Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two Parcels For Me :)

Today, I'm 24 tahun, 11 bulan, 28 hari OR 9129 hari!

I woke up to receive an invitation to a picnic. What, what? - This is NOT important.

I have got my birthday present! Yay!
Two parcels were waiting for me at POSLAJU, Miri today. I knew one of them is from Zukry.

The other one is actually a box from MAK! It took me by surprise because i really thought i won't be getting any present from MAK because i ada hutang lagi! :P

And Mak is definitely the greatest mother in the world, the box is filled with Clinique products! (Mum, i SMSed because i'm curious. Not because i'm giving you a HINT, mak!) Thank you, thank you, thank you MAK. I was all smiling driving (well, dragging actually) myself to the picnic.

Ah, bestnyer... these parcels made my day today. and it's only noon! :)

Oh, i bake carrot cake yesterday. Not from the box, but from scratch. hehe. And sedap jugak plak tu. i mean, i would type the testimonial but sumer orang puji pakai mulut je. The look, so-so je. But the taste with that lemony-cream cheese. YUM! i did not know that i'll love any other cake than choc cake. YUMmy. giler sedap. hehe. (Puji diri sendiri...)

Oh, i have an SMS from kak Laila, "Aunty, thank kek. Iman suka sgt. Sb Iman suka karet" Excuse the shortform. I type exactly like it said in my inbox :)

OK, life is not that great here, but i got to do something about it. i mean, my birthday is in a day away. Oh, I'm going to Offshore (Baronia this time!) on Monday (14 JAN) plak tu. Quite an achievement eh? tak ramai yang dah pernah gi offshore kan, kan??? Hahaha...


Azealea Dz said...

happy belated burp-day..teeny!!!
have a pleasant sprises & wonderful year ahead ya!! hugs hugs

theQueen said...

hihihi.. nk jugak kek karot~~

Harteeny said...

Thanks Azea! I hope for the BEST YEAR ever. hehehe

Thequeen has landed. welcome. bila mau datang miri ha?