Friday, January 4, 2008

Hartini is POSH :D

Posh may have set the trend but i rule Bob Hair! :)

God, I feel so much better now that I've made a trip to the hair salon. The shampoo girl showed s great shampooing skill! Two thumbs up to that girl! No nail, just gentle head massage. Ah, sungguh best...

The aunty who nearly cut my hair before I blurted out that I want it to be washed first(so that i can enjoy the massages), was so blushed when i said i want her hair. She was so teliti. Even after she blowed my hair, she was still clipping and chipping off. Or was it because there was no other customer? Whatever it is, voila; Hartini Beckham. Hahahaha!!! I'm so funny! :D hihi.

To top it all, it costs me RM24. Amazing service, even better price!

I supposed, I'm celebrating 25 years of age this year while looking like a 6 year old again :) Bapak slalu suruh potong rambut sekolah2 dulu.

Oh, selamat bersekolah to Ika & Nadira. My two close cousins who are still in school. Ika, if you're reading; 14 tomorrow - any wish? hehe.


mumsie said... forgot to wish my kids! But ne-mind..they're doing fine! Phewww!

Harteeny said...

OK, Makteh - there's an entry for it.

I read your friend's story about her first day. SuperMom. blog yours. i know mesti you pun extra hectic! :) hihi