Saturday, January 5, 2008

Special Post on IKA's Birthday.

Dear KakLong, KakNgah, Sarah & Soraya,

Selamat Bersekolah! :)

MakTeh, I also worried that they'll loose the accent and the French. (Have i told you that French is just so sexy. Quoting Rachel from FRIENDS but also my personal view. Hehe) I saw them during the time they had at Putrajaya with Diana, they seemed really happy.

Of course, i cannot forget my conversation with lil Soraya. Innocently told me "Wan kat Mesia" and she didn't know where the hell she is. (She knew she's NOT in Geneva but dunno if she's in Mesia. Well, she's with me and her sisters in a playground somehwehre in Putrajaya.. Hihi)

Boleh cope lah, guaranteed! And of course, they'll become the best English students. and dapat nombor 1! :)

I have this friend in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Serai (oh-so-zaman dulu!), named Farahnaz. She came in when i was in standard 3 (kalau tak silap) from UK/US ke. Ntah tak ingat, but of course; immediately became my rival to get the Number1 crown (only for that but otherwise she's a dear friend and pandai lukis cartoon. where are you now?) BTW, i was really smart. memang kaki Nombor 1. I don't setttle for anything more than 1. Hahahahaha! Makteh, tell them! :)

To Zulaikha,
Happy Birthday dear! Have a good one. we'll meet insyaAllah during CNY. Is the Sehati Berdansa still on? Maktam, Makteh, Mak; are you all prepared? :D

Dear Azea,
Welcome & Happy reading. Zukry, Azea says Hi! :)


xitane said...

Azea who? em, since u became POSH, should i get beck's haircut, minus blonde ;p blk CNY kn, smpat pjg

xitane said...

owh..azea PRS. i thot azean irdawaty etc. ok dokie, roger

xitane said...

ya, happy schooling to those stil going to school. i used to get #1 jgk dlu dlm exam (propa). hehe. nway it must be fun kn skola, kwn ramai, main je 247.

xitane said...

bnyk tul komen..mb i should start (cont) write my own blog. heh, nway, hv u listen to the song??

Zulaikha said...

oo, i will also have a special post on ur birthday then..haha.

Mimie Nazirah said...

Hi Teeny...
wink*wink* ^___________^

Anonymous said...

di sebalik kejayaan akak ada makyah.haha3.(kalo x phm pk sejenak)