Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cheese cake + Mee Kungfu

I had a very productive day today :) at least, i think so. well, not the going-to-office type of productivity. life in general is pretty much "terisi".

buka puasa today is Mee Kungfu. sedap :) puji diri sendiri. but yeah, my housemates tak usik nasik pun. makan mee kungfu i masak je. kuang3x. bangga, bangga, bangga!

and Cheese cake as well. aduh sangat creamy... sedapnyer. i'm feeling that the fat are all running towards my hips. hahahaha! :P the cake is not yet keras - gelatin tak cukup ke hape, ntah. tapi the taste, aduh... sedap!

tomorrow i'm going straight to Eastwood Valley Resort for a course. "Perfomance Management System". basically learning how to write a superb appraisal. this will help i hope. mid Year review is due next Monday!

* need to book my supervisor's time to together review what i've done so far....

ok, toodles!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


It’s not that I don’t want to join integrated operation planning section. But I’m having a second thought.

Too many people especially the E1 (my colleagues, office peeps) were very discouraging. “YOU NAK MASUK IOP? WATPE?!”

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ramadhan, so far so good.

Fasting away from family is not something new to me. I’ve always faced this when I was still studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Mum would call to check the menu for the day. Or Mizan/Baby would call to brag about the cool and happening places they went for Buka Puasa. It’s not getting on to me anymore. I’m used to that :)

Here in Miri, it’s more or less the same as what I used to have in UTM. Instead of going to class, of course I have to go to work everyday. It’s been only two days working while fasting, well the first was OK but the second one – last Friday. Aduh! Pening kepala dong!!!

It hit me that this is my first time berpuasa di alam pekerjaan! :) takdelah gempak ke ape. But yeah, last year I was at home making a big fuss about why PETRONAS is still not calling?! But this year, hey; I’m there already. Of course, the responsibility to give duit raya pulak yang haunts me. Berapa I should giveaway agaknyer? :P sepupu lain, dua pupu lain, jiran lain, anak sedara lain, cucu sedara pun ada! Aduh… anak2 kawan mak yang datang raya nak kasik jugak ke? Kuang3x… banyak tuh!

I’ve never been to any pasar Ramadhan here in Miri. There’s one in Lutong but I usually malas nak park kereta. Hehe. And I’m sure at Seberkas (Tapak Pasar Malam) is packed with people everyday! Dahlah bulatan besar tu pun selallu jam, tambah lagi sesak nak gie pasar Ramadhan. See, kat Miri pun ada JAM! We should also get waktu bekerja yang pendek like those in Klang Valley. Hehe…

Solat tarawih is at Masjid Lutong. Macam2 orang ada. Expatriate from Petronas and Shell. And of course the locals. Selawat after tarawih dia berbeza sket. I know it’s the same thing like in KL but panjang sket. So, I just senyap instead of menyahut. I like the lagu of the selawat tarawih tu. I don’t know about other Masjid, tak pernah gie tempat lain lagi.

I’m going to spend the whole Ramadhan here. I only get one day berbuka puasa with family on the last day of puasa. I’m sure Mak is already cooking Raya dish my that day. So I miss all the nice lauk mak masak… Mak sure masak everyday. Unlike the normal busy she has before, Bapak is always early I supposed. Nak catch solat tarawih lagi. I know what their schedule since I was home last year all month long. And to tell you truth, I was not helping in the kitchen dept pun. Setakat defreezing chicken/ikan/daging tu adalah. :P haha!

And of course, one more thing; last year was about preparing new look for the house. Mak tempah langsir baru from Aunty Normah. Which is just fabulous. And I help to choose the new sofa for the house! This year, don’t know who is going to help Mak with that…

Oklah, tibe2 semangat nak balik pulak. Padahal baru nak masuk 4 days fasting. Apelah! Good Morning, people!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello IOP!

I was informed today by my section head that it is now confirm that I’m going to fill up a vacant permanent box in “Integrated Operation Planning” section starting October 2007.

Today is 12th September, so I have another around 18 days in “Field Planning” section. I was thinking:

“Don’t you want to leave behind a legacy? Something that proves you presence in Field Planning actually meant something to the residents of the section.”

