Monday, October 22, 2007

Kawan-Kawan Saya.

Over the weekend, i get to meet 'ramai' important people in my life. at least some of them. :)

There's Zukry obviously. On Friday right after prayer. Picture - tak amek. ehehe. then, the next day, despite was at work malam tu, Zukry beraya with me. First stop, Haniff's engagement ceremony. tapi dah terlewat.

orang sumer dah balik, Hartini baru sampai. Both, Haniff & Naim glowed in pink. "Macam orang dah kahwin" - the first thing thing that popped in my head when they were rushing to the tent sebab Hujan. tengah bercanda ria mengambil gambar. Mane gambar? Apsal nak sorok-sorok plak??? dah lah tak amik gambar tetamu-tetamu yang hadir... sabar jelah. Adli, Sarah tu GF you ke? cam teman tapi mesra je. i don't think Adli is reading this. Haniff lah tolong jawab kan... :P

Nilah orangnyer. picture them in pink instead of green. Ni masa Teman & Mesra lagi... i curi gambar you haniff.

Mawarni of course, datang sampai dua kali. at my request. first was on Friday, lunch time. she was with her two friends. one from Kelantan and the other was from Tawau.

Mawarni - bile nak g umah u plak ni... malam ni Ok kot. tengok dulu camne.

Then, yesterday she was here again with Sajidah! my long-time-no-see friend. she was in Ohio for 6 years kot. we send cards, emails, (taklah banyak mane) but we manage not to lose contact. Mawarni is being her usual self. everyting is in order. even though her job is a 6 months contract, she seems to enjoy it. She's always very calm and acceptance towards things. Complaints but not too much. and of course, we can't stop talking. she will talk-talk-talk non-stop. Huhu! :) Love ya, Warnie. As for Sajidah, You pun tak banyak berubah lah... i thought she'll attack with some American twang, tapi she was being modest ke ape, somehow yeah... cam dulu :) hehe. i like! We took sewing class together right after SPM at chow Kit, kan Sajidah? lawaks sungguh.

Sajidah - masa dia beraye di Ohio.

Panjang and Suraiya joined Sajidah and Mawarni after about 10 mins or so. first time meeting them both at the same time (togheter lah). Before this, i only met panjang at KLCC and Suraiya in Brunei/Miri. Like i told Panjang in SMS, nampak sepadan :) they are also going to be engaged. Next Sunday, 28th. theme color, Lilac. unlike Haniff, Panjang refuse to wear baju melayu. By the way, mak masak Laksa Johor and I have my special hot-from-the-oven carrot cupcake yang sungguh yummie!!! I don't have panjang's and Suraiya's pic. so takdapatlah nak tunjuk... nanti kita mintak gambar from their engagement plak.

Sambung crite ari sabtu balik, right after Haniff's engagement, Zukry & I went to Tahirah's house at Bukit Rahman Puta, Sg Buloh. So taklah jauh sangat from TTDI umah Naim. cuma jalan Jam tak hengat. Zalina and Mawarni joined us in a while. so being us, of course, non-stop talking again. a year story, aduh macam2 lah. oh, Halim was also there. Tahirah's Teman & Mesra. Hehe. khabarnyer dah dapat cincin. semoga berbahagia ye. by the way girls, trip to Miri next year? visit lah i yang kesepian di sana. Huhu! :)
so, papehal pun, amek gambar. Mawarni, Zalina, Me & Tahirah

Went to Zalina's house yesterday with Sajidah & Mawarni as well. Arif was already on his way back. za ada amek gambar tapi it's not in my hand lah. Zalina is happy with her job as well. tak banyak cerita... she was rushing on Saturday because of P. Ramlee the musical.

Finally, last night; Kak Ijat decided to stop by. She also being her usual self, came in cute pink cotton baju kurung. banyak crite kan? but honestly KakIjat (if you're reading) i was very tired already last night. but hey, you are always all jumpy everytime we met so i couldn't help but join you being jumpy and all excited to share a one year story together :) KakIjat is helping her father with some projects. Art stuffs. Planning for her future is all there. tinggal nak buat je lg. KakIjat is also following Haniff and Panjang is going to be unavailable next year...

Kak Ijat - photo courtesy of Friendster. haha!

arini, nak pergi pos barang ke Miri. barang2 i bought from IKEA. Da!


xhaniff said...

first, pictures are available on our blog. follow the instructions :p jangan complaint hehe ada 2 je but we'll upload more soon when we have them.

next, sorry for not taking photos with you. did u bring ur camera?

third, thank you so much for coming. appreciate it. really.

about sarah, ask adli himself. i could tell you but it'd take one whole day and you still wont understand. coz i dont understand it myself either.

bila ijat nak bertunang?

Anonymous said...

haha. instruction fr haniff : jgn complain :P

teeny, u dtg majlis dh habis tu sbb photographer tak amik gmbr guests dah. i asked u guys utk masuk rumah sbb nk amik gmbr la tp u takmau masuk nak cepat2 gi sg buloh la pulak :P but neways, wedding nnt inshaAllah kitorg akan make sure gmbr u ada k :)

nways, thanks for coming!


Harteeny said...

i ada bawak kamera. tapi Hujan tu agak men'spoil' jugaklah... yelah nak jaga keayuan lagi, nak makan lagi, nak berteduh dr kena hujan lagi, auds, Leceh!

sorilah Naim. i jadik kelam kabut, bile tengok jam, kesian kat Zukry pun ye, kena baraya cepat sebab malam tu nak kerja lagi, HUjan pulak lagi... aih, macam2 alasan lah boleh tulis.

that's why, i thought if ur photographer leh amek, y should i dak? ahahahaa..

takpela. papehal pun, bagi i password nak tgk gmbr tu. mekaseh...

Anonymous said...

teeny...hmmm akhirnyer saye berjaya mendarat gak ke blog awak ni...but sowie la, lambat....tapi xpe, i'll try my best 2 bace sume, from march...hehehe...lps ni saye akan jadi pembaca setia...ok...take care dear!!!


Anonymous said...

teeny...hmmm akhirnyer saye berjaya mendarat gak ke blog awak ni...but sowie la, lambat....tapi xpe, i'll try my best 2 bace sume, from march...hehehe...lps ni saye akan jadi pembaca setia...ok...take care dear!!!


xhaniff said...


nak password, email la :p

Harteeny said...

Thanks Warnie. you're most welcome. shine my dull days in Miri. hihi...

don't know when i''m gonna be back, when i do, i'll let u know. love to your family. sorrylah taksempat beraya di Cheras...

miss you already,

Zulaikha said...

ain't one of your friends dlm pic mane2 tu doctor? entahlah..maybe i dreamed about it. =)

Harteeny said...

Yes Ika.
- Warniey is a Bio-Med Researcher. Zalina is a software programmer and tahirah is the doctor.

pretty cool eh? :)

Anonymous said...

eh bukan tahirah dengan orang lain ke? apa dh jadi?
halim and tahirah sangatlah sweet!hehehe