-stupid?" look.

The irony thing was that Sharlyna just came back from claiming her car (a Kelisa imago) from the workshop after a similar accident... She singgah to hantar something to Aishah right before i keluar.

Well, i supposed; one minute your happy; the next you got hit by a Mazda :( That's life. Moving ON!!!