Saturday, March 31, 2007



Dear friends and family,
I decided to move because i thought everybody can leave a message. i mean, everybody! *Not that i'm really-really commited to blogging. Huhu :P
so, yeah. Harteeny is back! All the same (even though i hope something has changed)
to get online was really; a long-painful story. but i got it now, so yeah... whatever!
Family is OK. Bapak - busy with work, golf, askar huh? Mak with work too and YEAH, PLANNING FOR THE EUROPE TRIP? Not so, MakTam is doing the planning thing eh? Baby in Kuala Krai, Kelantan - PLKN-ing. Mizan at school and Abang is busy with work if not friends, PS2-ing at home. Huhu...
I am busy with myself. That's all. Hehe. I was left alone. For five days to be exact. My housemates are away. One is attending Induction Course (which i don't understand why she got to go first). The news was sudden so everybody wasn't aware about me living in this HUGE house on my own for 5 whole days. The other one went back to her hometown in Kuantan.
Miri, huh! i don't know. To tell you the truth, i just find it quite a challenge to be here. No friends, no family - Nothing. Still blending in. Still learning to cope with my housemates' hectic life and character. Almost everyday, i came back home with myself. After i'm done with TV and ready to go to sleep, then only the others came home. Not everyday is like this; but quite a lot of days that i was alone at home. :(
2 years of this, like Maktam always said 'Belajar Redha....' and that's what i'm trying to do.