Tuesday, October 9, 2007

11th October 2007 - Menanti dengan penuh kesabaran :)

Salam everyone :)

Hartini here reporting from Miri.
The crowd in the office is thinning. Total people in my unit is 9 but we are down to only 4 tomorrow. All the other units pun lebih kurang camtu lah ratio nyer.

ah, cepatlah 11th October 2007, 6:15pm!!!
Hehe. oh wait. i have good news for me.

i was supposed to attend a meeting in KLCC on Tuesday 23rd. i dah beli ticket balik Miri on 22nd. Now i can extend and dah ask the travel agency tu pun dah change it for me.

tibe2, petang tadi dapat email that the meeting is postponed to 24th! and i asked my senior if it's OK that i just stay in KL and he said YES. Extended another day!!! i have Monday and Tuesday free from work! swonoknye!!!

things to do tomorrow, call back the travel agency and change the date again to 24th plak!!! well, i can claim for the extra charges so whatever. best kan??? boleh shopping2 ke, jenjalan... whatever lah. i taksempat pikir lagi ape i nak wat. hehe...

lalalala, esok 10th. lusa i balik!

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mumsie said...

yay! you can spend 23rd with me then?? bring me some kek lapis tu!!!