Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cheese cake + Mee Kungfu

I had a very productive day today :) at least, i think so. well, not the going-to-office type of productivity. life in general is pretty much "terisi".

buka puasa today is Mee Kungfu. sedap :) puji diri sendiri. but yeah, my housemates tak usik nasik pun. makan mee kungfu i masak je. kuang3x. bangga, bangga, bangga!

and Cheese cake as well. aduh sangat creamy... sedapnyer. i'm feeling that the fat are all running towards my hips. hahahaha! :P the cake is not yet keras - gelatin tak cukup ke hape, ntah. tapi the taste, aduh... sedap!

tomorrow i'm going straight to Eastwood Valley Resort for a course. "Perfomance Management System". basically learning how to write a superb appraisal. this will help i hope. mid Year review is due next Monday!

* need to book my supervisor's time to together review what i've done so far....

ok, toodles!


Anonymous said...

mee kungfu tu mcm mane?


naimz said...

alah, kalau describe mcm la u tau mcm mana rupanya mee kungfu tu :p org tak makan mee ni mana nk tau kan :p

Harteeny said...

Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan,
Goreng Mee kuning (deep fried) dalam minyak yang panas supaya ia melekat together and crisp.

pastu watlah kuah. and bubuh atas mee tu. kuah nyer senang je. nanti i email lah the how-tos my mum send to me. OK?

sekian rancangan kita minggu ni ye. :)

Anonymous said...

email la teeny. boleh try :)