Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Hartini :)


Let me first welcome Mimah & Anis. Happy reading.

I’m 25 years and 6 days oh-so-young!  Thanks for all the SMSs, emails and cards. And to my housemates, thank you all for the mini party for me. Pasta for me? = great, you definitely know what I like.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous entry, I celebrated my 25th on an oil platform. It’s not Baronia, it’s Baram yet again. But whatever, we had such great time in Baram last week – why NOT again! Hehe. I bake chocolate mini cupcakes with the icing and all and brought them to the platform. The weather was really on my side. Not at all bumpy : To & Fro, so YAY!

Unfortunately, it all went down to the drain at around 12am. I had a really bad fever and I have to deal with it ON MY OWN. I woke up every hour trying to get a wet towel on my forehead and my body. Kesian me...  Cuti on Tuesday & Wednesday. My first MC since I started working. Went to see the doctor, but less than 2minutes he sent me out to the pharmacy to get my medicine. Dia check ape??? Ubat-ubat yang terpaksa ditelan: Ubat batuk, Ubat demam, Antibiotik, Ubat sengal badan. They are me’mengantuk’kan! Tido je.

I hope I can write more soon. Till then, take care.

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