Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A lot to do when you're in KL

That's the situation I am in. I feel like it's a waste of time to have my eyes shut (even at night) since the day I reached KL. I can't sleep, if I do; I'll sleep late and wake up really early in the morning worrying that I get too much time sleeping in bed when there are so many things I can do inside / outside my house.

How weird is that? This actually force my body to have more coffee than I usually do. I'm all jumpy and excited. Cannot sit still at home! wargkh, DANGEROUS!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I can't sleep! so...

The first thing i did when i reached home at about 2am just now, was to try out all the London stuffs Mak bought me. Unfortunately, the oxford brown shoe is a size too big, the black Clarks boot fits OK (a little loosey but it's ankle boot so it still holds my feet alright) so I'm definitely digging that one!

I have a long coat as requested. I'll explain the design in a picture soon. It'll surely welcome comments if I were to wear it to SKO office. Mind you, people don't dress up there. Anything weirdo - bersiap sedia to answer. Huhu.

The knitted top, 2 from dorothy perkins. I have the same design in blue and pale pink. Mum bought me in green and black. So two more tops to add in the i-don't-need-to-iron-my-tops, suitable for the not-so-rajin girl like me :) A grey wide neck top with loose sleeve and cuff is really cute on me (my 2ish am eyes judging so terima jelah) :P

I also received a fancy telekung from Jakarta (as requested via SMS) and lastly, a surprise of 4 metre gold lace fabric which is suitable for the most important event of 2009. Thanks Mak, you're really the GREATEST! and for that, pinjamkan lah MJ bag to me while I'm in semenanjung ni ye. Mekaseh... Esok, am going to Istana Budaya to enjoy Mamma Mia! Weeeeehhhhooooo!

I love all the songs and been watching the movie like almost every night! So off i go internet surfing while waiting the Starbucks coffee effect disappear.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a day after tomorrow

Baby - Mak bagitau kamu, atau kamu assume sendiri?
Nadira - Lusa akak balik! :)

Hello all. Whoever you are. I don't think my blog is a hit, but somehow they are people who actually get fascinated wanting to know what I'm doing. Wehehe.. perasan! Anyway, before i get to the subject; just a random opinion about emmm... TWILIGHT Hero and Heroin, Edward and Bella (Pretty name, i like it - Bella :P) Apparently, i haven't really start reading the book (yet!) because I was too greedy. While I was at Kuching airport, i couldn't resist to buy another Sophie Kinsella's book and start reading it while waiting for our flight, still haven't finish reading...

Hmmm, OK! That random thoughts; Robert and Kristen were sort of like playing their real selves in the movie. Robert is Edward in reality and so; Kristen is Bella. They are so cool about this whole madness of Twilight. I saw Kristen was only in a pair of jeans and leather jackets in Letterman show, she's not trying to fit into the whole Hollywood lalalalaland... Pattinson too, what with his messy hair looks like he too tak kesah sangat about the whole fanatic stuffs happening around him... Cool aje which to me is like SUPER COOL. Macam.... "I handsome OK.., you don't have to tell me I handsome, I memang handsome, and I tak kesah sangat pasal tu" Hehehe, pepandai je :)

I'm going back a day after tomorrow. Say what? Weeeehoooo! :) Today at the office, I shed a few tears. I felt stupid for doing so. Why? Just because I feel like I can't win in a tense discussion and ended it with "I don't feel like talking about it anymore"! What happened? Ehhh, malas lah... Whatever it is, I felt like a total loser, how could a fried made you feel so Takberguna? ish,ish,ish - not a friend tu maknanya...

Anyway, I'm going back already and I'm already smiling by 2pm. I sang happily to Izza before we went back. Lagu ape, lagu I seduce my dad to buy me a car. I sang with a water bottle over my mouth, so it's sounded a little weird and to Izza, it's freakishly funny. I like that about her, I can totally be super poyo, funny, just myself around her... Hehehe. Oh, lagu dia..

"Bapakku pulang dari kota, Bapakku belikan kereta, Kereta kancil warna Merah, Bolehku bawak ke sekolah"

This part really cracked us up:
"PON,PON,PON 3x, kereta kancil tu berbunyi, Marilah adik, mari naik... Bolehku bawak jumpa nenek"

Cube nyanyi sampai abis.. Part Pon, pon, pon 3x tu memang abis lawak.. Haha! :) Oklah, sini aje. Bye2.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Wish List

1. Edward Cullen

Hello all. I'm back in Miri, safely landed yesterday evening. I was hit by this urge to suddenly organize things for my wedding tentatively in June. Well, according to my dad; we have booked the venue for our reception in KL so it's pretty much confirm already! So, with this sudden rush of need to plan; i dropped by at my favorite magazine store, Pasar Malam Miri in Saberkas.

I bought 6 magazines all together at RM16. This includes Wanita edisi khas perkahwinan. I think that is the ONLY magazine that is related to wedding. Hehehe... The others were Nov Vogue (US), Oct Vogue (AUS), Nov Cosmogirl (US), Nov Cosmopolitan (M'sia) and Oct Marie Claire (UK). [Baby, cepatlah jeles. Akak tau kamu jeles. Haha!] The other fashion magazines were supposed to inspire my wedding as well-lah. These types of magazines are mountaining in my room! Kena start buang dah edisi 2006/2007. Buang or recycle, but where to recyle in Miri?

Anyway, today's plan was to hang out with my best neighbour (at home and in the office), KakLaila and her children; Iman and Iqbal. Initially I planned to go out in the morning, go breakfast, play at Kelab Rekreasi Petroleum in Lutong (at swimming pool/playground) but duty calls. I was asked to attend a meeting in the office to update on our current liftings plan. I came back 2 hours ago and the plan defers to after asar at around 4.

