Friday, February 29, 2008

Aku sungguh senang...

Facial treatment - Bali style at Tjantek Spa

The results - the day after.

1. Lalapan - Restoran Muara. Yum!
2. Fettucini Carbonara - Fratini's
3. Lamb steak-esque(it's in Italian - can't remember!) - Fratini's
4. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - cream, creamier, creamiest
5. Mee Jawa - Hole no.9. sedap giler!
6. Bandung special and longan lemon tea after shopping at ADIDAS boutique.

Chilling out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with my new laptop

On the Jambatan Gantung at Taman Awam, Miri

Helping out the drillers :)

I was just really over the moon. I was NEVER like this in Miri before

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Performance Appraisal

All in my head on this really breezy Sunday is that I have to finish up my first performance appraisal. The document which will determine how much i have contributed to the success of the company, but of course first thing first - the extra than i can anticipate later this year :P

I already got an SMS from my supervisor. He went thru what were in the system already. It was a reminder SMS. So, i supposed that is why this appraisal thing is just lingering there in my head.

I've been hearing many different opinions about this year appraisal. Many who don't really bother. Our first year, how great can we really be? Hmmm... so i don't know. I mean, of course i want to be the excellent one - always put the extra pressure on my shoulder. Giler ke hape? well, whatever. The important thing is to get it done.

Anyway, i hope to finish up the appraisal, the leadership lalala, and the assignments. At least, identify assignments to be completed.

BTW, after mee kolok for breakfast today i went wardrobe hunting. Went to 3 furniture shops, and decided on a 2 doors, solid rubber wood; that will go together with my solid wood side table, chest and bed. Yea! But the wardrobe will only be here in my room on next Tuesday (04/03/08). Excuse the pic, it's from my phone. My wardrobe is the one boxed in black tu.

Mula-mula nak yang 3doors tu but i already have a chest. So, i don't want a huge wardrobe to consume a lot of space in my room. It's not a master bedroom, so you know... save some space lah for me to joget-joget, lalala kat dalam bilik :P

Digital camera! - that's what i want. Definitely going to my wishlist. So anyway, the room will be tidier InsyaAllah with the new wardrobe. Nothing is going to be displayed on the hanger anymore. i hope there's enough room for all of my clothes - baju kurung like a gazillion, the shirts/blouses, the pants, the jeans, etc. Chewah, macam banyak sangat...

oklah, out of the topic already. toodles.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Zukry is coming to town!

The training is almost over. Next week is going to be our last “out-of-the-office, we’re-training” week. No more classes, assignments, free breakfast/lunch/hi tea – back to the office work. Oh, we do have our graduation night, that’s something to look forward to.

In the mean time, I’m focusing on entertaining Zukry who is coming for a visit on 26th – 28th February. It is only 3 days away. So, I’m arranging a tentative for him to really enjoy his stay here. I have decided on a theme for this first visit. It is called “Living Life in Miri like moi”. Zukry, I know you’re reading – here’s the plan:

26th February 2008 : Depart Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 16:20 and arrive in Miri (MYY) at 18:35

• Pick you up at the airport at 6.35pm
• Check-in at the Budget Hotel :P
• Dinner Lalapan at Restoran Muara.

27th February 2008

• Breakfast at PakCik Wan’s cafe for the best “mee kolok” in Miri.
• Trip around Lutong area – my office, the terminal, the training centre (where I’m always at this month), the only mamak’s where I can get my roti nan and Lutong Recreational Club (KRP)
• Tjantek spa in Piasau Garden for a facial treat
• Lunch at Fratini’s
• I have tennis. I’m not keen on playing since did not win last year :P but we could go together & just watch the game. And if I have to play, cheer for me!
• Tanjung Lubang’s seafood for dinner
• Hit the cinema for any movies – just to show you how pathetic the cinema is.

28th February 2008 : Depart Miri (MYY) at 21:40 and arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 23:50

• Breakfast at Hole No. 9 for the best “Mee Jawa”
• Shopping for souvenirs + your graduation gift – this could take hours!
• Lunch at Nasi Lemak Rasa Segar
• Grand Old Lady (museum – entrance is free, kan? So, why not)
• Round the town (this would be a short one. It is a small town afterall) so, soon after we can hit the beach eg: Luak, Esplanade, wherever yang sempat -----------

NOT YET COMPLETE, i repeat; this is a draft but! i’ll make sure your visit will be awesome! But anyhow, for now; what do you think of my plan? If you want to go nature, come again next time. Hehe. Maybe we can go to Gua Niah like me and my family did. The pavement is ready so the journey will be less tiring, less adventurous and cleaner unlike last time :P

This year I got Labuan to be in my to-do-list. I actually get a reason to go now, yay! Don’t know when exactly but I’m definitely going :) Note to Zukry, you better familiarize the place faster and start plan the tentative for my awesome trip nanti!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Labuan, Zukry is coming!

