Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello IOP!

I was informed today by my section head that it is now confirm that I’m going to fill up a vacant permanent box in “Integrated Operation Planning” section starting October 2007.

Today is 12th September, so I have another around 18 days in “Field Planning” section. I was thinking:

“Don’t you want to leave behind a legacy? Something that proves you presence in Field Planning actually meant something to the residents of the section.”

Aduh, it’s an additional stress. So, I don’t think it’s really important. It will be superb if you can but if you can’t, no pressure. Whatever it is, I’m performing my best and that’s what really matters.

Basically, all in all; “Bye-Bye FPs, Hello IOPs”.

As for the attachment in Terminal like I’ve mentioned in the previous entry, no confirmation still. That’ll be an additional point if I were to continue my journey in the Engineering field. From the experience, I’ll be able to convince anyone that I can do what an Engineer should be able to do…  by anyone, I mean Operation people, Project Team in KL – those who are searching for Fresh Engineer in the market lah. Eheh :P

I’m beginning to develop my interest in planning as well. It’s an eye-opener when you know the impact of your small work is actually significant especially in selling our oil to the market. Terasa hebat what our numbers can do. hehe…

So tengoklah camner. Izza is giving me words of advice. The advice sounds rather scary though. I hope I’ll get the guidance I need to be an excellent IOP 

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