Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Own Family Day

Hello Readers, (Gaya seorang penulis amatur :) )

It’s been almost two weeks.

I’m now counting days to go back to my beloved Ampang, Kuala Lumpur! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 more days! Less than a week! Weeeeee! And to add up the excitement of going back, our family is going to have our own Family Day. (The reason why i’m going back lah...) When I said my family, that means my Moyang’s clan. (My mother’s side – which means the Pahang clan) On 7th and 8th, we are going to rule Ancasa Hotel, Port Dickson :P Hihi. I’m going to be the MC of the dinner and also a participant in our own “Sehati Berdansa”!

Baby (my little sister who are not so little anymore) and I are practising from a far together to Pudar by Rossa! BTW, Baby is in Changloon while I’m in Miri – beribu-ribu kilometre tu! Kelakar-lah. There are so many dance routines created by other people in Youtube and we only have one night to practise together! Mampu kah kami bergelar juara? Muahahaha!

If we turn out to be the Champion, maybe I’ll post the video (if ada orang sudi mengambil video-la) Semangat tak our family? Tidak syak lagi! The theme for the dinner is not yet final. So far, Red-Black is people’s favourite, I voted for White-Denim! Oklah, I’m off to netball + Badminton + Squash – the Sukan week is nearly here. Everybody is practising and so am I.


theQueen said...

huahuahua.. sports day dh start ke kak? hihi.. u group mane? best ke?

btw, your family dinner sounds very interesting. good luck with your sehati berdansa~!


Harteeny said...

Yeap, SKO games is here again. and i'm not in the jawatankuasa anymore. Alhamdulillah... and i think i want to play more. or at least go to the practise pun, jadilah :)

Thank you. if i won, i akan let the whole world knows. hehe...