Sunday, April 22, 2007

11th SKO Games Carnival 2007

I'm done with SKO Games carnival. Three weeks in a row i was up on the stage in the Morning Assembly every Monday! Check out the pics.

1. I was introduced to all as the Team Leader - Secretariat
2. Updating the first few games held during the first weekend
3. Updating again the next monday - inviting everyone to the closing ceremony.
4. Played tennis for my team, Mach 5. Kalah tho :P

People is friendlier now. I can smile to more people since i know more peeps. I was just so occupied with work and i like being this busy - not having enough time to think about what's wrong with my life here in Miri. Not having enough time to be sobber like i used too - or a lil too depressed with how things work here.

Visu is here. Huda - UTP trainee who happens to have the same issue as moi - are always with me. So i'm happier. I have people to talk too, to make jokes with - just be Harteeny. Aaaah, i miss that! :P my Sup ayam bodo somehow tested better when i eat with Visu & Huda...

i'm currently on the go - out & about with both the girls to find Visu a place to stay. Room to rent. I feel teribble that my roommates just don't agree with Visu staying in the extra room we have downstairs. that huge room nobody is now staying. Malu jugak, bila tanya officemate 'ada room kosong for VIsu tak? then, they answered "BUKAN YOU ADA BILIK KOSONG KAT RUMAH U KE?" nak jawab ape??? :( sabar jelah...

Life goes on.
like Avril sang...

"KEEP HOLDING ON, JUST STAY STRONG, So far away, i wish you here... With you by my side; i'd fight and defend!!!"

Manalah Zukry agaknyer...

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