Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Enchanting Enchanted

I dropped by a blog while hanging out in the hotel room. imagine living in a huge room (twin beds) all by myself. thank god ada internet. so my new laptop works its wonders. hehehe... the blog was by MakTeh's friend, superwomanwannabe. :) Her recent entry about Hugh Grant Music & Lyrics. I actually drop a comment. i love romantic comedies, especially with Hugh Grant/Meg Ryan/Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore.

You've Got Mail
Notting Hill
Kate & Leopold
Two Weeks Notice
50 First Dates
Music & Lyrics
The Perfect Catch (not that good but still)

Feel good movies. Like Mak always said, "movies yang tak peningkan kepala". Hehe. After watching, happy je. but i'd like to introduce the ultimate feel good movie, ENCHANTED. it's like a combination of two great genres, Disney Cartoon & romance. Love Patrick Dempsey. Check out the best song in the movie at:

How does she knows that you love her?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

25 december 2007 - 6 days to a brand new year and today i'm starting to list down resolutions that i should work on in 2008. Well, among the top of the list is to of course, perform and get noticed by doing the best in production planning :) Cita-cita kena tinggi!

Anyway, FYI i'm now blogging using my brand new laptop. ah, i'm so proud of this treasure. it's my first ribu-ribuan belanja. This is like my first and early birthday present to myself. for those who don't know / for some yang buat-buat lupa, 14 January is my birthday! Hehe...

Above was me and Zukry, still figuring out the features of the gadget :P sungguh serious and i know, inside his (Zukry) heart, "kurang asam tul. aku nak laptop, dia beli dulu" Kan, Kan???

Then, smiling away together while waiting for our cake at Secret Recipe. Check out my perfect teeth. i spend lots of money to repair the GAP. Hihi. looks great to me! Don't forget to claim, you. you're entitled! YEA!

I got to say, the ticket i bought for this year end holidays is worth every cents. Mahal, memang lah... but whatever. you get some, you lose some! tu je. i don't know, it's always just GREAT to be with my family. no matter what i do/didn't do, the fact that i'm home, they're there and i can reach them anytime, anywhere - best! I LIKE.

Meeting MakTeh and the girls reminded me of my trip to Europe and how much i miss that. National Treasure II - Book of Secrets reminded me of the night i spend in Paris. Ah, the moment i saw Eiffle Tower from afar - Takleh lupa!

Whatever it is, today is the last day of my holiday. Tomorrow i'm flying off to Bintulu, filght at 11:50am and yeah, just continue my life in East Malaysia. I'm coming back in February for the Ismayatim's Family Day in Port Dickson. KakLong, KakNgah, Ika and Baby; don't forget to practise for our Sehati Berdansa! :) Hahahahaha!!!

I'm definitely writing again. with the new Laptop, better performance, better entry. Hehehe... Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Salam AidilAdha.

I was in Pavilion last night and like many of the people there, i actually queued for a box of donuts (which were later wasted, thanks to Zukry). What's so great about the donuts? I HAVE NO IDEA! well, now i know...

I wanna watch some movies today. and of course, i have so many places that i can choose from. nak gie Bukit bintang? KLCC? One Utama? ahhh.... swonoknye!!! Oh, esok raya! Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha to everyone!

I want to meet everyone. Shamina, camne plan? boleh balik KL tak? i hope you're not stranded in Kerteh :P

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

1 Year in PETRONAS

today marked my first year in PETRONAS Carigali (Sarawak Operation) and I'm going to celebrate by going back to Ampang, KL for AidilAdha :)

I'm so excited!
My flight is at 2pm, nite everyone.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life Plan.

Thursday, 6th Dec 2007 12:20am

I had a great time with Hasfa and Haniff tonight. We went to Abida Restaurant (Mamak) for supper. Chapati, Teh ais and lots of stories. And for the first time, I really talk about “relationship” to friends here in Miri and I must say I feel a little bit relief (the negative side of me wants to wonder if they would my stories and let others talk about it. Bad, bad Hartini! Trust your friends!)

Hasfa, I think we should exchange that one person in our family and we would be happier. Kan? 

We were talking about Life Plan. Whether or not, at our age; we have it already? Should we have one, should we think about it, and if we don’t, so what? But of course, being me (who thinks so much, lately; it’s very tiring using your brain non-stop!) I admit I plan my life in certain ways already. I can say that I’m a little rigid but not to extend of being non-flexible 100%. It’s expected that I’ll be disappointed if I can’t achieve certain things that I’ve already planned but I deal with it.

Haniff said he’s planning to plan his life tonight before we depart to respective rooms. How’s that coming? Hehe.

KakNurul called to invite me into her Environment Hunt group this Saturday but I’m already registered as one of the marshall. So, I supposed this Saturday would another filled day. I hope it is as much fun as last Saturday! (Swimming, Shopping, Karaoke – BEST!)

I need ideas to come out with a really big card for Zukry. I’ve bought some materials, but I’m still wondering what I should do with all that. I have all kinds of pens, colored papers, glitters and what not. Hehe… Zuk, you better come out with something far, far better one tau! You’re supposed to be the more creative one. Hehe. After Asar I walked around Bintulu old town and there were quite a few stationery shops . That is why I bought all kinds of things already.

