Friday, November 23, 2007

Join Mabuk Free, anyone?

My face is burned. What is exposed is darker. What has the sun do to me?... It reminds me of secondary school days. In MRSM, when I used to play hockey for my school. I was only a bench-player but I never miss practice.  Good times.

Ah, Home (Michael Bublĕ) is played on my iPOD. Now I miss so many people...
• Mak, can we just talk about ‘it’ again?
• Bapak, help me.
• Abang, I have a question for you, but I don’t dare ask.
• Mizan, what are you doing at home, alone?
• Baby, I don’t think I’m coming back for Eid Adha; but we’ll see.
• Zukry, when are you coming to Miri?
• Mawarni and SABs girls, what happen to the Deepavali plan?
• Huda; babe, give me updates!

To others (readers) that I did not mention, of course I miss you too.  Now Kaer is singing “Seribu Impian”, and I’m uplifted. (For 3mins, at least. Haha!)

Training is going pretty well. Going through Mechanical Module with the line trainer (Mr. Chris Gustar) is like repeating my D subject (the worst) in UTM, the fundamental, the key subject to be an Engineer; THERMODYNAMIC. I found myself lost in discussions, not because of the extreme noise of both compressors and pumps or the soft spoken English Cikgu, simply because I couldn’t grasp as quickly as the others. The guys especially have incredible time getting to know the equipments and showing off their intelligence to me. BTW, my group mates are KAM (short of his initials), Haniff (Field Engineer – this is the other Haniff) and Sharlyna.

OK, now is my favorite tune during my “Menganggur” time “Put your records on” (Corinne Bailey Rae) playing. I’m (again) uplifted for another 3mins. Hihi…

Wednesday (21/11) was terrible, like I posted in previous entry comments; it was rough sea. I kind of knew already since it was raining since the night before. In fact we were actually walking in the rain to the wharf. But there I was in Borcos 107, sitting very still, listening to my iPod, a couple of Panadol in my pocket (just in case) and eyes closed the whole time.

The ride was like a roller-coaster indeed. The operation guys are all whoooing, aaahhh-ing, enjoying the fact one of the girls would throw up eventually… They actually really stimulate the feel to throw up, alright! Ish, JAHAT! “Muntah, muntah, uweek!!!” Lucky that half way, we turned back to shore. So it was yet again, Mabuk Free for 2 hours. Last time in September it was four hours of Mabuk Free! I’m immune! I did NOT throw up. Yea!

It is FUN time to be in this course. We are freer to do things our ways. Of course, we had to complete all the assignments and what not. After the Mabuk Free, we had dinner at Kelab Golf Bintulu, KING PRAWN. Delicious! I should have taken pictures. We’ve agreed to go again as soon as next week. Hehe…

On Ipod, “Upgrade you” (Beyoncĕ)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Program Bakti on Saturday

Hello all.

Thanks for the kind support in my previous entry. I appreciate it very much; I'm sure to some readers it'd be like "what's-going-on? Tak abis crite nih!"... Hehe.

anyway, today i had fun with Program Bakti Pendidikan PETRONAS students at ParkCity Everly Hotel. PSRO and the YPCs organized a year end program for the kids (about 120 of them) I was with Kak Nurul at Miri City Fan (Fan City? ape2lah) the second check pint for Explorace Kidz. i had fun. although i was only checking all the teams arrived safely with their drivers :) the program ended at around 1pm ++ after lunch at the hotel of course. I am the facilitator of the year-4 students from SK Bakam. they were all thrilled to see me there this morning. Kak Teeny! siap cium tangan bila salam. I LIKE!

Tomorrow, i'm heading back to Bintulu to continue the course. i think it's going to be more intense. i mean, i have to make sure that i'm always on my toes. Sometimes, i lost in a discussion. it's dangerous! because the course is crucial for my performance in the new section, Integrated Operation Planning! it's official, i'm now an IOP, no matter how much people will hate me for that, I AM AN IOP :) Haniff's driving his car so we get to listen to our tunes on our way. Yeah!!! we have similar taste in music so we'll rock the trip!!! boo-yeah!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you Ready, Teeny???

Just talk to Kak Lina.

Then, MakTam pulak.

Tomorrow i;m heading to BIntulu. On Wednesday, i'll be offshore starting my 3 months course.

Ticket for AidilAdha is RM518 Miri-KL and RM498 Bintulu-KL by Malaysian Airlines. AirAsia is surprisingly RM100 more expensive than that.

So, you want to go back? When is the right time to tell?


P/S: Good Luck Zukry! Be confident. Don't worry, they won't eat you. Harap2 CARIGALI lah eh? If nak pursue PhD, PRSS is the best place. :) whatever it is, Ace it!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Today : Annual Leave

Among the many things i bought today:

1. Sony car Connecting Pack (to connect my iPod to my car's audio system)
2. CDs: (Republik Cinta - Dewa 19, Menjelma - Kaer Azami and Terunggul - M Nasir)
3. Baby wipes for Offshore trips. as advised by Kak Elmi. things to bring to Bintulu next week lah basically.
4. Ingredients for Bruchetta. sedap, dah buat dah! :)the oven works, yea!
5. barang2 dapur yang lain.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cik Adik ke Abang agaknye...

