Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Own Family Day

Hello Readers, (Gaya seorang penulis amatur :) )

It’s been almost two weeks.

I’m now counting days to go back to my beloved Ampang, Kuala Lumpur! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 more days! Less than a week! Weeeeee! And to add up the excitement of going back, our family is going to have our own Family Day. (The reason why i’m going back lah...) When I said my family, that means my Moyang’s clan. (My mother’s side – which means the Pahang clan) On 7th and 8th, we are going to rule Ancasa Hotel, Port Dickson :P Hihi. I’m going to be the MC of the dinner and also a participant in our own “Sehati Berdansa”!

Baby (my little sister who are not so little anymore) and I are practising from a far together to Pudar by Rossa! BTW, Baby is in Changloon while I’m in Miri – beribu-ribu kilometre tu! Kelakar-lah. There are so many dance routines created by other people in Youtube and we only have one night to practise together! Mampu kah kami bergelar juara? Muahahaha!

If we turn out to be the Champion, maybe I’ll post the video (if ada orang sudi mengambil video-la) Semangat tak our family? Tidak syak lagi! The theme for the dinner is not yet final. So far, Red-Black is people’s favourite, I voted for White-Denim! Oklah, I’m off to netball + Badminton + Squash – the Sukan week is nearly here. Everybody is practising and so am I.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Boredom Strikes.

I was watching the last episode of Gilmore Girls from the final season (Season 7) Rory Gilmore, the favourite daughter of Star Hollow is leaving the small town and her beloved mother, Lorelai to pursue her dream in journalism; writing for an online magazine while touring with Barrack Obama. I like them, they babble; don’t have to go straight to the point but both totally get what the other is going to say. Is there such relationship? Mother-daughter kind? Mum, you want to comment? I know you’re reading this. Ha! ;)

It made me think about last year, well not exactly last year; but Dec 2006, when I was leaving home for Miri. I remembered the ‘rombongan’ we had to KLIA. Bapak and Abang weren’t there, but OK. MakLong, PakLong (the retirees) with Mak, Baby and Mizan were with me as well as Nadira and her mother, Aunty Normah! Aunty called it Rombongan Cik Kiah not realizing that MakLong’s name is ROKIAH. Haha!

It was quite a similar story me and Rory; for that episode (only!). OK, I was not known to my neighbours. Haha! I was leaving for a company that I’m dying to work with since form 4/5 (when I was in MRSM, they visited our school and explained to us how cool it is to study and graduate and work with them. Yeah, OK) Don’t ask me why I want to but I made a whole big of a deal when they didn’t call me right away, after I came back from my Europe trip, that is.  I had an entry in a blog. My ‘menganggur’ blog :

I have to be honest that what I’m currently doing is NOT my dream job (even though the company is) I studied to become a Chemical/Process Engineer not a production planner. It’s easier to be doing law or medic in University, you know you’re going to be a lawyer/doctor once you’ve graduated and that no one should be offering you a planner/admin/whatever else that is vacant for your to take.

I sometimes wonder if I actually went to Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka doing Sains Hayat (I had the options of UTP, UTM and Kolej Matrikulasi – not at the same time but yeah) and continue to torture myself in the medical line, will I survived and finally graduate as Dr. Hartini? Hmmm... Instead of Ir. Hartini. Mum, what do you think? Or maybe Dr. Ir. Hartini. Whoops, I’m aiming for the star high up above! Hihi.

This is what a weekend in Miri can do to me.

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Hartini :)


Let me first welcome Mimah & Anis. Happy reading.

I’m 25 years and 6 days oh-so-young!  Thanks for all the SMSs, emails and cards. And to my housemates, thank you all for the mini party for me. Pasta for me? = great, you definitely know what I like.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous entry, I celebrated my 25th on an oil platform. It’s not Baronia, it’s Baram yet again. But whatever, we had such great time in Baram last week – why NOT again! Hehe. I bake chocolate mini cupcakes with the icing and all and brought them to the platform. The weather was really on my side. Not at all bumpy : To & Fro, so YAY!

Unfortunately, it all went down to the drain at around 12am. I had a really bad fever and I have to deal with it ON MY OWN. I woke up every hour trying to get a wet towel on my forehead and my body. Kesian me...  Cuti on Tuesday & Wednesday. My first MC since I started working. Went to see the doctor, but less than 2minutes he sent me out to the pharmacy to get my medicine. Dia check ape??? Ubat-ubat yang terpaksa ditelan: Ubat batuk, Ubat demam, Antibiotik, Ubat sengal badan. They are me’mengantuk’kan! Tido je.

I hope I can write more soon. Till then, take care.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two Parcels For Me :)

Today, I'm 24 tahun, 11 bulan, 28 hari OR 9129 hari!

I woke up to receive an invitation to a picnic. What, what? - This is NOT important.

I have got my birthday present! Yay!
Two parcels were waiting for me at POSLAJU, Miri today. I knew one of them is from Zukry.

The other one is actually a box from MAK! It took me by surprise because i really thought i won't be getting any present from MAK because i ada hutang lagi! :P

And Mak is definitely the greatest mother in the world, the box is filled with Clinique products! (Mum, i SMSed because i'm curious. Not because i'm giving you a HINT, mak!) Thank you, thank you, thank you MAK. I was all smiling driving (well, dragging actually) myself to the picnic.

