Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life Plan.

Thursday, 6th Dec 2007 12:20am

I had a great time with Hasfa and Haniff tonight. We went to Abida Restaurant (Mamak) for supper. Chapati, Teh ais and lots of stories. And for the first time, I really talk about “relationship” to friends here in Miri and I must say I feel a little bit relief (the negative side of me wants to wonder if they would my stories and let others talk about it. Bad, bad Hartini! Trust your friends!)

Hasfa, I think we should exchange that one person in our family and we would be happier. Kan? 

We were talking about Life Plan. Whether or not, at our age; we have it already? Should we have one, should we think about it, and if we don’t, so what? But of course, being me (who thinks so much, lately; it’s very tiring using your brain non-stop!) I admit I plan my life in certain ways already. I can say that I’m a little rigid but not to extend of being non-flexible 100%. It’s expected that I’ll be disappointed if I can’t achieve certain things that I’ve already planned but I deal with it.

Haniff said he’s planning to plan his life tonight before we depart to respective rooms. How’s that coming? Hehe.

KakNurul called to invite me into her Environment Hunt group this Saturday but I’m already registered as one of the marshall. So, I supposed this Saturday would another filled day. I hope it is as much fun as last Saturday! (Swimming, Shopping, Karaoke – BEST!)

I need ideas to come out with a really big card for Zukry. I’ve bought some materials, but I’m still wondering what I should do with all that. I have all kinds of pens, colored papers, glitters and what not. Hehe… Zuk, you better come out with something far, far better one tau! You’re supposed to be the more creative one. Hehe. After Asar I walked around Bintulu old town and there were quite a few stationery shops . That is why I bought all kinds of things already.

Tomorrow I have to attend a video conference thing at the office. I think it is for the launching of the SKO HSE Week. Housekeeping, I need an iron and the ironing board! Khakis trouser, white shirt, orange scarf + gold pumps. Whatever goes lah, asalkan taknampak terlalu casual. OKlah, Nighty Nite world!

Again, I’m missing so many people… to all, air asia is having this promotion. KL-Miri / Miri-KL for only RM6, total return ticket would be around RM154 only. Booking period from 5-16 Dec 2007 for traveling in May-Oct 2008. Ok, for that; I have to plan my 2008 activities already!

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
John Lennon


xitane said...

poor u cant have that 'targus' bag..xpe la kn, laptop is ur ultimate priority pe. nway, 4 d card thing, u better watch out too. wahaha. even with limited sources,i'l come out with something outstanding ;p hrp² by tuesday dh bole pos la ye. miss ya. da

xitane said...

owh, btw don forget to watch heroes s2. it rockss girl