Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rumours - betul ke tak ni???


it's been soooooooo long since my last post. anyway, life in general is OK. basically i'm doing fine, been getting opportunity to go back to KL almost every month since PIPE. and crossing fingers that my family are going to visit me in August! tak sabar!!! :)

ok,nak dijadikan cerita...

the rumours that got me excited this whole week:

On Tuesday, i went to my manager's room regarading confirmation. it wasn't my intention to see him actually. i was just going to put the papers on his table and be gone. but he was there, "yes, Tini! what can i do for u?"

during the whole session with him, he asked a lot of questions and we were just chit-chatting, he was telling me how to grow in this company. and he ask "if i were to give you an opportunity to join in project that is going on in terminal?" i was so damn excited, but very professionally, i asnwered "it's a great opportunity, i wouldn't want to let that oppotunity go" - "discuss with ur head and senior about it and get baack to me"


bestnyer. so immediately after that meeting, i went up to my senior. he actually congratulated me! he has always been very supportive and motivating.

the day prior to this i-can't-stop-smiling-day :) My section head actually offers me to join in another section. still a planner but a different kind of planner. a lil more exposure to the management team i have to say. and i actually didn't say NO, if it can help me grow - no problemo! :)

lepas tu, nak dijadikan cerita lebih menarik, i met the terminal engineer at Bintang Plaza last night. she asked me "Teeny, u akan masuk terminal eh? my head ada gtau sorang budak pompuan nak masuk. Hartini"

i'm like, biar betul! mane satu ni??? ke my manager actually have mentioned this to the Terminal Manager? ahhhh, bestnyer whatever i'm feeling.

i hope i will get to be field engineer. in terminal. the sad part is only wearing-coverall-all-day. other than that, i think it's a great opportunity to establish myself as an ENGINEER. just like both Bapak and Abang :) Amin. it's been a great week for me so far. i hope by the time my section head comes back to the office, i will get some great news regarding all these rumours.