I bought gifts for both of them and Along's newborn, Fahry. Wak, if you're reading this; OK as promised Fisher Price toy for your special boy! Not super expensive, but expensive enough lah! Hehehehe... Oh it's not for now; we have to wait until he's 6 months or so; then he could surely enjoy his toy frm Aunty Teeny :) Along, congratulations! I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit...

Oh, on the subject of this entry; I wish to get a new camera actually. We already checked out Sony's at the recet ICT expo in Miri last weekend but I didn't exactly choose one yet. The agreement with Zukry was this to be my birthday present [I'm turning a year older (Past a quarter century already! Takutnya!) in a month time!] but with the wedding coming up and all, not sure if I'll get it. I'm already giving up the idea of holding a designer handbag, so a camera should be a great focus. Plus, hinting dearest Mak (currently in Jakarta), adakah Marc Jacob's bag you bought in London itu for me? My mum won't melt with a wink from me. So no winking mak, just straight up question "Untuk akak ke beg marc jacob itu?" Baby if you know the answer leave it in the comment please! :)

In 6 days, I'll start my year end holiday. Yippee! I planned this year quite well despite my recent move to the new section. I get to go back for our Family Day (where we won't the Sehati Berdansa), merisik (acquire a gold band), mid year holidays during Gawai break (what did i do then eh? hmmm...), Aidilfitri cum engagement(acquire a diamond ring)... so yeah, that's why my carry forward leave is only 1 day!

Next year holiday plan will be different. I know it's gonna be a Good different so i'm still looking for it! In the mean time, let's just enjoy today... Happy weekend everyone. Most of the readers are away in Muar kan?...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blogging from Kuching

I'm in Kuching right now. I was in a meeting for 2-days here. Right now, I'm waiting for my flight at the airport with a colleague, Qistin. Being here just brought me back to my first time visiting Kuching (first time in Borneo land) last 3 years... I was with KakLong and her boyfriend, Joe.

How we were all counting money to make sure we have enough for our programs, how we enjoyed the beach and swimming pool (to ourselves) at Damai Lagoon Hotel as it was not holiday season; foreignors pun tak ramai... Lawaks ah. Sekarang airport pun dah canggih, jalan2 pun pakai taxi (tak berkira sangat - lagipun company trip kan...)

I have finish reading "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella and couldn't wait to start reading Twilight. Yeap, i watch the movie first then only read the book... As i get to really imagine the characters in the story. I work backwards or is it forward? hehehe... Just like i did the first Harry Potter book lah... :)

I have another week of working days before I leave for KL for 2 weeks holidays. Weehoo!! but there are tonnes to do in the office (as always) The list of things to do for this coming holidays is a long one. I already have some things to do, places to visit, things to buy etc.

Esok dah weekend! Malam ni ada pasar, nak gie beli magazine Kahwin lah. :) bye2.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I just cant stop yakking about this movie. I was browsing for footage just to see the beautiful Edward (Handsomenya!) and found a clip they made with "i dare you to move" by Switchfoot. I know what this movie remind me of... It's "A walk to remember". Mandy Moore dying, then that then handsome but bad guy (since Edward is still echoing non-stop in my head) fell in love with her. The guy sacrifice, just like Edward... best!!!

James - the villain in Twilight is that dude from The OC, the boyfriend of Marissa (the last one before she died in Season 3... Also a bad guy in that awesome series. I love that charming-rich-doky guy Seth Cohen.

Well, mari kita continue browsing youtube for more twilight. Toodles.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Counting down to 2009

It's the 343rd day of 2008. Better start thinking of achievements made this year and what to look forward for in 2009.

The how-to's, to do lists, improvements to apply, things that works for the better. Life is not as simple as it used to be. But i'll live thru it all. (InsyaAllah...)

Like M. Nasir berpuisi in Malique's new song "Gagal merancang, merancang Kegagalan" Off to bed now, an early morning calls tomorrow. Good night!

Aidiladha in Miri...

Edited with pictures... :) All in before the working days start tomorrow!


Life’s a blast when you’re enjoying it. So, as of this moment; I’m there... ( I think I am... Or am i talking big, here??? Hmmm....) Before that, Salam Aidiladha. Hope your hari raya is a cheerful one. Mine, I kept on thinking that tomorrow is a working day and Zukry is going back, life’s to be at the same routine it was... Sigh~~~

Well, moving on. I’m writing after a tiring weekend.

DAY 1 – Niah Cave
What do you do before you leave for Gua Niah? A VISIT TO THE DENTIST! Hahaha! That was what we did. We went to our first dental treatment in 2009. My last one was in last December at Ampang Putri, this year we went to Dr Peter somewhere in Resident Office area, Miri. Dropped at Plaza Bintang to buy our “Brunch”, Mc’Donalds and off we go.

Oh my god, this body of mine has been longing to be stretched and pushed to its potential – and I get it, alright! We walked thru the whole Gua Niah area. From the start until the Painted Cave and walked back (made a U-turn) A 4-hours, 8km walked up and down a gazillion hundreds of stairs!!! My legs were shaking the way back, but surprisingly I made it. Hehehe... Zukry was all “I love adventurous stuffs” when I was all, Where is the city I want to be in?! :)

Boy scout tunjuk terer. Padahal ikut aweks2 kat depan tu je!

Dah 3 kali sampai gua Niah!!! All uses different routes, taking up different experiences. Boleh register jadi Cave Ranger!

The whole journey to-fro was filled with Zukry’s office gossips/politics/etc. Mamat ni banyak pulak cerita dia, masa tepon taknak cerita pun. A few dah basi sangat, but since I’ve never heard the stories, kita layan jelah... :P I listen tau, bukan hear aje. Banyak different tu!

