Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pictures of My Family and I in Miri.

I'm posting some of the pictures i have in my camera. most of them is in Bapak's and Baby's camera..

My parents. Mak and Bapak, eating mee kolok at Kafe Idaman. yang pasti; my family agree PakCik Wan cafe has the best Mee KOlok. Mee Kolok 'round the world'!

i got loads of "TEENY, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER!!!" duh, that's not a surprise to me. :) Hehe... Me and Mizan and also; me and Baby at the airport.

I think i can upload more, but i have to go back to KL to get them first lah. so, that will be happening 2 days before raya. :) 11 october 2007! lame lagi tu.

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