Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - A Greater Year in the Making :)

I celebrated new year with all of my housemates. Surprisingly, everyone was at home last night and everyone was downstairs. Very rare sight, believe me! :) KakAda was with her new laptop, Aishah was outside checking out the fireworks, Izza & me were inside but also ooohhh-ahhh-ing at the many fireworks outside. It was almost like everyone has their own fireworks in Miri, except us!

I continued celebrating by watching FRIENDS - pathetic giler, i know! But i just bought Season 1, the final season of my DVD collection. I ended my 2007 by completing the whole collection, Yea! Just a little something that remarked i have the money to buy all :) Hahaha! Giler materialistik, tidak syak lagi!!!

Before all these, i was with a friend, Visu. Thanks Visu, I'm sorry that you can't read this (PC dia rosak, nak gi baiki ptg ni) For the first time, i had my Miri Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Caramel Ice Blended. Again, i marked the end of 2007 by entering the cafe for the first time! Sabarjelah aku!

Visu's Mocha and my Caramel Ice Blended :)

We watched "I AM LEGEND" starring Will Smith - HOTNESS, ssssss!!!! But unfortunately, I don't enjoy violence. I was like "Visu, what happened???". I managed to shut my eyes and cucuk my ears. I like the movie. I mean, so alright that the Hero died trying to safe the humanity, at least he found the cure! Will is definitely THE Pengebom Berani Mati yang dimaafkan :)

So, I supposed goodbye forever 2007! Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive to celebrate the beginning of year 2008. I have to say that 2007 WAS a very challenging year for me but hey, I'm here smiling while typing. That must be counted as something right?

A little something that i'm looking forward to is turning 25! In two weeks, baby! A year older, a year wiser :) Hehe, in my case tak pun!

Oh, btw; my ultimate goal in 2008 is to strive for Beyonce's body! HAHAHAHAHA! It's true. Everyone is welcome to help me striving for this. Serious! Shedding of the extra's, toning everything up until the root of my hair (I need volume in this case!) and just super healthy and strong! YEAH. Anyone up for Tennis? I need a partner in this game, I haven't found any so far in Miri. Aiyoh!


Zulaikha said...

Hello...Miss I-wanna-play-tennis is here. Kita kena buat court besar you serve first, then after 7 hours bola tu sampai kat KL. And kenapa bongkar I AM LEGEND?? Ika lom tgk lagi..!

Anonymous said...

better dgn Labuan dekat skit.. hehe


xitane said...

i heard rafael nadal wannabe is coming to miri...around june? is it true ;p

Harteeny said...

Dear Rafael Nadal wannabe (who the hell is Rafael?!! I don't appreciate football, sorry. Hihi) :

Jauh lagi Jun tu.

Baru bulan Jun 08....

Cik Ika, bila mau datang? dah setahun dah ni!

Haniff, Labuan ada ape? i nak gie KK!

xitane said...

hELLLOOoo..rafael nadal is tennis player k,ranked 2nd in the world after roger federer. wake up my dear

Harteeny said...

OK rafael, your comments prove two things:

1. you are actually reading my blog. like really read - well i supposed ada kebaikan you kerja shift malam! :)

2. Ok, i only play tennis, i don't watch any games. Certainly i don't watch enough TV or read the papers to know such info. Hahahaha!

and now, after reading your comment; i Know! bagus2, keep on reading! :D

Azealea Dz said...

Hey Teeny darling!!!
Didnt know u have a blog n m hell-glad u do..
I'm sending 1 billion watts of aura along with this comment for you to get the Beyonce curves BEFORE the end of 2008..make sure u plug yourself in to get all d aura's k! (plug in? sounds dirty huh)
hugs hugs luv!

Azealea Dz said...

btw,i'm linking u 2 my page ya..muah psst..hi to zukry!

whitelighter said...

Happy New Year Teeny.. good luck on your new year resolution.. Beyonce's body that is..

(",) anese said...

have a great 2008, dear!!!