Lala, that's Ashraf whom i met at Jom Heboh this morning. Thanks Hasfa for the pic! we do look like we are dating. ahahaha! in your dream, Hartini! Hehe.


I decided to write before i lose some of the comments i want to make for the movie.

i was supposed to do my laundry. but the back door was locked, the spare keys (i think) ntahlah... somewhere in my fossil handbag, don't know which one. (i have 3 bags, thanks to Mak! merah, navy blue and beige)

so, hey; let's watch mukhsin instead. the laundry is still in front of the back door. i made myself a cup of nescafe and sit in front of the TV like nobody cares. nobody does actually because nobody was at home except moi. haha!

Mukhsin - like Sepet & Gubra, you don't know where the story is going until you actually watch the whole thing. it was NOT like no1, which i actually forwarded a few times to not listen to the crap scripts.

aish, bestlah. being brought up in sort of like the same environment, i thought about my childhood but there's MakYah ruining it for me. (Mak, MakYah gave a really bad memories of my days in 1990's. i just can't forget about it. it's funny at times, but always painful. akak xsuka) - tetiba je!

I like the part where Amani appears with Jason. last time, i was very disappointed with Sepet's ending. this time, i get to berangan that 'that' was the ending for Jason & Orkid. as for budak pompuan sebelah yang suka mengadu tu, mengingatkan saya tentang seseorang yang lebih kurang karaktornya. ada aje menda yang mak dia cakap, itu tak baiklah, ini tak bolehlah... Mengjengkelkan! :P

overall, i like Mukhsin. it's not a movie that i can watch over and over again; but watching it once has already made an impact to me. to my Sunday.

Tak basuh baju lagi! :) Hahaha!

Jom Heboh!

My first trip to Jom Heboh ever! i have never been to any Jom Heboh. Not once. in KL, Danga Bay or anywhere else. and Today is my first trip!

OK, i sounded like it's a big deal. It is actually, beside that it's being my first trip; at least i have something to look forward for on Sunday morning. Hehe :) went to Hasfa and Shar's house before leaving for the 'Tapak Pesta' with Shar's kelisa.

i actually took a picture with Ashraf, the bad-guy in Manjalara. Malu nak publish, tapi he's just damn good looking. Ye ke? entahlah, the tall, not-so-dark and cute. i prefer Awal tho :) Hihi. Thanks lah Hasfa! Once i got the pic from Hasfa, i'll show it to the world. provided i look good in the pic lah. :P

Beraya at Shar and Hasfa's house. (Beraya ke? more like drop-by je n makan rempeyek Hasfa nad Kek Shar. Haha!)First time i actually went in the house. before this, i only drop people off. It's very cozy, since the owner leave all the funitures in the house. everything is just so complete. The TV set, the sofa, the kitchen, best jugaklah... that reminds me, I need to get myself a wardrobe! sampai bila nak pakai penyangkut murah yang dua itu, Hartini!!!

I brought home 3 CDs. borrowed from Pijah.
1. Qabil Kushri, Qabil Igam
2. Devil wears Prada
3. Mukhsin

So i watch the no1. Aduhai, i don't know lah best ke tak. ada part yang i gelak, and ada jugak yang bergenang jugak airmata nih! (sungguh ajaib) Bergenang tu masa Erra lepas kena pukul dgn husband dia, merayu kat Igam to take her (marry her-lah) tapi as usual, i watch the maybe 2hours movie in like 50 mins. banyak forward. :P time diorang duk bercinta, cam best lah. cam takyah pikir, swonok je... Hihi. but when it gets more drama-lalala, i was already 'Huaaarrggghhh!!!!'.... so i switch to no2 which i've watch like a gazilion times already.

so, next is Mukhsin. need to also do the laundry and some shopping. groceries shopping. now that i've got myself an oven, i can bake! make bruchetta like Mak did. ahhh, cheese... :) da!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Open House 3/11/2007


PCSB-SKO Open House. Ushering everyone to the back of our building in Lutong the whole morning, while anxiously waiting for the arrival of YB Lee. Oh my God, why did i ever said YES to lead the Publicity & Promotion unit???

Alhamdulillah, everything went OK. Not perfect but it wasn't bad. At all. which is good, really. my team members, although wasn't been briefed properly actually came and help. Bagus juak lah! :)

mingling with peeps i rarely hang out with. talk to the YB's PA like i really know what i'm doing, Lalala. I'm convincing enough. He was surprised that i'm from KL and it's my 10 months here. Hehe.

Gambar. em, i didn't actually bring along my cam. but i remembered that i have some pictures taken. I wore my convo's songket kebarung. so this was my second songket after last week for PETRONAS Ramah-Tamah Aidilfitri, in the orange songket. eceh! :P