Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There is NO Part II

I was selling the winning stories to Hasfa - Thanks for listening :) Still couldn't get enough of it. Huda, it's so true that i need to collect all kinds of happy-happy thoughts to survive in Miri!

Emails from aunties all saying that they had superb time in Port Dickson. Boleh tak akak nak tau who DID NOT any fun at all? Mane ada! Sume thought it's the best family gathering so far! Maktam, Best giler!!!

I just want to share what i got from an outing with Zukry on Saturday. My belated birthday present from him is this:

A knit grey top from Forever 21.
I bought a black knit top with him at Dorothy Perkins the last time we went out, so he said no more black. Grey pun takpe lah!

and I bought this pair of goodness for myself:

Vincci shiny Black wedges. It's not super comfy but it's gorgeous! Plus it RM60++. you get some, you lose some eh?

and a belt from Forever21.

The shopping date was surprisingly fun as i was NOT the only one to do the shopping. Usually of course, i bore him. This time, he got a list of things to buy which was awesome. First stop, City chain at KLCC to get back his Fossil watch after so many months - padahal change the leather strap je pun. Then, off to ISETEAN for his black leather shoe. Try this and that, tengok yang sale items and settle for one. Boleh tahan lama menunggu... :P and finally off to Pavilion for a white shirt. got one in Seed. Tu pun puas try all kinds. The watch, the shoe and the shirt are all for this graduation in March. Convocation for his Masters Degree - which he is so proud of.

And Oh, This is super great news. At least to me and Zukry. He finally got a call from KLCC. He's going to collect his offer letter and do his medical check-up this Thursday. I hope it's PRSB. I think it's PRSB. It will be PRSB. He was ecstatic yesterday, but too bad we're already 1500km apart. He already got a phone call last week but he refuse to celebrate the fact he already got it. he said it's only 89% sure. Yesterday it was 96%. Don't know bila nak 100% ntah...

We are sure going to celebrate when he is here 26th-28th February! Yay. First trip to Miri, what should we do, where should we go??? I have class lah... Petang you could see me play! become my cheerleader :)


xitane said...

ya i think this convo, for sure all out lah! heh. the news from klcc is the best thing to happen so far this year (its only february). hope more to come. as 4conclusion, february08 my hepi² moment la.heh
btw, don forget ur assigment. xnak tido kat court tenis!

Harteeny said...

miss u.