Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

25 december 2007 - 6 days to a brand new year and today i'm starting to list down resolutions that i should work on in 2008. Well, among the top of the list is to of course, perform and get noticed by doing the best in production planning :) Cita-cita kena tinggi!

Anyway, FYI i'm now blogging using my brand new laptop. ah, i'm so proud of this treasure. it's my first ribu-ribuan belanja. This is like my first and early birthday present to myself. for those who don't know / for some yang buat-buat lupa, 14 January is my birthday! Hehe...

Above was me and Zukry, still figuring out the features of the gadget :P sungguh serious and i know, inside his (Zukry) heart, "kurang asam tul. aku nak laptop, dia beli dulu" Kan, Kan???

Then, smiling away together while waiting for our cake at Secret Recipe. Check out my perfect teeth. i spend lots of money to repair the GAP. Hihi. looks great to me! Don't forget to claim, you. you're entitled! YEA!

I got to say, the ticket i bought for this year end holidays is worth every cents. Mahal, memang lah... but whatever. you get some, you lose some! tu je. i don't know, it's always just GREAT to be with my family. no matter what i do/didn't do, the fact that i'm home, they're there and i can reach them anytime, anywhere - best! I LIKE.

Meeting MakTeh and the girls reminded me of my trip to Europe and how much i miss that. National Treasure II - Book of Secrets reminded me of the night i spend in Paris. Ah, the moment i saw Eiffle Tower from afar - Takleh lupa!

Whatever it is, today is the last day of my holiday. Tomorrow i'm flying off to Bintulu, filght at 11:50am and yeah, just continue my life in East Malaysia. I'm coming back in February for the Ismayatim's Family Day in Port Dickson. KakLong, KakNgah, Ika and Baby; don't forget to practise for our Sehati Berdansa! :) Hahahahaha!!!

I'm definitely writing again. with the new Laptop, better performance, better entry. Hehehe... Happy Holidays everyone!


xitane said...

kurang asam? nah..its not in my top priority @d moment. so im cool bout it. all the makan² xtvt were so great. TQ 2u. well, lets hope this coming new year brings us something to cheer about :) happy new year!!

Harteeny said...

Quoting someone "Cool, cool, cool" Hehe.

mumsie said...

but we didn't meet enuf laaaa...hmm..ye laaa...my anak sedara dah besar..dah ada her own life...