Tomorrow I have to attend a video conference thing at the office. I think it is for the launching of the SKO HSE Week. Housekeeping, I need an iron and the ironing board! Khakis trouser, white shirt, orange scarf + gold pumps. Whatever goes lah, asalkan taknampak terlalu casual. OKlah, Nighty Nite world!

Again, I’m missing so many people… to all, air asia is having this promotion. KL-Miri / Miri-KL for only RM6, total return ticket would be around RM154 only. Booking period from 5-16 Dec 2007 for traveling in May-Oct 2008. Ok, for that; I have to plan my 2008 activities already!

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
John Lennon

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Denying Emotions, are you Hartini?

Denying emotions is a well-known driver of addictions (Oprah Magazine)

The above statement is there to relate to one entry that I've taken out from this blog titled "The Ugly Truth". It was very personal and very negative impression of ownself, so i decided to take it out.

I agree with the statement. I think that was my problem, denying emotions. Keeping too much and never letting things out. Caffein -

Aaaahhh, LIFE. whatever.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Join Mabuk Free, anyone?

My face is burned. What is exposed is darker. What has the sun do to me?... It reminds me of secondary school days. In MRSM, when I used to play hockey for my school. I was only a bench-player but I never miss practice.  Good times.

Ah, Home (Michael Bublĕ) is played on my iPOD. Now I miss so many people...
• Mak, can we just talk about ‘it’ again?
• Bapak, help me.
• Abang, I have a question for you, but I don’t dare ask.
• Mizan, what are you doing at home, alone?
• Baby, I don’t think I’m coming back for Eid Adha; but we’ll see.
• Zukry, when are you coming to Miri?
• Mawarni and SABs girls, what happen to the Deepavali plan?
• Huda; babe, give me updates!

To others (readers) that I did not mention, of course I miss you too.  Now Kaer is singing “Seribu Impian”, and I’m uplifted. (For 3mins, at least. Haha!)

Training is going pretty well. Going through Mechanical Module with the line trainer (Mr. Chris Gustar) is like repeating my D subject (the worst) in UTM, the fundamental, the key subject to be an Engineer; THERMODYNAMIC. I found myself lost in discussions, not because of the extreme noise of both compressors and pumps or the soft spoken English Cikgu, simply because I couldn’t grasp as quickly as the others. The guys especially have incredible time getting to know the equipments and showing off their intelligence to me. BTW, my group mates are KAM (short of his initials), Haniff (Field Engineer – this is the other Haniff) and Sharlyna.

OK, now is my favorite tune during my “Menganggur” time “Put your records on” (Corinne Bailey Rae) playing. I’m (again) uplifted for another 3mins. Hihi…

Wednesday (21/11) was terrible, like I posted in previous entry comments; it was rough sea. I kind of knew already since it was raining since the night before. In fact we were actually walking in the rain to the wharf. But there I was in Borcos 107, sitting very still, listening to my iPod, a couple of Panadol in my pocket (just in case) and eyes closed the whole time.

The ride was like a roller-coaster indeed. The operation guys are all whoooing, aaahhh-ing, enjoying the fact one of the girls would throw up eventually… They actually really stimulate the feel to throw up, alright! Ish, JAHAT! “Muntah, muntah, uweek!!!” Lucky that half way, we turned back to shore. So it was yet again, Mabuk Free for 2 hours. Last time in September it was four hours of Mabuk Free! I’m immune! I did NOT throw up. Yea!

It is FUN time to be in this course. We are freer to do things our ways. Of course, we had to complete all the assignments and what not. After the Mabuk Free, we had dinner at Kelab Golf Bintulu, KING PRAWN. Delicious! I should have taken pictures. We’ve agreed to go again as soon as next week. Hehe…

On Ipod, “Upgrade you” (Beyoncĕ)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Program Bakti on Saturday

Hello all.

Thanks for the kind support in my previous entry. I appreciate it very much; I'm sure to some readers it'd be like "what's-going-on? Tak abis crite nih!"... Hehe.

anyway, today i had fun with Program Bakti Pendidikan PETRONAS students at ParkCity Everly Hotel. PSRO and the YPCs organized a year end program for the kids (about 120 of them) I was with Kak Nurul at Miri City Fan (Fan City? ape2lah) the second check pint for Explorace Kidz. i had fun. although i was only checking all the teams arrived safely with their drivers :) the program ended at around 1pm ++ after lunch at the hotel of course. I am the facilitator of the year-4 students from SK Bakam. they were all thrilled to see me there this morning. Kak Teeny! siap cium tangan bila salam. I LIKE!

Tomorrow, i'm heading back to Bintulu to continue the course. i think it's going to be more intense. i mean, i have to make sure that i'm always on my toes. Sometimes, i lost in a discussion. it's dangerous! because the course is crucial for my performance in the new section, Integrated Operation Planning! it's official, i'm now an IOP, no matter how much people will hate me for that, I AM AN IOP :) Haniff's driving his car so we get to listen to our tunes on our way. Yeah!!! we have similar taste in music so we'll rock the trip!!! boo-yeah!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you Ready, Teeny???