DAY 2 – Movies marathon
Anyone who hasn’t watch “TWILIGHT”, please3x go and watch! Edward Cullen is my new definition of a GORGEOUS MAN! He is just way too beautiful not to look at... vampire love story which will leave you sending messages to everyone to actually watch it. Ika, go and watch it. Cepat sket baca buku tu!

Next was Antoo Fighter. I don’t know what we were thinking but yeah, that was the choice made yesterday... Makteh, akak terbaca you actually watch it; tapi aduhai – I can’t remember why we chose to watch it! Hihihi, I felt like we should watch Twilight again! But dah takde mood lama sangat dalam cinema yang pathetic tu...
Malam sibuk mencari tempe utk Lontong, tapi takjumpe. Dah malam, mane nak ada! Hihi.

The chemistry between the actors were amazing. Tengoklah betapa hensemnya hero itu. I googled for those 2 pics. Thanks to all who have made the search easier

DAY 3 – Salam Aidiladha
I made sambal sotong which tasted better that the pilot version last 2 weeks. Yay! KakAda cooked the lontong so i don’t bother to cook another version. Kang terbanyak pulak!. I think with that sambal, Mr. FiancĂ© was convinced that we won’t be relying on restaurants nor kebulur his whole life with me nanti. Haha!

Us berhari raya in Miri :)

KakLaila came over with Iman (with a rather weird haircut but still uber cute especially when she started to ask “ape tu?” at all kind of stuffs!) and the thumb-sucker, Iqbal.

Iman with her weirdly cute hair-do!

I need to rest. The Niah effect is still there... but it’s all worth it... And note to who has yet to watch TWILIGHT “Tolonglah pergi tengok and tell me, Edward Cullen is just damn gorgeous!”

Friday, December 5, 2008

Today is Friday the 5th!

And that means Zukry is arriving tonight at 7.50pm and my third visit to Niah Cave (mungkin ESOK)!!! Oh my God, I have to get ready. Finally somebody i really know to hang out with... Hehehehe...

I would most probably cook this AidilAdha. despite my really teruk skill in the kitchen :P Must show to Zukry that we won't be relying to restaurants all our life. Hehehe... MakTam, i already tried the recipe and a friend of mine said "it's good" - That's you Sree. But he tasted a better Lontong though... Duh! Takkan lah terus hebat giler pun kan???

Anyway, lunch time almost over. Got to go back to the office. Taksabar! I mean to go see Zukry, not go back to the office. Hihihi... :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Something Scares Me

Yesterday, I was reaching home and I found two guys running to the area in front of my house ( a empty area - something like a field without grass) I thought they were the usual boys who always hang out there. Anak-anak jiran sebelah-menyebelah...

I saw a mirror outside of the house and thought "Eh, 1 a bawak keluar cermin ke? Kenapa?" 2 was not around since weekend and 3 went back cuti-cuti Malaysia... When I was trying to unlock the grill, Abg Imran (KakLaila's husband) called and tell me that the two guys were trying to break into my house! TERUS TAKUT, KAKU, TAKTAU NAK WAT APE!!!

The attempt was not successful. I slept early last night. And today, I have to bring my laptop to the office and lock my room!

Moral of the story, I hate coming home to an empty HUGE house.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Know, Don't Care.

Work has been really demanding lately. I don't know but i feel overwhelmed everytime i'm in the office and after work (which means it's already dark outside) I will clean myself up and suddenly found it's another working day yet again... It's unhealthy and I think I'm just everywhere, not-organize and so tensed up.

There's this one person thinks that I've been complaining too much. "Too much complaints doesn't help" OK, but at least I have it out of my system once shared. Whoever says that should be in my position, or within my office area to actually find out what's happening. Believe me, we have a team to support what i'm saying here...

Anyway, Mak lekas balik bawak banyak2 goodies for me! I know Marc Jacob and Coach handbags takde. Kita carik kat KL nanti... My parents went to Portsmouth yesterday. Down memory lane... Bapak used to study there. Masa tu tak jumpa Mak lagi but I'm sure there're a lot of things shared and Mak takleh nak imagine, now she knows... Hehehe. Best ah gi London! Kenapa nak kahwin pulak next year???!!! Kalau tak, akak boleh ikut jugak!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ku Mahu Kau Tahu - Hujan

I just really listen to this song when I was in my car, driving back home from having breakfast (alone. Pathetic? Nah, I'm used to it) and Hujan really rocked the song at Muzik FM. Yeap, that's the best radio station in Miri. So here's the lyric. Of course, while I was listening to it i have this "I want Zukry to dedicate this song to me" thoughts.

Hujan - Ku Mahu Kau Tahu

Di sudut termenung jauh
Mengenangkan nasib kita
Kita miliki separuh
Berbentuk hati cinta namanya

Walau kau jauh
Ku sentiasa menunggumu
Inginku imbas kembali memori

Walau kau jauh
Ku berjanji kan terus tunggu
Dipisah lautan biru

Ku mahu kau tahu
Aku kan terus menunggu

Jaga benar gambarku dalam telefon bimbitmu
Jangan pernah sekali kau buang
Seperti cinta ini yang terbuku
Akan bersemi jua

Terus menunggu
Kita kan bersatu
Terus menunggu
Ku mahu kau tahu

I didn't realize, Zukry has already posted this song quite a while ago in his blog. And of course, that post was meant for me. So Hartini is a little outdated this time! :P Love, love, love...

Give time for this video to load and you can listen and sing the song, and just feel like I'm feeling... :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

London Calls

A few months ago, London called for my dad. We knew he's going to London in November. Last week, it called my mum too! So today, both my parents are on their way to London! So, as a very clever and smart daughter; I've made a list of things to buy. Hehehe...

