Friday, February 29, 2008

Aku sungguh senang...

Facial treatment - Bali style at Tjantek Spa

The results - the day after.

1. Lalapan - Restoran Muara. Yum!
2. Fettucini Carbonara - Fratini's
3. Lamb steak-esque(it's in Italian - can't remember!) - Fratini's
4. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - cream, creamier, creamiest
5. Mee Jawa - Hole no.9. sedap giler!
6. Bandung special and longan lemon tea after shopping at ADIDAS boutique.

Chilling out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with my new laptop

On the Jambatan Gantung at Taman Awam, Miri

Helping out the drillers :)

I was just really over the moon. I was NEVER like this in Miri before

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xitane said...

never in my mind "letak timun atas mata" soo refreshing! mmg best sgt² la g miri. the pics tell everything. hey, the cinema wasnt that bad lol..kinda cute what. haha. nway i enjoy watching jumper for the second time. TQ for being there during my stay! BEST