Sunday, January 20, 2008

Boredom Strikes.

I was watching the last episode of Gilmore Girls from the final season (Season 7) Rory Gilmore, the favourite daughter of Star Hollow is leaving the small town and her beloved mother, Lorelai to pursue her dream in journalism; writing for an online magazine while touring with Barrack Obama. I like them, they babble; don’t have to go straight to the point but both totally get what the other is going to say. Is there such relationship? Mother-daughter kind? Mum, you want to comment? I know you’re reading this. Ha! ;)

It made me think about last year, well not exactly last year; but Dec 2006, when I was leaving home for Miri. I remembered the ‘rombongan’ we had to KLIA. Bapak and Abang weren’t there, but OK. MakLong, PakLong (the retirees) with Mak, Baby and Mizan were with me as well as Nadira and her mother, Aunty Normah! Aunty called it Rombongan Cik Kiah not realizing that MakLong’s name is ROKIAH. Haha!

It was quite a similar story me and Rory; for that episode (only!). OK, I was not known to my neighbours. Haha! I was leaving for a company that I’m dying to work with since form 4/5 (when I was in MRSM, they visited our school and explained to us how cool it is to study and graduate and work with them. Yeah, OK) Don’t ask me why I want to but I made a whole big of a deal when they didn’t call me right away, after I came back from my Europe trip, that is.  I had an entry in a blog. My ‘menganggur’ blog :

I have to be honest that what I’m currently doing is NOT my dream job (even though the company is) I studied to become a Chemical/Process Engineer not a production planner. It’s easier to be doing law or medic in University, you know you’re going to be a lawyer/doctor once you’ve graduated and that no one should be offering you a planner/admin/whatever else that is vacant for your to take.

I sometimes wonder if I actually went to Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka doing Sains Hayat (I had the options of UTP, UTM and Kolej Matrikulasi – not at the same time but yeah) and continue to torture myself in the medical line, will I survived and finally graduate as Dr. Hartini? Hmmm... Instead of Ir. Hartini. Mum, what do you think? Or maybe Dr. Ir. Hartini. Whoops, I’m aiming for the star high up above! Hihi.

This is what a weekend in Miri can do to me.


Anonymous said...

alah.god has bigger plan for u.huhu.ayat a walk to remeber.kah2x.lets think a bit.kalo akak tak pegi utm.x jumpala abg zukry.ha3.2nd baby pelikla,nape tetibe nk jd doktor nie.trpgrh ke ngan grey's anatomy.(x thn)..

Harteeny said...

Luahan rasa. sekejap rasa sangat motivated, taksabar2 nak kerja - kejap rasa MALAS!!!

* byk malas lah sebenarnyer. Hehehe...

Grey's anatomy, dah lama tak tengok! nak download lah! CU CNY b!

shila said...

Whoaaa!! Another GG fan! I am so into, sadly takde continue from season 7. I cried okeh the S7 tu. Cried because she's leaving her mum, mummy preparing all sort of things including a mug? and cap? and the fact that she's not marrying Logan.

Aihhh...Somebody proposing u on your convo. day, what else can u say? (kalau me dah happy head over heals okeh). hihihi. But the way it ends adalah sedey. hoping for miracle that the story will continue.

I read on the net, people pun tak sure ada sambung ke tak. Aiyayaya. Btw, I bought the whole DVD set, super clear, great, kat Batu Feringghi, one season each for RM45? cheap giler kan? +P (Okeh, i talked too much about GG then). hihihi

Harteeny said...

Whoa, sungguh sekejap - dah sampai Shila ke blog ini. Welcome. :)

I'm sorry i didn't quite get GG at first. Rupe2nyer Gilmore Girls. Not a big fan, saje dok mengdownload. Kat MIRI ni pun, berlambak2 pirate DVDs. I have the whole complete season of FRIENDS. huhu.

Hi to lin for me.