Saturday, November 17, 2007

Program Bakti on Saturday

Hello all.

Thanks for the kind support in my previous entry. I appreciate it very much; I'm sure to some readers it'd be like "what's-going-on? Tak abis crite nih!"... Hehe.

anyway, today i had fun with Program Bakti Pendidikan PETRONAS students at ParkCity Everly Hotel. PSRO and the YPCs organized a year end program for the kids (about 120 of them) I was with Kak Nurul at Miri City Fan (Fan City? ape2lah) the second check pint for Explorace Kidz. i had fun. although i was only checking all the teams arrived safely with their drivers :) the program ended at around 1pm ++ after lunch at the hotel of course. I am the facilitator of the year-4 students from SK Bakam. they were all thrilled to see me there this morning. Kak Teeny! siap cium tangan bila salam. I LIKE!

Tomorrow, i'm heading back to Bintulu to continue the course. i think it's going to be more intense. i mean, i have to make sure that i'm always on my toes. Sometimes, i lost in a discussion. it's dangerous! because the course is crucial for my performance in the new section, Integrated Operation Planning! it's official, i'm now an IOP, no matter how much people will hate me for that, I AM AN IOP :) Haniff's driving his car so we get to listen to our tunes on our way. Yeah!!! we have similar taste in music so we'll rock the trip!!! boo-yeah!


Anonymous said...

teeny, there's something going on ke? apa yg tak abis cerita?

btw, hows offshore training? it has been raining almost everyday kan? be careful there and take care!!


Rush Murad said...

Salam. Blog hopping..... will come again for more reading.... :)

Harteeny said...

Naim: Something going on - Pending. Hehe... Offshore training, OK. Last Wed was teribble. Rough Sea, menanti waktu nak muntah je. but i sit really still in the boat. Nasib baik, half way they patah balik to shore!

Rush Murad: i think i've hopped at your place before :) hop again next time.