Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jom Heboh!

My first trip to Jom Heboh ever! i have never been to any Jom Heboh. Not once. in KL, Danga Bay or anywhere else. and Today is my first trip!

OK, i sounded like it's a big deal. It is actually, beside that it's being my first trip; at least i have something to look forward for on Sunday morning. Hehe :) went to Hasfa and Shar's house before leaving for the 'Tapak Pesta' with Shar's kelisa.

i actually took a picture with Ashraf, the bad-guy in Manjalara. Malu nak publish, tapi he's just damn good looking. Ye ke? entahlah, the tall, not-so-dark and cute. i prefer Awal tho :) Hihi. Thanks lah Hasfa! Once i got the pic from Hasfa, i'll show it to the world. provided i look good in the pic lah. :P

Beraya at Shar and Hasfa's house. (Beraya ke? more like drop-by je n makan rempeyek Hasfa nad Kek Shar. Haha!)First time i actually went in the house. before this, i only drop people off. It's very cozy, since the owner leave all the funitures in the house. everything is just so complete. The TV set, the sofa, the kitchen, best jugaklah... that reminds me, I need to get myself a wardrobe! sampai bila nak pakai penyangkut murah yang dua itu, Hartini!!!

I brought home 3 CDs. borrowed from Pijah.
1. Qabil Kushri, Qabil Igam
2. Devil wears Prada
3. Mukhsin

So i watch the no1. Aduhai, i don't know lah best ke tak. ada part yang i gelak, and ada jugak yang bergenang jugak airmata nih! (sungguh ajaib) Bergenang tu masa Erra lepas kena pukul dgn husband dia, merayu kat Igam to take her (marry her-lah) tapi as usual, i watch the maybe 2hours movie in like 50 mins. banyak forward. :P time diorang duk bercinta, cam best lah. cam takyah pikir, swonok je... Hihi. but when it gets more drama-lalala, i was already 'Huaaarrggghhh!!!!'.... so i switch to no2 which i've watch like a gazilion times already.

so, next is Mukhsin. need to also do the laundry and some shopping. groceries shopping. now that i've got myself an oven, i can bake! make bruchetta like Mak did. ahhh, cheese... :) da!

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