Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aidilfitri Celebration @ Kuala Lipis, Pahang

I'm posting here the "suasana" of celebrating Aidilfitri in Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

Basically, the morning of raya the gents are the first to dressed up for Solat Sunat at the mosque. Complete with Songkok & Sampin. Aduh, everyone is just so dashing! :)

The girls will take turn to dressed up afterwards. Inai is already on our fingers, Baby & Ika curled their hair this year (KakLong & KakNgah need no help in that area. Hehe), while i was just there excited about all that. Haha! I tried to keep every raya a lil bit more exciting that the previous one.

After "Salam Raya", pose for the camera "click,click,click!". and then, head to Kuala Atok to Visit kubur our grandparents... Raya-raya to like 4 houses until maghrib and then, back to Lipis.

I bagi duit raya this year. That's new and sungguh tak terurus. I think it is all so kelam kabut. Unfair. Sometimes berbeza Uni, sekolah menengah, sekolah rendah, anak saudara, dua pupu, whatever - Lalala, rezeki masing2 lah ye :)

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