1. Trenchcoat, white crisp shirt and knitted top
Don't ask me why but I have always wanted a long coat. A trenchcoat-Burberry-like. White crisp shirt is a must to every career woman wardrobe. I have one by Somerset Bay from ages ago 2001/2 which I should throw out already and one by Ms. Read bought early last year (almost 2 years!) So, I have to get a brand new one. Knitted top, is just a clever idea from a girl who has no time ironing baju kurung or shirt/pants combo early morning. Hope there's an Autumn/Winter sale there in London, so to get the knitted top is easy-peasy. I attached this one from Dorothy Perkin to Mum for her reference. Hehehe.

2. Ankle boots
Ideally from Clarks. But i can't find one that I like. I somehow prefers the sandal and pumps but I need boots. A covered shoes for office. I am always in poyo-sandal and ballerina flats which does not go with the Hartini-sungguh-rajin-bekerja look. Hihihi... So I attached these cuties for Mak reference together with my foot measurement. I have a Clark wedges and loafer from 2003 kot and they were size 7.

Marks & Spencer


3. Handbag/purse
I can't afford to buy a Europe luxurious brand bag yet. So no Gucci nor LV. Syed, I'm still saving up for an LV so that you can bring one for me from France next year! I could buy a Coach handbag + purse, so i posted these as reference to Mak with the price I want to buy. Anything more, forget it! Hehehe. Coach in London? Don't think so!!! :P

So, there you go; my list. Hehehe... I hope to get at least one item from this long I-WANT-THESE list :) I'm going back this December and can bring the item back for the new year 2009! Weeehooo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sehati Berdansa Champion!

Baby, don't forget. While I'm working hard to make sure you are guaranteed, find moves for our next Sehati Berdansa competition at our annual Family Day. This year, must beat last year's performance! :)

Oh, for those who have not seen Beyonce's awesome new video. Here it is. Please give it some time to load and you'll see Beyonce turns into Sasha Fierce the alter-ego. Hmmm... that makes me wonder if I have one??? Heheheh...

Chinese New Year ke MakTam? Em, if I cannot make it; how? Baby if we are going to be like Destiny's Child, we need another girl to join us. Mak, like we said last weekend; you have to be auditioned first. Hahaha! Oh, I'll give you a long list of things to buy for dearest daughter, TEENY. This is for you to study before you reach London. Again, I'm so jealous!!!

Apakah mengarut di waktu malam. Nite everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11/11/08 and comments

Marks our 1st month. OK2 aje so far :)

Nak gitau, all comments are very much appreciated. I tried to reply all, but sometimes I only rajin to click-clikc-click but not type, so... It happens lah kan? Anyway, rasa seronok when there's people out there yang actually read this.

Oklah, better get going. Millions other things line up before me. Argh!!!

Dorothy who?

Hello readers...
It's been quite a while eh? Sorry to those who has been hoping to see some new stories/pictures here and nothing but the pictures of me at Labuan tu aje. Thanks so much for your comments. Of course, my favorite is from MakTeh... I've added bits here and there from raya. Adus, bila tension; I nak makan aje!!!

Oh pada yang tak perasan, don't worry. Takdelah banyak turun pun. But i can wear a size smaller now. Well, from Aug lagi tapi sebab tak menurun since then. Naik lagi ada. Hehehe... But while I was in KL last week, i managed to grab 2 tops and a trouser from Dorothy Perkins at a smaller size. Wooopeee! Meeting in KL and shopping alone can be very dangerous. Hundreds of $$$ boleh keluar begitu sahaja!!!

Here's a pic of what I bought. Taken from Dorothy Perkins website of course. BTW, people of around my size, you can great stuffs from Dorothy Perkins tau. The price are OK. Takdelah mahal giler, tapi don't lah expect harga cam RM39.90 for a top/pants. Memanglah takdapat... Sometimes, i always have the tendency to tailor-made my shirt but usually takpakai pun because tak best and the cost of the material and tailoring dah sama dengan 1 shirt at Marks & Spencer, might as well beli situ terus. Fit well, quality fabric. Susah2 aje....

Tengok who else in check shirt... All from; my favorite gossip website. Ha, I pun taknak kalah :) Hihihi...

1. That Jenny girl from Gossip Girl
2. That Joey girl from Dawson's Creek
3. That Lauren girl from The Hills
4. That Teeny from Ampang, from her show "On My Own"

Tak dilupa kepada my new pants yang ridiculously susah nak takeoff. Please don't wear this when sakitperut melanda. It has three hooks, 1 button and a 2 inch zip complete with a skinny belt. Ha, tak ke payah if terkucil ke hape???!!! But why beli? Because it fits nicely. It falls in all the right places. Excuse the big butt, but really; people like me and Mak, memang perlu pants like this... barulah nampak extra Curvacious. Beyonce like Wahaha! :P Again, at RM133, beli jelah... Buat lagi mahal! Percayalah...

Apakah, my updates hanya on my buy from Dorothy Perkins. Oklah, kena wat menda lain pulak. I'll update more soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lovebirds at Labuan

Excuse the title. I realize it's an extreme "Kepoyoan" but people, this is my blog :) Feast your eyes with these pictures of us together in Labuan.

1. The Chimney
2. The Chimney
3. War Memorial Park
4. War Memorial Park
5. Labuan Jetty

Finally, the ring that brings 2 hearts, 2 families, together... :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was in Labuan

I was in Labuan during the weekend. It was the in lieu of TYT's Sarawak on Friday and I finally decided it was time for me to visit the Labuan Island where Zukry is :)

I have a few stories line up actually but usually I would have gone way outta line when I start typing all the great happenings that I want to share. So, let me just get myself together; pressed the refresh button and go back to Friday, 24/10/08. Here's the map of the tiny island of Labuan.


Hujan memanjang... Quoting one of our conversation; Zukry: "You're my fiancee, Not Beyonce". It rhymes! Can i be both? :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


What happened?

