Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Enchanting Enchanted

I dropped by a blog while hanging out in the hotel room. imagine living in a huge room (twin beds) all by myself. thank god ada internet. so my new laptop works its wonders. hehehe... the blog was by MakTeh's friend, superwomanwannabe. :) Her recent entry about Hugh Grant Music & Lyrics. I actually drop a comment. i love romantic comedies, especially with Hugh Grant/Meg Ryan/Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore.

You've Got Mail
Notting Hill
Kate & Leopold
Two Weeks Notice
50 First Dates
Music & Lyrics
The Perfect Catch (not that good but still)

Feel good movies. Like Mak always said, "movies yang tak peningkan kepala". Hehe. After watching, happy je. but i'd like to introduce the ultimate feel good movie, ENCHANTED. it's like a combination of two great genres, Disney Cartoon & romance. Love Patrick Dempsey. Check out the best song in the movie at:

How does she knows that you love her?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

25 december 2007 - 6 days to a brand new year and today i'm starting to list down resolutions that i should work on in 2008. Well, among the top of the list is to of course, perform and get noticed by doing the best in production planning :) Cita-cita kena tinggi!

Anyway, FYI i'm now blogging using my brand new laptop. ah, i'm so proud of this treasure. it's my first ribu-ribuan belanja. This is like my first and early birthday present to myself. for those who don't know / for some yang buat-buat lupa, 14 January is my birthday! Hehe...

Above was me and Zukry, still figuring out the features of the gadget :P sungguh serious and i know, inside his (Zukry) heart, "kurang asam tul. aku nak laptop, dia beli dulu" Kan, Kan???

Then, smiling away together while waiting for our cake at Secret Recipe. Check out my perfect teeth. i spend lots of money to repair the GAP. Hihi. looks great to me! Don't forget to claim, you. you're entitled! YEA!

I got to say, the ticket i bought for this year end holidays is worth every cents. Mahal, memang lah... but whatever. you get some, you lose some! tu je. i don't know, it's always just GREAT to be with my family. no matter what i do/didn't do, the fact that i'm home, they're there and i can reach them anytime, anywhere - best! I LIKE.

Meeting MakTeh and the girls reminded me of my trip to Europe and how much i miss that. National Treasure II - Book of Secrets reminded me of the night i spend in Paris. Ah, the moment i saw Eiffle Tower from afar - Takleh lupa!

Whatever it is, today is the last day of my holiday. Tomorrow i'm flying off to Bintulu, filght at 11:50am and yeah, just continue my life in East Malaysia. I'm coming back in February for the Ismayatim's Family Day in Port Dickson. KakLong, KakNgah, Ika and Baby; don't forget to practise for our Sehati Berdansa! :) Hahahahaha!!!

I'm definitely writing again. with the new Laptop, better performance, better entry. Hehehe... Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Salam AidilAdha.

I was in Pavilion last night and like many of the people there, i actually queued for a box of donuts (which were later wasted, thanks to Zukry). What's so great about the donuts? I HAVE NO IDEA! well, now i know...

I wanna watch some movies today. and of course, i have so many places that i can choose from. nak gie Bukit bintang? KLCC? One Utama? ahhh.... swonoknye!!! Oh, esok raya! Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha to everyone!

I want to meet everyone. Shamina, camne plan? boleh balik KL tak? i hope you're not stranded in Kerteh :P

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

1 Year in PETRONAS

today marked my first year in PETRONAS Carigali (Sarawak Operation) and I'm going to celebrate by going back to Ampang, KL for AidilAdha :)

I'm so excited!
My flight is at 2pm, nite everyone.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life Plan.

Thursday, 6th Dec 2007 12:20am

I had a great time with Hasfa and Haniff tonight. We went to Abida Restaurant (Mamak) for supper. Chapati, Teh ais and lots of stories. And for the first time, I really talk about “relationship” to friends here in Miri and I must say I feel a little bit relief (the negative side of me wants to wonder if they would my stories and let others talk about it. Bad, bad Hartini! Trust your friends!)

Hasfa, I think we should exchange that one person in our family and we would be happier. Kan? 

We were talking about Life Plan. Whether or not, at our age; we have it already? Should we have one, should we think about it, and if we don’t, so what? But of course, being me (who thinks so much, lately; it’s very tiring using your brain non-stop!) I admit I plan my life in certain ways already. I can say that I’m a little rigid but not to extend of being non-flexible 100%. It’s expected that I’ll be disappointed if I can’t achieve certain things that I’ve already planned but I deal with it.

Haniff said he’s planning to plan his life tonight before we depart to respective rooms. How’s that coming? Hehe.

KakNurul called to invite me into her Environment Hunt group this Saturday but I’m already registered as one of the marshall. So, I supposed this Saturday would another filled day. I hope it is as much fun as last Saturday! (Swimming, Shopping, Karaoke – BEST!)

I need ideas to come out with a really big card for Zukry. I’ve bought some materials, but I’m still wondering what I should do with all that. I have all kinds of pens, colored papers, glitters and what not. Hehe… Zuk, you better come out with something far, far better one tau! You’re supposed to be the more creative one. Hehe. After Asar I walked around Bintulu old town and there were quite a few stationery shops . That is why I bought all kinds of things already.

Tomorrow I have to attend a video conference thing at the office. I think it is for the launching of the SKO HSE Week. Housekeeping, I need an iron and the ironing board! Khakis trouser, white shirt, orange scarf + gold pumps. Whatever goes lah, asalkan taknampak terlalu casual. OKlah, Nighty Nite world!

Again, I’m missing so many people… to all, air asia is having this promotion. KL-Miri / Miri-KL for only RM6, total return ticket would be around RM154 only. Booking period from 5-16 Dec 2007 for traveling in May-Oct 2008. Ok, for that; I have to plan my 2008 activities already!

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
John Lennon

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Denying Emotions, are you Hartini?

Denying emotions is a well-known driver of addictions (Oprah Magazine)

The above statement is there to relate to one entry that I've taken out from this blog titled "The Ugly Truth". It was very personal and very negative impression of ownself, so i decided to take it out.

I agree with the statement. I think that was my problem, denying emotions. Keeping too much and never letting things out. Caffein -

Aaaahhh, LIFE. whatever.