As mentioned in my previous entry, Zukry went to KLCC today to pick up his offer letter and then, to a clinic (somewhere in Lebuh Ampang) for his medical check-up. My first SMS to him today: “Apa position? Dekat mana?” He was still on his way up to I-don’t-know-which floor.

Anyway, to our surprise he’s going to Labuan... I mean, we are damn sure he’s going to get that PRSB gig Researcher (Chemist)! You know the feeling when you’re so sure it’s right and it turns to-the-left, to-the-left! Wawawawa... He’s very grateful to get out of where he’s working now. Of course, the pros are there (we did our pro’s and con’s right after we got the news. Thanks MakTam, I recovered from the shock quite fast. Faster than him, that is) Well Zukry, Haniff is there to help you adapt with the small city :)

Why we were very frustrated when we knew it’s Labuan? 1. It is because HR from HQ refused to clarify what they’re offering to him on the phone when the letter is already in place! 2. HR from PRSB promised to call him back and didn’t (of course, whenever he called; there’s no update lalala...) He was furious and call her back; she said “Oh we know that. We can’t simply curi staff dari OPU lain. You still have the opportunity to join us maybe in 3years?” How could she...

My morning was all about “He’s moving to Labuan”... So now, all plans are to be directed into Labuan-Miri.

* BTW, i got to know that the basic is Rm30 higher than what I got in Dec ‘06. Eheheh... :P

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There is NO Part II

I was selling the winning stories to Hasfa - Thanks for listening :) Still couldn't get enough of it. Huda, it's so true that i need to collect all kinds of happy-happy thoughts to survive in Miri!

Emails from aunties all saying that they had superb time in Port Dickson. Boleh tak akak nak tau who DID NOT any fun at all? Mane ada! Sume thought it's the best family gathering so far! Maktam, Best giler!!!

I just want to share what i got from an outing with Zukry on Saturday. My belated birthday present from him is this:

A knit grey top from Forever 21.
I bought a black knit top with him at Dorothy Perkins the last time we went out, so he said no more black. Grey pun takpe lah!

and I bought this pair of goodness for myself:

Vincci shiny Black wedges. It's not super comfy but it's gorgeous! Plus it RM60++. you get some, you lose some eh?

and a belt from Forever21.

The shopping date was surprisingly fun as i was NOT the only one to do the shopping. Usually of course, i bore him. This time, he got a list of things to buy which was awesome. First stop, City chain at KLCC to get back his Fossil watch after so many months - padahal change the leather strap je pun. Then, off to ISETEAN for his black leather shoe. Try this and that, tengok yang sale items and settle for one. Boleh tahan lama menunggu... :P and finally off to Pavilion for a white shirt. got one in Seed. Tu pun puas try all kinds. The watch, the shoe and the shirt are all for this graduation in March. Convocation for his Masters Degree - which he is so proud of.

And Oh, This is super great news. At least to me and Zukry. He finally got a call from KLCC. He's going to collect his offer letter and do his medical check-up this Thursday. I hope it's PRSB. I think it's PRSB. It will be PRSB. He was ecstatic yesterday, but too bad we're already 1500km apart. He already got a phone call last week but he refuse to celebrate the fact he already got it. he said it's only 89% sure. Yesterday it was 96%. Don't know bila nak 100% ntah...

We are sure going to celebrate when he is here 26th-28th February! Yay. First trip to Miri, what should we do, where should we go??? I have class lah... Petang you could see me play! become my cheerleader :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Family Day – Ismayatim’s Clan Part 1

I was very excited to go back. While waiting for boarding, I actually browsed the script that Mak Ngah Ida prepared. It was really long but I didn’t feel like making any changes. The flight back was really uncomfortable for me probably because it’s been so long since my last trip with Airasia (I think about a year ago. Last CNY!) My seat cannot be adjusted, entah kenapa. So there I was sitting super tegak + stiff for 2hours. Zukry picked me up and we went for dinner at Kampung Baru. Yum, but very busy! There’s even a Chinese family among the crowd; having their supper after the big-family-dinner kot.

Very Long Thursday – Everything happened on Thursday:
I woke up early. Baby already called at 4am asking to pick her up – but I’m NOT on duty so; sorry babe! :P But once I saw her that morning, we immediately work on our dance routine for Sehati Berdansa. We danced out ass off that morning! Baby admitted that it was easy to teach me because I got the groove on. Haha! Well, we are very bootylicious and we have been since forever - practice our dancing skill since we got our ASTRO – MTV + [V] in 1996 (When I was in Form 1 and still lived in AU3, Keramat) Mak wants to join in but Mak; if you would have mentioned about it, we could work something out - we could have keep you updated on the whole routine. And then, we could ask you to sponsor the costume and everything, sure lagi gempak! Hehe. I just brought all the things that I was with from Miri, sumbat into the car boot and we’re off to Port Dickson!

