Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Denying Emotions, are you Hartini?

Denying emotions is a well-known driver of addictions (Oprah Magazine)

The above statement is there to relate to one entry that I've taken out from this blog titled "The Ugly Truth". It was very personal and very negative impression of ownself, so i decided to take it out.

I agree with the statement. I think that was my problem, denying emotions. Keeping too much and never letting things out. Caffein -

Aaaahhh, LIFE. whatever.

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Harteeny said...

Mawarni, i read your comment and decided to reply here. i hope you're reading this.

i haven't yet receive the card. i'm in Bintulu, probably dah sampai kat Miri kot. anyway, i think i'm NOT going back for Eid Adha. I hope to be in KL somewhere in CNY!

Miss you so much. it's just different, sekarang dah besar ni kan?! I miss the long phone calls we used to have during sekolah menengah when we used to talk non-stop about my collection of Hantu's... Haha!!!