Saturday, November 3, 2007

Open House 3/11/2007


PCSB-SKO Open House. Ushering everyone to the back of our building in Lutong the whole morning, while anxiously waiting for the arrival of YB Lee. Oh my God, why did i ever said YES to lead the Publicity & Promotion unit???

Alhamdulillah, everything went OK. Not perfect but it wasn't bad. At all. which is good, really. my team members, although wasn't been briefed properly actually came and help. Bagus juak lah! :)

mingling with peeps i rarely hang out with. talk to the YB's PA like i really know what i'm doing, Lalala. I'm convincing enough. He was surprised that i'm from KL and it's my 10 months here. Hehe.

Gambar. em, i didn't actually bring along my cam. but i remembered that i have some pictures taken. I wore my convo's songket kebarung. so this was my second songket after last week for PETRONAS Ramah-Tamah Aidilfitri, in the orange songket. eceh! :P


xhaniff said...

can i see ur songket? both.

Harteeny said...

Can. but why?

em, last week, takde amek gambar. and remember konvo? that was the 2nd open house baju lah.