Checked-in. Lunch by the beach. Family meeting. While waiting for everyone to come, we practised again inside the meeting room. It was definitely roomier than practising at home. (Baby actually knocked mum down – by accident of course; masa kitorang praktis dalam bilik Mak. Hihi) So, we go all out again. Of course, I keep on forgetting the bridge part. Giler best but given more time – I could do BETTER! Played with the little-cute ones and MCed the event with my aunt.

Around 5pm – Telematch. Games have been prepared, my family; the Kencana was going to go against Tam’s United, Apa2 Aje and Sehati Berdansa teams. We didn’t win but we were a threat. Kihkihkih. It was really fun! I can’t remember the last I joined a telematch. The games were all easy-peasy for really fit people. As for Kencana, kurenglah sket but we played really hard. Never give up is our motto, I supposed.

Practise a little before mandi and preparation for the Black+Red Dinner. Berpeluh2. Anyone wants to know the routine? Boleh rujuk kepada saya nanti. It’s a very good cardio exercise. I chose to wear all black with a scarf which has pinch of red. Did NOT focus to win the best dressed but all nervous about MC-ing and dancing in front of everybody as well as karaoke-ing. 3 in 1.

The hall was sprayed with black and red, the crowd was so uniform - I have a little doubt about people turning up following the theme but they did and it was great. The man, ladies, tua, babies – sume in black+red.

I MC-ed for a while and when the Sehati Berdansa started, i went up to the jury and asked to be the last one to perform. PakLong agreed, Yay!

• Makngah and Pakngah (later joined by KakLong and KakNgah) danced to santana’s number with Poco-poco routine. Clever!

• Maktam, KakLong, KakNgah, Ika and Hilmi joined together in Pata-Pata. A traditional dance all the way from South Africa. Creative!

• And finally, Teeny & Myra shake their booty to Pudar by Rossa. The routine for the chorus was exactly the same as in the videoclip but the others were created by Myra. Fun and the routine was the winning moves. I was really nervous up on the stage, there no more airliur for me to swallow!

Pakngah, kakngah, anyone; please send me the video!!!

We danced all night. Mum did, Bapak did, Mizan of course did as well. I was with the little ones especially Suraya who wants to join next year’s Sehati Berdansa. She was practising her moves with me already. The one yang boleh pusing, angkat2! :P MakLong do the twist with PakNgah – best giler. Lagu ape eh, lupa dah. But somebody was karaoke-ing to a song masa tu. I did “Camar yang Pulang” but not good enough since Baby won the first prize with “Berdua lebih Baik”. Very cheeky, that won the judges’ hearts kot. Haha! :D Baby, you’re the ultimate winner I supposed!

Wajah pemenang Sehati Berdansa keesokan harinya. With Pakde Is enter-frame.

All in all, it was an amazing night. We can’t stop talking about it until now.  Best, We should do this again!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNY 2008

I'm tired, my back aches, very sleepy and haven't pack a thing. I have a class tomorrow at 8.30, at the terminal which requires me to wear the coverall - for our little field trip. Huaaarrrgggghhh, ngantuk but i'm still in front of the laptop watching some movies. My head is in a huge mess...

Nite everyone.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Beyonce Experience

To Beyonce's fans out there, please watch "The Beyonce Experience" - a live concert from Los Angeles. SUPERB! The sound system of my new laptop is amazing that i feel like butt-shaking every second of it. Hehe. I don't just feel, I did do the butt-shaking thing. Afterall, my room is pretty sound proof and locked at all times, so I'm not exactly disturbing anyone. It feels great too! The handsome dancer from her videos was also there dancing his butt of. (That'a a lot of butt in one para :P) Baby, I wish you're here watching with me! Bootylicious!!!

Beyonce is my definition of sexy. Everything about her is sexy. She's successful, rich, she's just out there singing and dancing - BEST! She brought all kinds of girls together with her to perform. The skinny, the big-size, the asian, yang penuh dengan tatto, rambut bakar tu, all kinds! Giving a fair chance for everyone to share her success. She should hire people for a year, then introuce them to other peeps; so that she could hire a fresh group of talents the next year. Pepandai je!

Ooooohhh, her body is definitely to die for - one of the many reason i put it my 2008 resolution (Not very sure if I'm working for it) I've got the curve definitely, Chewah, sesuka hati memuji diri, Haha! But I have to reduce pounds/kilos/inches to get to the to-die-for level.

BTW, i was out today to buy "hadiah" - my own contribution to the Family Day we're going to have next Thursday. I need to print the program so that i could draft the script - Note to self! After i got the "hadiah", I went to the DVD store and - i bought: Gilmore Girls season 1 (Shila, if you're reading it RM41.90 here in Miri! i think GG is part of my 2008 resoultion. Hehe!) The Nanny Diaries, Juno and The Beyonce Experience. After that, my eyes were on my laptop's screen all day. Despite my cramp body, whole body - the right arms is OK considering I've been using it very rigorously last week for sports, the other parts were just screaming at me to sit still. But i can't just sit still while watching Beyonce!

Beyonce, (if you reading this. Haha!) you rock my world and you definitely made my day, today :)!