Ah, bestnyer... these parcels made my day today. and it's only noon! :)

Oh, i bake carrot cake yesterday. Not from the box, but from scratch. hehe. And sedap jugak plak tu. i mean, i would type the testimonial but sumer orang puji pakai mulut je. The look, so-so je. But the taste with that lemony-cream cheese. YUM! i did not know that i'll love any other cake than choc cake. YUMmy. giler sedap. hehe. (Puji diri sendiri...)

Oh, i have an SMS from kak Laila, "Aunty, thank kek. Iman suka sgt. Sb Iman suka karet" Excuse the shortform. I type exactly like it said in my inbox :)

OK, life is not that great here, but i got to do something about it. i mean, my birthday is in a day away. Oh, I'm going to Offshore (Baronia this time!) on Monday (14 JAN) plak tu. Quite an achievement eh? tak ramai yang dah pernah gi offshore kan, kan??? Hahaha...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Special Post on IKA's Birthday.

Dear KakLong, KakNgah, Sarah & Soraya,

Selamat Bersekolah! :)

MakTeh, I also worried that they'll loose the accent and the French. (Have i told you that French is just so sexy. Quoting Rachel from FRIENDS but also my personal view. Hehe) I saw them during the time they had at Putrajaya with Diana, they seemed really happy.

Of course, i cannot forget my conversation with lil Soraya. Innocently told me "Wan kat Mesia" and she didn't know where the hell she is. (She knew she's NOT in Geneva but dunno if she's in Mesia. Well, she's with me and her sisters in a playground somehwehre in Putrajaya.. Hihi)

Boleh cope lah, guaranteed! And of course, they'll become the best English students. and dapat nombor 1! :)

I have this friend in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Serai (oh-so-zaman dulu!), named Farahnaz. She came in when i was in standard 3 (kalau tak silap) from UK/US ke. Ntah tak ingat, but of course; immediately became my rival to get the Number1 crown (only for that but otherwise she's a dear friend and pandai lukis cartoon. where are you now?) BTW, i was really smart. memang kaki Nombor 1. I don't setttle for anything more than 1. Hahahahaha! Makteh, tell them! :)

To Zulaikha,
Happy Birthday dear! Have a good one. we'll meet insyaAllah during CNY. Is the Sehati Berdansa still on? Maktam, Makteh, Mak; are you all prepared? :D

Dear Azea,
Welcome & Happy reading. Zukry, Azea says Hi! :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hartini is POSH :D

Posh may have set the trend but i rule Bob Hair! :)

God, I feel so much better now that I've made a trip to the hair salon. The shampoo girl showed s great shampooing skill! Two thumbs up to that girl! No nail, just gentle head massage. Ah, sungguh best...

The aunty who nearly cut my hair before I blurted out that I want it to be washed first(so that i can enjoy the massages), was so blushed when i said i want her hair. She was so teliti. Even after she blowed my hair, she was still clipping and chipping off. Or was it because there was no other customer? Whatever it is, voila; Hartini Beckham. Hahahaha!!! I'm so funny! :D hihi.

To top it all, it costs me RM24. Amazing service, even better price!

I supposed, I'm celebrating 25 years of age this year while looking like a 6 year old again :) Bapak slalu suruh potong rambut sekolah2 dulu.

Oh, selamat bersekolah to Ika & Nadira. My two close cousins who are still in school. Ika, if you're reading; 14 tomorrow - any wish? hehe.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - A Greater Year in the Making :)

I celebrated new year with all of my housemates. Surprisingly, everyone was at home last night and everyone was downstairs. Very rare sight, believe me! :) KakAda was with her new laptop, Aishah was outside checking out the fireworks, Izza & me were inside but also ooohhh-ahhh-ing at the many fireworks outside. It was almost like everyone has their own fireworks in Miri, except us!

I continued celebrating by watching FRIENDS - pathetic giler, i know! But i just bought Season 1, the final season of my DVD collection. I ended my 2007 by completing the whole collection, Yea! Just a little something that remarked i have the money to buy all :) Hahaha! Giler materialistik, tidak syak lagi!!!

Before all these, i was with a friend, Visu. Thanks Visu, I'm sorry that you can't read this (PC dia rosak, nak gi baiki ptg ni) For the first time, i had my Miri Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Caramel Ice Blended. Again, i marked the end of 2007 by entering the cafe for the first time! Sabarjelah aku!

Visu's Mocha and my Caramel Ice Blended :)

We watched "I AM LEGEND" starring Will Smith - HOTNESS, ssssss!!!! But unfortunately, I don't enjoy violence. I was like "Visu, what happened???". I managed to shut my eyes and cucuk my ears. I like the movie. I mean, so alright that the Hero died trying to safe the humanity, at least he found the cure! Will is definitely THE Pengebom Berani Mati yang dimaafkan :)

So, I supposed goodbye forever 2007! Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive to celebrate the beginning of year 2008. I have to say that 2007 WAS a very challenging year for me but hey, I'm here smiling while typing. That must be counted as something right?

A little something that i'm looking forward to is turning 25! In two weeks, baby! A year older, a year wiser :) Hehe, in my case tak pun!

Oh, btw; my ultimate goal in 2008 is to strive for Beyonce's body! HAHAHAHAHA! It's true. Everyone is welcome to help me striving for this. Serious! Shedding of the extra's, toning everything up until the root of my hair (I need volume in this case!) and just super healthy and strong! YEAH. Anyone up for Tennis? I need a partner in this game, I haven't found any so far in Miri. Aiyoh!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends and family. May 2008 be much better than the year before.

I'm going to celebrate a little. Will come back, soon :)