1. That's me moments before I have my own diamond ring. What a feeling! I was worried about 1 thing, and only 1 thing. Muat ke cincin aku itu??? Baby, pass me the hand lotion. Hurry! Beautiful fresh flower arrangements behind. Tak rugi went to Petaling Street for that. Cantik gilers!

2. With Baby and Mizan. Showing of the little bling to her while Mizan must be thinking "ape-ape jelah bebudak pompuan ni!"

3. My friends from SAB and of course, Huda. Mawarni, Zalina, Tahirah, Sajidah, Azreen and Anis. Really glad you girls came! It made my whole week of tiring "kemas-kemas" seems so "tak-penat-langsung!" Huda - Thanks for staying over and helping out. You're the true bling :)

4. A little peek of what i gave him. All hantaran from me were made by KakLong, KakNgah with approval of Ika and MakTam. All creative brains mold into one, and these were the products. The others were made the night before.

I'm now engaged to Zukry! :) Note to everyone, a diamond ring suits everything. You can go casual, up-and-glam Raya do, baju tido kaftan pun goes with it. Thanks, dear. You've bought the right one in the right size!

The busy week seems an easy-breezy one when i went back to the feeling of becoming someone's fiancee... We are definitely getting there.

Black&white damask image googled:

A little Update

Dear All,

I've been super busy with work right after my long Hari Raya leave that I don't have the time to really put on a really good storyline of my recent holiday in Kampung Kuala Lumpur :) Hehehe...

I leave you all with pictures first maybe later continue with the stories behind but i think these will definitely tell you a lot of more than i could. I capture a little something just to bring you through...

That's me having Lontong. I already shared with you my baju raya in previous entry kan. It's the 2 coloured chiffon, my tailor had a hard time designing. Dia kata susah nak wat the way she initially intent to do, but I say "You tangguh, takcukup masa, so you did what you could je kan?" Anyway, I still love it! :)

My second baju raya. I can't help it, I love Thai Silk! Note that my first and second baju raya (the materials) were courtesy of my ehem... Zukry! It was supposed to be part of the hantaran, but well. Buy another one jelah!

My third and forth day; I borrowed from Mak. She has great baju kurung wardrob. All kind of designs and materials. And we are in the same size! Syukur! :) Hehehe.. The forth baju kurung sangatlah cantik tapi somehow made me look even more "kembang", so taknak tunjuklah... :)

Bergelak ketawa even without our dad. Bapak has to leave for Manila, a few days before raya. We were supposed to put on sappy faces for the camera but ended up laughing! Notice we are actually in blue and pink? Nice combo, right?

Me and Baby at the first house we stopped. Taktau nak borak ape, so we snapped pictures. Aris's not-so-little angels...

The lovely ladies... Consists of: Nenek sedara, Aunties, Cousins and of course, Mak & Baby.

The gentlements. Uncles and cousins with Abg & Mizan from 3 families.

The second day of raya, Abg decided to go super casual. If Bapak is around, all gents in my family would be in Baju Melayu all the time! So here we are, in the same tone of colours still. Clever kan?

This was taken in our Bapak's kampung in Batu Pahat. Bapak came back on 2nd Raya. The little ones are my anak sedara. I'm a Nenek sedara in Batu Pahat. We are always confused on what to call ourselves there. Nyayi (Jawa for Grandma)/Aunty/Kak/Cik Teeny

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Aidilfitri

I have so many stories to tell. It just a wonderful aidilfitri but a very tiring one as well.

Where do i start?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Dear All,


Salam Lebaran. Semoga Syawal kali ini lebih bererti.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Jemput ke rumah pada 11 October 2008, Sabtu :)

Teeny @ Lipis.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Working Hard Before Raya? - Not so!

I have work pending for submission tomorrow. (Yet again!) I don't know, Zukry thinks I can't say NO to assignments. Maybe I have this syndrom of wanting to please everyone especially seniors and bosses. It's very dangerous! The funny thing is all these assignments are in my KPIs. I should revise the KPI perhaps. See the burden compared to others. Blame it on something else, as usual.

People, look at these cute pictures! Maktam posted this two pictures of me on her facebook account. Ahhh, I am cute. Was, am, will always be! My blog, so I can go all the way with this "angkat bakul" thing. Hihihi :P Maktam, thanks for the effort of scanning all these. One of the best thing when I'm at your house is browsing to your ever-organized and clean albums. :) Love, love, love them!

CUTE kan??? :) Yesterday I had my hair trimmed into a six year old me again. Hehehe.. The best thing is that I was questioned "You pernah buat rebonding sebelum ni?"... and I get to answer "no, My hair is natural like this" ah, what a feeling! Hahahaha. Perasan lagik! But i have to say during facial, mak sakit!!! This time I went to a different place. Chinese beautician. Again, the korek2 time - mak datuk, giler sakit! But i have to clean the bumps and what not on my face ni... I wish to go facial again before the 11 Oct ceremony :)

I can't wait to go get my baju raya! This year, I have a two-toned (blue+peach)chiffon made into a modern baju kurung with a bit of twist and yet again, thai silk but this time, the checkered part as top, and the plain one as the sarong. Oh, the kain is courtersy of dearest Zukry. Terima kasih tidak terhingga ye :) Ah, taksabarnye nak parade the baju raya, playing dress up the night before and the morning of Raya!

But ah, I have two meetings (which of course, I'm the secretary) that I have to make sure "berlaku" before i go back for Raya holidays. Then I can "Beraya" oh so peacefully. I hope!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Current favorite song

Jason Mraz. I'm Yours and Lucky with Bubbly's Colbie Callait. I always have the tendency to visualize that Zukry was the one who actually sing the songs to/with me. Well, only visualize since the actual Zukry has no voice like Jason Mraz. Siapa marah, kena jual :)

I already have the album and love all the songs. But currently in love with these two hits. I mean, I'm Yours has already been into the air since a few months back and I still can't get enough of it. Even Zukry has this song in his collection (without me passing it to him... hhmmmm, bagus-bagus. Makin lama, makin faham lah tu. Hehehe...)

