Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Family Pictures

Maktam and family. Paktam, Emmy, Ika & Fadhli. We are supposed to have two kind of pictures. One is very conservative, proper, very formal... and the other one is the fun one. the not-so-formal, weird pose, Lalala... so this is a fun pic. very rilex but still in raya mode :) Maktam choses Red for 2007. Pink, maroon...

Here's me and my family. Mak, Bapak, Abang, Mizan & Baby. we don't have a family theme for Raya. It's been so long since we last have a mathcy-matchy baju raya. Hehe. We all were divided into the ladies and gents. The ladies were wearing Thai Silk, and the gents chose yellowish color. Gambar ni conservative pose lah. Actually all pictures of us are alike. Baby was the one who posed like a celebrity, the others KAKU including moi :) i have nice smile, memadailah... HAHAHA! :P

Makngah's Family! KakLong, KakNgah, Epit and PakNgah. The ladies punye baju, the materials KakNgah beli all the way from Singapore. Jauhnye... Epit was the one who "melemang" for us all. Sampai tengah malam!

Daddy's little girls with Mummy. Shining kan our baju? Love Thai Silk! I have two. One is royal blue and 2007 = Yellow! Baby pakai baju kurung Kedah. just to show the Utara in her, now that she's studying in Changloon. Hehe. We were all in Estee Lauder's make up. Mum bought before Raya. ah, sungguh best meng'apply' make up. hihi. And the curls on baby's hair, thanks to KakLong.

OK! The girls with our parents. i love this picture. sungguh happy, sungguh senang... :)

I want to take pictures of my house. and post it here. nak tunjuk all the good things my mum dah wat. hehe. Kalau semangatlah, harap2 semangatlah jugak!


Anonymous said...

Cantik2 gambar.

Selamat Hari Raya.

Thai Silk tu nampak mcm polyster biasa je. Lembut ke?

Jangan lupa bawa camera sabtu ni =)


mumsie said...

thanks for the pixes!!! Make me miss you all much and cannot wait for next year's raya!!!! then we can compete...baju raya sapa lagi lawa!!! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Bestnya Raya! I'm sure u had a great time w ur family aight :)

I have a blue Thai Silk tapi dah lama tak pakai :-( nanti nak bawa balik bintulu lah boleh melaram hehe :)


Harteeny said...

baju2 kitorang mestilah cantik2 belaka. cousin pompuan sumer rapat2 belaka, ape lagi melaram abislah kat kampung pun!

ok, makteh. akak akn make sure tahun depan lagi gempaks tak hengat. huhu...

haniff, thai silk stiff lah sket. tapi with the right cutting, nampak cantik lah. and of course berkilat2.

baju kuning tu raw silk. kain dia thai silk. silky on raya :P