Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Beyonce Experience

To Beyonce's fans out there, please watch "The Beyonce Experience" - a live concert from Los Angeles. SUPERB! The sound system of my new laptop is amazing that i feel like butt-shaking every second of it. Hehe. I don't just feel, I did do the butt-shaking thing. Afterall, my room is pretty sound proof and locked at all times, so I'm not exactly disturbing anyone. It feels great too! The handsome dancer from her videos was also there dancing his butt of. (That'a a lot of butt in one para :P) Baby, I wish you're here watching with me! Bootylicious!!!

Beyonce is my definition of sexy. Everything about her is sexy. She's successful, rich, she's just out there singing and dancing - BEST! She brought all kinds of girls together with her to perform. The skinny, the big-size, the asian, yang penuh dengan tatto, rambut bakar tu, all kinds! Giving a fair chance for everyone to share her success. She should hire people for a year, then introuce them to other peeps; so that she could hire a fresh group of talents the next year. Pepandai je!

Ooooohhh, her body is definitely to die for - one of the many reason i put it my 2008 resolution (Not very sure if I'm working for it) I've got the curve definitely, Chewah, sesuka hati memuji diri, Haha! But I have to reduce pounds/kilos/inches to get to the to-die-for level.

BTW, i was out today to buy "hadiah" - my own contribution to the Family Day we're going to have next Thursday. I need to print the program so that i could draft the script - Note to self! After i got the "hadiah", I went to the DVD store and - i bought: Gilmore Girls season 1 (Shila, if you're reading it RM41.90 here in Miri! i think GG is part of my 2008 resoultion. Hehe!) The Nanny Diaries, Juno and The Beyonce Experience. After that, my eyes were on my laptop's screen all day. Despite my cramp body, whole body - the right arms is OK considering I've been using it very rigorously last week for sports, the other parts were just screaming at me to sit still. But i can't just sit still while watching Beyonce!

Beyonce, (if you reading this. Haha!) you rock my world and you definitely made my day, today :)!

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