Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mak, Bapak, Baby and Mizan were here in MIRi :)

18th August - 21st August 2007

My family (exclding Abang) was here last weekend. Abg g tgk Gwen Stefani kot.
i was very excited. my weekend off too. nothing to worry. just enjoying the company of my family.

Drove to airport singing along to Michael Buble's "Save the Last Dance For Me". somehhow that's my official happy song for Jul/Aug. hehe... waiting for i think; one hour or so. saw bapak with his Targus backpack, Mizan was waving while trying to get the bags. then, mak and baby... just get out from the toilet kot.


membeli ikan, udang, ayam and what not for our jamuan makan with housemate. they finally sampai to my house in Miri nih! Aishah was around. Izza and Visu came in later. and then kak Ada dropped of just to say hi to my family. masakan Mak is just so yummy! your deep fried ikan - ah-so-the-very-best!

bawak gi pasar malam. mak dengan selambanyer membeli berlambak2 imported magazine yang hanya bernilai RM2.50 at the most. sangat swonok membaca gossip2 nih...

went to Brunei. met Suraiya.
had lunch Brunei style... :)
Ambuyat - the sticky kanji thing that we, malaysian don't enjoy. tapi meja sebelah2, makan ambuyat cam tak ingat dunia. they seem to really enjoy the sticky jello kinda thing. Ambuyat makes a nice additional feeling to CENDOL tho. cube try wahai bruneian. we created the recipe on that day itself! Haha! Suraiya pun terkejut that it actually tasted better in dessert than being the main dish.

GUA NIAH is just a different story. i think even though i put it in a different entry, tak cukup panjang for me to describe.
bottom line, it was SUPERB. outdoor activities with Mizan, is just never boring!!! i had a good walk after all these non-exercise days. i think i paid off my dues with the 4hours long walk!
Mizan would repeat all the P. Ramlee movies "Wahai Bangsi Hikmat....." sungguh entertaining Mizan! miss you already.

ape2hal pun, akak tak suka mizan wat menggatal dengan mane2 aweks tau! bahaya!!!

the last day was the hardest. i was thinking that there are so many other thing that i want to show them to. mak had a great time shopping for our Bali-exoctic theme house... prep for Hari Raya already!

sebak kat airport while sending them off. it's not i can't see them anymore. they had a real good time here. (i hope) so, that's that.

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mumsie said...

i miss your mom's cookings too!!!