Friday, November 23, 2007

Join Mabuk Free, anyone?

My face is burned. What is exposed is darker. What has the sun do to me?... It reminds me of secondary school days. In MRSM, when I used to play hockey for my school. I was only a bench-player but I never miss practice.  Good times.

Ah, Home (Michael Bublĕ) is played on my iPOD. Now I miss so many people...
• Mak, can we just talk about ‘it’ again?
• Bapak, help me.
• Abang, I have a question for you, but I don’t dare ask.
• Mizan, what are you doing at home, alone?
• Baby, I don’t think I’m coming back for Eid Adha; but we’ll see.
• Zukry, when are you coming to Miri?
• Mawarni and SABs girls, what happen to the Deepavali plan?
• Huda; babe, give me updates!

To others (readers) that I did not mention, of course I miss you too.  Now Kaer is singing “Seribu Impian”, and I’m uplifted. (For 3mins, at least. Haha!)

Training is going pretty well. Going through Mechanical Module with the line trainer (Mr. Chris Gustar) is like repeating my D subject (the worst) in UTM, the fundamental, the key subject to be an Engineer; THERMODYNAMIC. I found myself lost in discussions, not because of the extreme noise of both compressors and pumps or the soft spoken English Cikgu, simply because I couldn’t grasp as quickly as the others. The guys especially have incredible time getting to know the equipments and showing off their intelligence to me. BTW, my group mates are KAM (short of his initials), Haniff (Field Engineer – this is the other Haniff) and Sharlyna.

OK, now is my favorite tune during my “Menganggur” time “Put your records on” (Corinne Bailey Rae) playing. I’m (again) uplifted for another 3mins. Hihi…

Wednesday (21/11) was terrible, like I posted in previous entry comments; it was rough sea. I kind of knew already since it was raining since the night before. In fact we were actually walking in the rain to the wharf. But there I was in Borcos 107, sitting very still, listening to my iPod, a couple of Panadol in my pocket (just in case) and eyes closed the whole time.

The ride was like a roller-coaster indeed. The operation guys are all whoooing, aaahhh-ing, enjoying the fact one of the girls would throw up eventually… They actually really stimulate the feel to throw up, alright! Ish, JAHAT! “Muntah, muntah, uweek!!!” Lucky that half way, we turned back to shore. So it was yet again, Mabuk Free for 2 hours. Last time in September it was four hours of Mabuk Free! I’m immune! I did NOT throw up. Yea!

It is FUN time to be in this course. We are freer to do things our ways. Of course, we had to complete all the assignments and what not. After the Mabuk Free, we had dinner at Kelab Golf Bintulu, KING PRAWN. Delicious! I should have taken pictures. We’ve agreed to go again as soon as next week. Hehe…

On Ipod, “Upgrade you” (Beyoncĕ)


xhaniff said...

hehe talking about tunes, it reminds me how i use to listen to "i need a girl" by p.diddy. that was when i was still single and available. it was fun.

whitelighter said...

haha tini.. u muntah je kat muka bebudak tu..

naimz said...

jahat betul diorg tu!

btw, i belum pernah makan lagi kat kelab golf tu. haritu bw haniff tp ada a big crowd tgh "minum-minum" so kitorg tak jadi makan situ.

ada a new restaurant yg org kata happening (xtau la sejauh mana happening nya) kat town. jom pergi. makan je keje naim ni :p

Rush Murad said...

i've to send my friend to MSTS for 3 days in a row (before 6am!!!)... each time he ended-up calling me 2 hours later saying 'bot patah balik, ombak kuat, mok muntah2...'....eerrrrkkkk....
added ur link.

my2901 said...

salam...hi Teeny...miss u, awk x balik ker cuti Aildil Adha nanti??? saye cuti pjg time tu, starting 19hb dec ni until.....(dipanggil keje balik or dpt keje baru).....hehehe....

aper citer plan awak yg 'are u ready??' tu??? jadi tak??

awk dah dpt tak kad kawin dari Tahirah?? ermmm...saye mcm nak g tapi awk xder, so mcm x best jer=((

ape2 pun , take care always yeah!!