Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday - Sunday in Miri :P

Dear Me,

Weekends could be that 2-days-of-leisure to some. but for me, Leisure - yeah but chores day too, update myself too, a total loneliness.

I'm OK.

I spend my weekend watching the latest episodes of both Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. I'm loving the fact that Dr. Grey is now Dr. Shepherd's GF. After all this while, she's always floating between Yes/No. I'm liking the episode where Meredith were drowned and everybody - the friends actually really cares despite their always bitteness-to-each-other. (Dr. Stevens, George, Alex and Christina) as for Betty, i'm just so in love with Betty's boss. I just realized that he used to be that Mean Dean of Harbor School in The OC!

Cudn't wait to get back to KL. 25th my flight at 1800, will be back in Miri on 2nd May. But let's just focus to the fact that i'm going to be in KL for 7 days. hehe. Thanks mum for the icket - Akak banked in the money already :)

I have a lot of things to buy. Kuang3x! As of now, handphone is definitely number one in my list. MP3 player 2nd - ahhh, it'll sure be really great if i can't have my music 24/7! and that portable hard disk for my TV series/work/whatever - think Ugly Betty/Grey's Anatomy/Heroes... Haha! The OC is finished. SethSummer got married! One Tree Hill - sometimes i feel like there's too many dramas. but whatever.

If i have enough money - another pair of Mark & Spencer pants would really be great. Maybe a dark brown one. Remember, less buttons is better. My gray pants has 5 buttons!!! ridiculously Menyusahkan.. :P

It's only 1342.
I need inputs for my on-stage SKO Games updates tomorrow during morning assembly. Yes, I'm known to people as the Miss Secretariat. She who should be running SKO Games! Closing ceremony is only 3 days awat dear. are you prepared? Em, kinda. Hehe.

Owh, I have Visu now in the office. so people are hearing my happy voice more and more now that i have some to really talk to. Thanks Visu. :) I met Rho last Friday. The UTM Chem Eng Grad meet again in Miri. Hehe...

Need to freshen myself up. Panas kat sini.

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haniff said...

hey teeny. didn't know you have a blog. now that i know, i'll sure be a frequent visitor. hehe.