Friday, February 22, 2008

Zukry is coming to town!

The training is almost over. Next week is going to be our last “out-of-the-office, we’re-training” week. No more classes, assignments, free breakfast/lunch/hi tea – back to the office work. Oh, we do have our graduation night, that’s something to look forward to.

In the mean time, I’m focusing on entertaining Zukry who is coming for a visit on 26th – 28th February. It is only 3 days away. So, I’m arranging a tentative for him to really enjoy his stay here. I have decided on a theme for this first visit. It is called “Living Life in Miri like moi”. Zukry, I know you’re reading – here’s the plan:

26th February 2008 : Depart Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 16:20 and arrive in Miri (MYY) at 18:35

• Pick you up at the airport at 6.35pm
• Check-in at the Budget Hotel :P
• Dinner Lalapan at Restoran Muara.

27th February 2008

• Breakfast at PakCik Wan’s cafe for the best “mee kolok” in Miri.
• Trip around Lutong area – my office, the terminal, the training centre (where I’m always at this month), the only mamak’s where I can get my roti nan and Lutong Recreational Club (KRP)
• Tjantek spa in Piasau Garden for a facial treat
• Lunch at Fratini’s
• I have tennis. I’m not keen on playing since did not win last year :P but we could go together & just watch the game. And if I have to play, cheer for me!
• Tanjung Lubang’s seafood for dinner
• Hit the cinema for any movies – just to show you how pathetic the cinema is.

28th February 2008 : Depart Miri (MYY) at 21:40 and arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 23:50

• Breakfast at Hole No. 9 for the best “Mee Jawa”
• Shopping for souvenirs + your graduation gift – this could take hours!
• Lunch at Nasi Lemak Rasa Segar
• Grand Old Lady (museum – entrance is free, kan? So, why not)
• Round the town (this would be a short one. It is a small town afterall) so, soon after we can hit the beach eg: Luak, Esplanade, wherever yang sempat -----------

NOT YET COMPLETE, i repeat; this is a draft but! i’ll make sure your visit will be awesome! But anyhow, for now; what do you think of my plan? If you want to go nature, come again next time. Hehe. Maybe we can go to Gua Niah like me and my family did. The pavement is ready so the journey will be less tiring, less adventurous and cleaner unlike last time :P

This year I got Labuan to be in my to-do-list. I actually get a reason to go now, yay! Don’t know when exactly but I’m definitely going :) Note to Zukry, you better familiarize the place faster and start plan the tentative for my awesome trip nanti!


xitane said...

elo, 1st of all thanx so much for making 2 consecutive entries bout me. much9x appreciated! nevertheless cant wait to be on plane. heh. mcm² agenda neh. n ya, ofkos after this labuan-miri plak ;)75 km² jek labuan tu. nway mula la countdown!

xitane said...

oh, 1mo..if we go 4 movie, tgk vantage point ek? ade ke ;p

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm...seems to me this is more of a too personal blog - you and zukry's plan jer. now everyone knows about your plan... boleh join ker,ek? kalau boleh pun, i definitely am NOT able to. only thing i could remember about Miri the last time i was there is the huge shoreline with huge ships. FYI, trying to plan my family's trip somewhere. care to join? vietnam ke?...mak tam

Mimie Nazirah said...

seronotnyeee...bila org nk dtg lawat sy nih... :sigh:

Harteeny said...

ala maktam. sape sangat yang baca blog akak ni pun. kalau tak akak, zukry. plus right now, it's all about that. next week dah start kerja, sorrylah - sure bengang itu lah, ini lah... tak cukup masa nak blog dah kot :P

well, if anyone else is reading; kalau nak datang Miri - itulah yang i boleh sajikan pun. hahaha! :)

nak ikut gie vietnam!!! sebab nak tunggu my company hantar - bila eh? nak ke kerja kat Vietnam pun??? papehal maktam, email lah :)

to Mimah, where are you? i thought you're in KLCC? bukan ke?

theQueen said...

Ehhh.. nk ikot~

Hikhik. Rindu nk mkn mee kolok.

Yes. The cinema honestly pathetic. Zaman purbakala sunggoh.

Enjoy your plan~!


Anonymous said...

wow....bestnyer trip to miri...x sabar nak g tapi bile erk??? hehe...nanti kalo saye nak g, awk buat special plan utk saye gak erk??? bleh??? hehehe....
miss u...take care!!!


Anonymous said...

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