Oh how i wish i could play the guitar, strum and sing my heart out to these songs. Soothing, it makes me feel all loved. sigh.... :) Oh well, it's the weekend. It has been a very long week!

here's the lyrics to I'M YOURS.

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
and now I'm trying to get back
Before the cool done run out
I'll be giving it my bestest
Nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
Listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing
We're just one big family
And It's our God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

Scooch closer dear
and i will nibble your ear

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
My breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what i be saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue

I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
this is our fate, I'm yours

To IZZA, happy birthday dearest. Hope you enjoy your time with me at our first trip to Miri's new Secret Recipe. yes, Secret Recipe is here in Miri. YES! Orang Labuan/Bintulu, diharap bersabar dan jangan dengki ye. Hihihi... Oh not-so-great news today, Kak Ada decided to move out of the house after the contract ends this year. Izza suggest that we move out to a smaller house because it has been a hassle maintainig a huge house that is not ours. The tenant seems to charged us every little repair/work he's doing to his own house. Not fair ma!

But yeah, I don't want to move. I'm too settled here. My room is huge. I have a lot of stuffs! Piles of magazines, drawers and boxes of clothings, files, TV, lalala... it's going to be a tiring day - moving.

ah, don't think about it.

Tomorrow, off to hair salon. Trim my hair, scalp treatment, massage, stim, whatever. and a trip to facial. wajib to do both. oh, and find kek lapis masam manis for maktam. and a few smalls ones for balik kampung. It's 19th day of Ramadhan. Monday, must play raya songs. :)

Kejut untuk sahur. Selamat berpuasa. Nite :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi! :)

I have no idea what to write as the title. Just want to let you all know that I am in KL and I am loving it. Once reach KLIA; then I realize, it has been only a month since my last trip back but somehow it feels so long...

Tanker meeting was super. In one meeting, i get to meet people from various OPUs and even companies. The only thing that i find a bit embarrassing is that my name card is not updated. There's no handphone number! I have new extension number! And the job title is definitely change as well. So when people are exchanging theirs, I was like "Em, thanks!" tu je! So poyos and yeah, memalukan diri sendiri... Reminder, ask clerk to renew.

The host has arranged a Majlis Berbuka Puasa at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, so I was so there! :) I had buka puasa at Ancasa Hotel the night before (the day I arrived, the day i fast 2 hours longer than usual. Hehehe...) And last night I buka puasa with Mak and Abang at Novotel Hotel: Chinese Muslim Cuisine, Qing Zhen Restaurant. Dumplings - love, love, love... Sushi, super love! Chocolate fountain, please no more inches added at my hips or else takmuat baju raya!!! Must eat Tom Yam Kung tonight at Secret Recipe's with Sajidah and Mawarni & that apple juice with asam boi - ape nama dia??? can't recall!

Off doing some pending jobs due last night! And then, off to Jalan TAR to shop for.... em, stuffs :P


Monday, September 8, 2008

Trip to Labuan?

Probably in Nov. Nak tau lebih lanjut? Zukry ada post 3 videos of Destinasi Budget at his blog. Go see! :)

Macam Miri je, tapi ada Zukry. So, that is major. Kena start browsing for more.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ramadhan, so far so good II

So far, Alhamdulillah. The weather here is surprisingly very cooling. Rain almost every night until early morning, so the day seems not as hot as the usual. Izza and I went to Pasar Ramadhan at Saberkas yesterday. We were soking wet by the time we got home and as expected, nafsu sungguh melampaui kemampuan untuk memakan makanan yang dibeli.

Today for buka puasa, I cooked. I am not a good cook, never been pun. Good Luck, Zukry. He loves cooking! Ayam masak ntah hape2. Hehehe... tapi sedap. According to Izza lah :)

Have I mentioned before, selawat tarawih in Miri is not the same as in KL. It's not wrong, it's just different. Buka puasa has always been very quiet. Again, Izza and me would plan whether to cook or just buy food and enjoy them together. Nasib baik ada Izza, kalau tak KESEORANGAN lah haku!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to KL! Yipppeee! Apparently, TYT's birthday has changed to Ocotber! WHAT???! so Friday is no longer holiday! I have to apply for leave on Friday. If not, rugilah! Actually if i don't have meeting on Wednesday and thursday, I already bought myself a ticket for this long weekend. Many of us dah beli tiket pun, pakat mintak cutilah semua orang -

So, can't wait. I have to pack! :) Again, hope all is well. I miss people. (As usual. People who never has to be apart with families, won't get this feeling. trust me.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time (tick, tock, tick) Vs. Money ($$$)

I'd say that I'm an independent person. I do things myself. Of course, I would not reject any help from people but I do pretty OK doing my own things too. Why am I yaking about this? :)

I was just thinking while driving pass Pasar Ramadhan at Lutong this evening. Around 5.30pm. I have no guilt whatsoever going back earlier than my senior or even my boss today. Because it's Ramadhan. People are much more considered. It should be this way more often! :) Anyway, what i was thinking?

I was thinking, Nak berenti ke taknak? Nak park kereta, jenjalan at the mini PARAM or just drive away and stop at the gerai sebelah Masjid Lutong aje? So, i decided - let's not loose time parking, berasak2 - instead just settle with whatever makcik gerai sebelah masjid offer. What do i get? Kueh2 yang kureng ke"sedap"an nya...

Still that was not the point writing. Actually I want to point out about Nak loose time, or loose money. OK, more appropriate example. Taking the bus pengantara (to the LRT) or naik teksi?

