Monday, February 11, 2008

Family Day – Ismayatim’s Clan Part 1

I was very excited to go back. While waiting for boarding, I actually browsed the script that Mak Ngah Ida prepared. It was really long but I didn’t feel like making any changes. The flight back was really uncomfortable for me probably because it’s been so long since my last trip with Airasia (I think about a year ago. Last CNY!) My seat cannot be adjusted, entah kenapa. So there I was sitting super tegak + stiff for 2hours. Zukry picked me up and we went for dinner at Kampung Baru. Yum, but very busy! There’s even a Chinese family among the crowd; having their supper after the big-family-dinner kot.

Very Long Thursday – Everything happened on Thursday:
I woke up early. Baby already called at 4am asking to pick her up – but I’m NOT on duty so; sorry babe! :P But once I saw her that morning, we immediately work on our dance routine for Sehati Berdansa. We danced out ass off that morning! Baby admitted that it was easy to teach me because I got the groove on. Haha! Well, we are very bootylicious and we have been since forever - practice our dancing skill since we got our ASTRO – MTV + [V] in 1996 (When I was in Form 1 and still lived in AU3, Keramat) Mak wants to join in but Mak; if you would have mentioned about it, we could work something out - we could have keep you updated on the whole routine. And then, we could ask you to sponsor the costume and everything, sure lagi gempak! Hehe. I just brought all the things that I was with from Miri, sumbat into the car boot and we’re off to Port Dickson!

Checked-in. Lunch by the beach. Family meeting. While waiting for everyone to come, we practised again inside the meeting room. It was definitely roomier than practising at home. (Baby actually knocked mum down – by accident of course; masa kitorang praktis dalam bilik Mak. Hihi) So, we go all out again. Of course, I keep on forgetting the bridge part. Giler best but given more time – I could do BETTER! Played with the little-cute ones and MCed the event with my aunt.

Around 5pm – Telematch. Games have been prepared, my family; the Kencana was going to go against Tam’s United, Apa2 Aje and Sehati Berdansa teams. We didn’t win but we were a threat. Kihkihkih. It was really fun! I can’t remember the last I joined a telematch. The games were all easy-peasy for really fit people. As for Kencana, kurenglah sket but we played really hard. Never give up is our motto, I supposed.

Practise a little before mandi and preparation for the Black+Red Dinner. Berpeluh2. Anyone wants to know the routine? Boleh rujuk kepada saya nanti. It’s a very good cardio exercise. I chose to wear all black with a scarf which has pinch of red. Did NOT focus to win the best dressed but all nervous about MC-ing and dancing in front of everybody as well as karaoke-ing. 3 in 1.

The hall was sprayed with black and red, the crowd was so uniform - I have a little doubt about people turning up following the theme but they did and it was great. The man, ladies, tua, babies – sume in black+red.

I MC-ed for a while and when the Sehati Berdansa started, i went up to the jury and asked to be the last one to perform. PakLong agreed, Yay!

• Makngah and Pakngah (later joined by KakLong and KakNgah) danced to santana’s number with Poco-poco routine. Clever!

• Maktam, KakLong, KakNgah, Ika and Hilmi joined together in Pata-Pata. A traditional dance all the way from South Africa. Creative!

• And finally, Teeny & Myra shake their booty to Pudar by Rossa. The routine for the chorus was exactly the same as in the videoclip but the others were created by Myra. Fun and the routine was the winning moves. I was really nervous up on the stage, there no more airliur for me to swallow!

Pakngah, kakngah, anyone; please send me the video!!!

We danced all night. Mum did, Bapak did, Mizan of course did as well. I was with the little ones especially Suraya who wants to join next year’s Sehati Berdansa. She was practising her moves with me already. The one yang boleh pusing, angkat2! :P MakLong do the twist with PakNgah – best giler. Lagu ape eh, lupa dah. But somebody was karaoke-ing to a song masa tu. I did “Camar yang Pulang” but not good enough since Baby won the first prize with “Berdua lebih Baik”. Very cheeky, that won the judges’ hearts kot. Haha! :D Baby, you’re the ultimate winner I supposed!

Wajah pemenang Sehati Berdansa keesokan harinya. With Pakde Is enter-frame.

All in all, it was an amazing night. We can’t stop talking about it until now.  Best, We should do this again!


xitane said...

its sound very interesting but part of me im scared. heh. mb later the whole world can watch ur move in YouTube??

theQueen said... reli did announce it to the whole world. anyway, good for you to have such a wonderful event. you gonna need that happy memory to withstand miri. ha ha ha

Harteeny said...

hey, u pun ada blog. nanti i add. :)