Aduh, it’s an additional stress. So, I don’t think it’s really important. It will be superb if you can but if you can’t, no pressure. Whatever it is, I’m performing my best and that’s what really matters.

Basically, all in all; “Bye-Bye FPs, Hello IOPs”.

As for the attachment in Terminal like I’ve mentioned in the previous entry, no confirmation still. That’ll be an additional point if I were to continue my journey in the Engineering field. From the experience, I’ll be able to convince anyone that I can do what an Engineer should be able to do…  by anyone, I mean Operation people, Project Team in KL – those who are searching for Fresh Engineer in the market lah. Eheh :P

I’m beginning to develop my interest in planning as well. It’s an eye-opener when you know the impact of your small work is actually significant especially in selling our oil to the market. Terasa hebat what our numbers can do. hehe…

So tengoklah camner. Izza is giving me words of advice. The advice sounds rather scary though. I hope I’ll get the guidance I need to be an excellent IOP 

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Offshore trip - Cerita.

My days in Bintulu.

I took the bus from Miri to Bintulu with all my PPE (Personal Protection Equipments) like my oh-so-orange life jacket and of course, the helmet. Visu and i has always had stories to be shared. Tak pernah stop. ada new stories - which is great! :)

Had a little crite yang embarassing. just because i takde kad kredit. I NEED CREDIT CARD! for the hotel reservation. aiyo, mana i nak ada RM1000 for the deposit. RM200 je in my purse. hehehe :P

There are so many "kedai mamak" here in Bintulu. the one in front of the Hotel reminded us of Ayob! ah, i miss Ayob. the place where everything starts. chewah...

Offshore - bangun awal giler to catch breakfast before going to Petronas Carigali Temana Office somewhere in town. dekat je dengan Hotel. makan pun takut2 because if the weather doesn't agree with us, i might be mabuk and muntah on the way!

TEMANA B Sector is the nearest platform from Bintulu Shore... only an hour away. my first trip was quite a success. the boat transfer was rather easy. the weather and wave was being very kind to the first timer - Hartini. hehe... Alhamdulilah, i survived!

I was very excited to see wells! the most important subject of the upstream operation. the crew are being very nice to us. thanks. i hope the presence of girls somehow makes it even more interesting to your days in offshore. hehe...

i am so proud to be wearing the coverall. the yellow coverall. the Petronas coverall. the coverall that does nothing whatsoever to my figure. hehe. but damn it, i'm just do proud to be wearing it. kuang3x. being a girl plak tu. rasa cam i'm the engineer everyone wants to be :P

Oklah, nak tido. esok kena turun laut lagi. nak truly understand the Crude Oil Transfer Pump tomorrow. hopefully the weather is good, and Temana A can back to production...

I miss people. so many people. agak2nyer diorang rindu tak kat hartini ni...

Familiarization Trip to Temana

Convocation Pictures

These are the few image from my convo last year...

Family yang datang - bapak, mak and baby. sedih pulak kan that not everyone is in the picture. padahal abang and mizan ada je kat Malaysia...

with Huda and norid. and of course, with our Anugerah DiRaja student, Shamina.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

2nd SEPT today - A year after my Convocation :)

Whatever happens to my friends?

Huda has always been there - we really do keep in touch. Sibuk dgn Masters of course. Norid - where are you?

Ah, UTM. i can't believe i would actually Miss UTM! :)

Line tengah tak elok. Nanti i post some pics of my convo last year. takdelah gempak tapi baju giler gempak. orang nak kahwin pun, pinjam baju songket. i ada baju songket utk CONVO! jgn mare :)

everyone, dah nak gi Bintulu ni. i hope adalah kawan2 yang sudi entertain i kat sane. hehe.

oh, i'm so thrilled about my first trip offshore tomorrow. Visu, jaga I baik2 eh? Hehe... Mak, doa extra 4me eh? nervous ah.... :P

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Salam 50 Tahun Merdeka :)

Proud to be Malaysian :)

Happy Merdeka to all.

Ika, if you're reading this; i actually watch TV on 31st August to catch you. but i supposed you're the blue one in the middle where the camera can't go eh? Hehe...

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka!!!