Dulu2, masa universiti (cuti kat KL) - nak gi meet girlfriends/dating, if there's no kelisa/wira/perdana at home, sometimes opt for public transportation. So, to ride the LRT, i have to go to the LRT station. To go to the nearest LRT station, I have to either take the bus or the taxi. OK, so the question here is "Nak naik bus, murah (only RM1 to Jelatek/Datuk Keramat) but I have to wait for a gazillion hours. But naik taxi, for RM5 every 2/3 minutes, there's 1 taxi passing by? So nak loose the time waiting, or loose the RM4. Mane yang lebih precious???"

So itulah dia sebenarnya... I just want to highlight, I always have this in my mind. mumbling about whether I should waste money over time... So ape kena mengena dengan cerita beli kueh kat Makcik gerai sebelah masjid - I have lost its connection! Hahaha!

This thing keeps on playing especially during my online shopping spree. Nak beli sekarang and dapat in 2 days but pay extra for the delivery charges or wait next month, balik KL and baru beli? So u can pretty much guess which one i chose kan? hehehehe...

So, salam everyone. Hope all is well. Miss everyone at home and couldn't wait for next weekend! Weeehooo!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Salam Ramadhan dan Selamat Berpuasa

Dear All Readers,

Salam Ramadhan dan Selamat Berpuasa.

I'm sorry that I'm runnnig out of ideas but this person is so mmmmaaalasnya Ya Rabbi, nak buat kerja yang pending tak terusik-usik. Usik tadi, tapi like only 30% je. Anyway, that's my problem.

Yang membaca ni, takleh malas2. Hehehe. Selamat bersahur dan berbuka. Semoga dapat rebut peluang keemasan dalam bulan mulia ni :)


Sunday, August 31, 2008

2nd trip to Tjantek Spa

I was pampered yesterday. A total of RM120, I get a facial & massage and my first pedicure! My second trip to Tjantek Spa in Piasau. I was so determined to go this time, so i don't care about driving in the rain nor the enormous pile of laundry at home. Hehehe...

Bestnya. There was no customer at that time, and the lady who took care of me last time remember this face. She said "ada datang bersama kawan aritu bukan?" and "Kawan haniff kan?" - Haniff, i know you're reading - I don't get a discount! The massage part is what i really need. The face massage, hand and shoulder and back massage. Then foot massage.

I was quite jakun actually being my first time pedicur-ing. So i actually asked a lot of question. The lady was practically kneeling in front of me and asked for my foot! There were two ladies actually! Rasa tak comfortable sangat... tapi wat2 rilex sambil baca GLAMOUR magazine. hehehehe... Potong kuku, scrap all the dirt, polish, and urut2. Since takde masalah crack heel, Yeay! (Dia kata "bersih ya tapak kaki kamu!") dia scrub sket2 jelah... ala2 cukup syarat. So hasilnya.... takdapat nak dishare because my phone takleh nak detect bluetooth pulak. ngengada!

Anyway, headed to Lalapan with Sree and Visu afterthat. We were at Sree's house enjoying "Friends". Hehehe. Anyway, I'll write again. For Merdeka and Ramadhan entry. Till then, happy Sunday everyone. For me, Sunday is house chores day. So pretty much busy berkemas2.


Sree ntah wat ape, Visu cam marah aje (sibuk nak berhappy2 hours although the next morning she's going offshore, and me with my polished toenails!!! Take opportunities when you can. And i can! ;P

There's me all smiling. :) Pampered and just happy. hehehehe...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We have the ring, yea!

Hey, hey, hey - I'm doing perfectly fine today. Although I have to admit that I was a little unproductive but atleast I'm not sober. Hehehe...

I was practising my skill to do bunga stokin. It is not cantik giler, but hello, atleast menjadi jugak, walaupun only 1. I bought all the wire, stokin like a month ago but never menjadi. Where i learn to do it?

Jangan gelak... (Hihihi...) I actually bought VCD contoh gubahan hantaran from! I'm very interested to learn the Bunga dip, but somehow kat Miri ni taktau nak beli bahan2 nyer kat mane. The kedai i bought my stokin from has very limited and dusty bottles of Dip! Eiww... zaman bila punya ntah. Sabo jelah. Nak tengok hasil kerja tangan I? Pilot version, so perlu banyak 10000x kali try lagi...

That was without what the VCD call "stigma" - little manik thingy in the middle of the flower - just the kelopak ikat into one flower. so, kalau nak wat ni kena ada banyak masa... nak mengikat dawai aje dah satu cerita! :)

Anyway, I macam tempang the whole time I was in Miri since Tuesday night. My car is at the office as i forgot to bring my car key. It's in my new slingbag (another successful online shopping. Visit Hehehe...) The new slingbag was left at home because - i thought i get to go home last night, tapi takdapat!! OK, rilex, jangan tension2... So, today i just received the key via poslaju. Thanks to Mak. See mak, you don't need your secretary to do postlaju! :P So, insyaAllah esoklah baru dapat gi amek. Kesian my kelisa, tinggal sorang2 kat parking lot tu...

I feel like there's more to add but couldn't figure out what. So, till then - :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Count Your Blessing

Disappointed and ever-so-frustrated. I can't go back (again)

It's hard, when you already plan stuffs and it just doesn't work out the way you want it to be. Sigh... I'm just a little out of my system ever since I came back to Miri. Well, usually i came back on a Sunday and started out fresh on Monday. Since I start in the middle of the week, somehow the motivation is not there. And to top it all of, lots of work pending and an email that says "Your training has been cancelled!". Don't sweat, Teeny! Count your blessing...

How I miss Mak, Baby and Zukry already!

