Monday, November 5, 2007

Today : Annual Leave

Among the many things i bought today:

1. Sony car Connecting Pack (to connect my iPod to my car's audio system)
2. CDs: (Republik Cinta - Dewa 19, Menjelma - Kaer Azami and Terunggul - M Nasir)
3. Baby wipes for Offshore trips. as advised by Kak Elmi. things to bring to Bintulu next week lah basically.
4. Ingredients for Bruchetta. sedap, dah buat dah! :)the oven works, yea!
5. barang2 dapur yang lain.


along said...

apa tu Bruchetta? nt wta la gi bole kami try :D

Harteeny said...

it is actually Brochetta. if you googled that, you'll find out that it is basically a mini pizza. :)