Sunday, November 4, 2007


I decided to write before i lose some of the comments i want to make for the movie.

i was supposed to do my laundry. but the back door was locked, the spare keys (i think) ntahlah... somewhere in my fossil handbag, don't know which one. (i have 3 bags, thanks to Mak! merah, navy blue and beige)

so, hey; let's watch mukhsin instead. the laundry is still in front of the back door. i made myself a cup of nescafe and sit in front of the TV like nobody cares. nobody does actually because nobody was at home except moi. haha!

Mukhsin - like Sepet & Gubra, you don't know where the story is going until you actually watch the whole thing. it was NOT like no1, which i actually forwarded a few times to not listen to the crap scripts.

aish, bestlah. being brought up in sort of like the same environment, i thought about my childhood but there's MakYah ruining it for me. (Mak, MakYah gave a really bad memories of my days in 1990's. i just can't forget about it. it's funny at times, but always painful. akak xsuka) - tetiba je!

I like the part where Amani appears with Jason. last time, i was very disappointed with Sepet's ending. this time, i get to berangan that 'that' was the ending for Jason & Orkid. as for budak pompuan sebelah yang suka mengadu tu, mengingatkan saya tentang seseorang yang lebih kurang karaktornya. ada aje menda yang mak dia cakap, itu tak baiklah, ini tak bolehlah... Mengjengkelkan! :P

overall, i like Mukhsin. it's not a movie that i can watch over and over again; but watching it once has already made an impact to me. to my Sunday.

Tak basuh baju lagi! :) Hahaha!

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