Oh well, i just got to live with it. I have to unpack stuffs. Start saving up for Raya. Oh my God, I've been spending way too much! My baju raya, kasuts, more bajus, lots of mocha, caffe lattes - And still, have the urge to spend lagi! Sungguh bahaya but bahagia (hehehe. that's why i love to be in Ampang... Knowing that i can reach zukry and my family is just so-dekat. Swonok aje!) Nak gie kerja pun, semangat giler... Chewah!

That's us, moments before ERL ride to KLIA...

Anyway, life goes on. I miss home, yeah - but I live here, now...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Work Hard, Play Hard

I'm in Kuala Lumpur. Ya Allah, it feels so good. To be here and doing nothing is far much better feeling that there in Miri, doing/not doing anything. Hehehehe...

Plans as usual tinggi segunung, but so far - I've met Shamina and Naim. Only in 2 days. Shamina, a married friend of mine. The closest i have in UTM after Huda and always gets me no matter how much our values differs. Kan Sham? Miss you, the single one. Hihihi... Naim, (a wife to Haniff now) terjumpa kat hotel. I was having breakfast and so was she. Agak awkward, but yeah... She's also now married!

Well, I'm off to Pavillion in a short while. Pick mum up at her office and shopping! I'm aiming for a chunk heel from ninewest, apparently at I Setan ada 50%, so i hope same goes to the boutique. And I have mentioned before, kakiku bukanlah mudah menerima sepasang kasut yang sedap dipakai...

Oh, i have to mention, i have bought 3 sandals already. All from BATA. hahaha! The leather collection at KLCC. 2 leather sandals and a cheapo wedge at RM180. Can't beat that! 3 tau! Full leather pulak! Will update with pics if sempat OK?

To friends in Miri, kerja rajin2. Will update salient points by tonight as tomorrow is a holiday! at least for me! Kerja rajin2 :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Aku Kecewa :)

Confuse nak kecewa ke tak. A success in online shopping yet again! the must have jelly + Gladiator sandal mix into one and what do you get? This beauty!!!

Unfortunately, even at a size bigger; i can't fit into it. Gene kaki bapakku jatuh kepada diri ini :(

It's not a pretty sight but i'll say it's like an elephant dalam reban ayam! Hahaha!

You like what i like? You can get the sandal from!


Sunday, July 27, 2008


Thanks to Shilas from, i was able to contribute for the July Birthday Bash at my house last night. I was having dinner with Visu at DeliFrance, Plaza Bintang - trying to forget about it :) (sabar jelahkan...) But hey, these are the beautiful creations from Shila... Thanks so mucho!

For Mizan's 22nd Birthday

For my parents' 29th Anniversary

Thanks to Baby, i'm able to see how it all turns out. Arrangement was made between me - Shila - Abg/Baby...

OK, nak parade stuffs i bought online. I think I've mention about a maxi-dress from and Tie-Rack scarf from

I wore the maxi dress underneath the T-shirt. Nak pakai it the other way around, rasa cam extra over plak :) sorry for the picture quality. Memang sengaja blur-kan. (padahal tepon cam ayam)

And this is my attempt wearing long scarf without the help of a anak tudung yang keras tu. I have one from ARZU, KLCC. Beli last raya... Agak poyo's but it works jugak. Probably takramai orang kat opis arini to tegur! kahkahkah... Kena ada extra confidence to pull it off. But i'd say, it's a success lah... :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

It's a wet day. Rain falls since last night until now (nearing 9am) non-stop. Tido malam memang best but susah nak keluar... Probably it's a sign kot. I cannot go shopping dah. Nak beli hape pun kat Miri nih :P

And the fact i already bought stuffs online. Yet again. I already purchased a maxi dress for a cheap price. Last time when i was home for Gawai break, i searched for maxi dresses everywhere with Mak. Promod ones were nice, but one size small. can fit, but not that comfy. that one was at RM 160 or was it RM260, somewhere there lah. Then, found one at Warehouse, RM500++. sungguh cantik, memanggil2. Hehehe. Duit simpan. Nak kahwin. wawawawa!!! :P

So, beli lah yang cheapo punya online. too common plak. tengok boutique ni ada, boutique tu ada... But yeah i got myself a maxi dress. and... A pair of gladiator like - jelly sandal!!! :) Tak sampai lagi. Patutnya yesterday, but it's a Friday. Busy with meetings, taktau lah ada people nak drop by things tapi i takde kat workstation ke. antara cita2 arini is to go to the post office kat Bandar lah. Ni dah hujan tak brenti...

lama sungguh tak beli sandal. I think the last one was the last post on Vincci+ wedges tu lah. That's like a few months back! no wonder lah...
Rain, rain go away... i nak gi pejabat pos. (Bukak ke Sabtu ni? eheh...)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Remember that I actually went for P. Ramlee The Musical (PRTM)? Besides the fact that I love musicals, (been to Grease, Sound Of the Music, Saturday Night Fever and Puteri Gunung Ledang) my cousin is one of the ensembles. The important ones tau, The three ladies. Kitoranglah yang tergila-gilakan KRU dulu.

We'll hang out at my room (Oh bestnya, dulu rumah kitorang sebelah2 je. Sebelum kewujudan MRR2) and dream about turning 1 and how yusry will pick us up for a date. Yes, kitorang gaduh who'll get Yusry. Kahkahkah! When we find out the number to KRU's office at Taman Melawati, we used to call. Asked for Norman. Tapi of course, sapelah nak let us thru kan? I was 12, she was 10! hihihi.. Kitorang cousin belah my dad. Batu Pahat. that reminds me - lamanyer dah tak balik kampung! ni ha gambar kitorang berfoya kat Parit Hailam, menjengok2 ape yang ada. These were taken in 2004/5 kot. tak ingat which one. Tapi I tengah praktikal training masa ni.