Sunday, February 24, 2008

Performance Appraisal

All in my head on this really breezy Sunday is that I have to finish up my first performance appraisal. The document which will determine how much i have contributed to the success of the company, but of course first thing first - the extra than i can anticipate later this year :P

I already got an SMS from my supervisor. He went thru what were in the system already. It was a reminder SMS. So, i supposed that is why this appraisal thing is just lingering there in my head.

I've been hearing many different opinions about this year appraisal. Many who don't really bother. Our first year, how great can we really be? Hmmm... so i don't know. I mean, of course i want to be the excellent one - always put the extra pressure on my shoulder. Giler ke hape? well, whatever. The important thing is to get it done.

Anyway, i hope to finish up the appraisal, the leadership lalala, and the assignments. At least, identify assignments to be completed.

BTW, after mee kolok for breakfast today i went wardrobe hunting. Went to 3 furniture shops, and decided on a 2 doors, solid rubber wood; that will go together with my solid wood side table, chest and bed. Yea! But the wardrobe will only be here in my room on next Tuesday (04/03/08). Excuse the pic, it's from my phone. My wardrobe is the one boxed in black tu.

Mula-mula nak yang 3doors tu but i already have a chest. So, i don't want a huge wardrobe to consume a lot of space in my room. It's not a master bedroom, so you know... save some space lah for me to joget-joget, lalala kat dalam bilik :P

Digital camera! - that's what i want. Definitely going to my wishlist. So anyway, the room will be tidier InsyaAllah with the new wardrobe. Nothing is going to be displayed on the hanger anymore. i hope there's enough room for all of my clothes - baju kurung like a gazillion, the shirts/blouses, the pants, the jeans, etc. Chewah, macam banyak sangat...

oklah, out of the topic already. toodles.


hasz_rushley said...

owhs..macam x cukup jek space lemari tu nnt.. let see..huahua

theQueen said...


saye rs pon mcm tak cukup. stakat ape yg sy ingt lah. hihu.

anyway good luck wif ur PA. i soo remember what happen last time when i was there.

heavy clouds are everywhere inside the office. urgh.

Harteeny said...

I hope cukup. yang 3doors tu pun tambah extra drawers in the 3rd door. so cam takperlu pun extra drawers.

FYI, i want only solid wood. tu yang kureng pilihan...


xitane said...

i thot ur baju2 sume lipat jek..cukup la dak. well, 2mo days but less than 48h to get to miri. hm, bwk ape? kapet 2pn dh mkn saiz pe..+ cleo if i can get it la. c u then!

Anonymous said...

email to me please... ada mende nak tanye.