Just talk to Kak Lina.

Then, MakTam pulak.

Tomorrow i;m heading to BIntulu. On Wednesday, i'll be offshore starting my 3 months course.

Ticket for AidilAdha is RM518 Miri-KL and RM498 Bintulu-KL by Malaysian Airlines. AirAsia is surprisingly RM100 more expensive than that.

So, you want to go back? When is the right time to tell?


P/S: Good Luck Zukry! Be confident. Don't worry, they won't eat you. Harap2 CARIGALI lah eh? If nak pursue PhD, PRSS is the best place. :) whatever it is, Ace it!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Today : Annual Leave

Among the many things i bought today:

1. Sony car Connecting Pack (to connect my iPod to my car's audio system)
2. CDs: (Republik Cinta - Dewa 19, Menjelma - Kaer Azami and Terunggul - M Nasir)
3. Baby wipes for Offshore trips. as advised by Kak Elmi. things to bring to Bintulu next week lah basically.
4. Ingredients for Bruchetta. sedap, dah buat dah! :)the oven works, yea!
5. barang2 dapur yang lain.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cik Adik ke Abang agaknye...

Lala, that's Ashraf whom i met at Jom Heboh this morning. Thanks Hasfa for the pic! we do look like we are dating. ahahaha! in your dream, Hartini! Hehe.


I decided to write before i lose some of the comments i want to make for the movie.

i was supposed to do my laundry. but the back door was locked, the spare keys (i think) ntahlah... somewhere in my fossil handbag, don't know which one. (i have 3 bags, thanks to Mak! merah, navy blue and beige)

so, hey; let's watch mukhsin instead. the laundry is still in front of the back door. i made myself a cup of nescafe and sit in front of the TV like nobody cares. nobody does actually because nobody was at home except moi. haha!

Mukhsin - like Sepet & Gubra, you don't know where the story is going until you actually watch the whole thing. it was NOT like no1, which i actually forwarded a few times to not listen to the crap scripts.

aish, bestlah. being brought up in sort of like the same environment, i thought about my childhood but there's MakYah ruining it for me. (Mak, MakYah gave a really bad memories of my days in 1990's. i just can't forget about it. it's funny at times, but always painful. akak xsuka) - tetiba je!

I like the part where Amani appears with Jason. last time, i was very disappointed with Sepet's ending. this time, i get to berangan that 'that' was the ending for Jason & Orkid. as for budak pompuan sebelah yang suka mengadu tu, mengingatkan saya tentang seseorang yang lebih kurang karaktornya. ada aje menda yang mak dia cakap, itu tak baiklah, ini tak bolehlah... Mengjengkelkan! :P

overall, i like Mukhsin. it's not a movie that i can watch over and over again; but watching it once has already made an impact to me. to my Sunday.

Tak basuh baju lagi! :) Hahaha!

Jom Heboh!

My first trip to Jom Heboh ever! i have never been to any Jom Heboh. Not once. in KL, Danga Bay or anywhere else. and Today is my first trip!

OK, i sounded like it's a big deal. It is actually, beside that it's being my first trip; at least i have something to look forward for on Sunday morning. Hehe :) went to Hasfa and Shar's house before leaving for the 'Tapak Pesta' with Shar's kelisa.

i actually took a picture with Ashraf, the bad-guy in Manjalara. Malu nak publish, tapi he's just damn good looking. Ye ke? entahlah, the tall, not-so-dark and cute. i prefer Awal tho :) Hihi. Thanks lah Hasfa! Once i got the pic from Hasfa, i'll show it to the world. provided i look good in the pic lah. :P

Beraya at Shar and Hasfa's house. (Beraya ke? more like drop-by je n makan rempeyek Hasfa nad Kek Shar. Haha!)First time i actually went in the house. before this, i only drop people off. It's very cozy, since the owner leave all the funitures in the house. everything is just so complete. The TV set, the sofa, the kitchen, best jugaklah... that reminds me, I need to get myself a wardrobe! sampai bila nak pakai penyangkut murah yang dua itu, Hartini!!!

I brought home 3 CDs. borrowed from Pijah.
1. Qabil Kushri, Qabil Igam
2. Devil wears Prada
3. Mukhsin

So i watch the no1. Aduhai, i don't know lah best ke tak. ada part yang i gelak, and ada jugak yang bergenang jugak airmata nih! (sungguh ajaib) Bergenang tu masa Erra lepas kena pukul dgn husband dia, merayu kat Igam to take her (marry her-lah) tapi as usual, i watch the maybe 2hours movie in like 50 mins. banyak forward. :P time diorang duk bercinta, cam best lah. cam takyah pikir, swonok je... Hihi. but when it gets more drama-lalala, i was already 'Huaaarrggghhh!!!!'.... so i switch to no2 which i've watch like a gazilion times already.

so, next is Mukhsin. need to also do the laundry and some shopping. groceries shopping. now that i've got myself an oven, i can bake! make bruchetta like Mak did. ahhh, cheese... :) da!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Open House 3/11/2007


PCSB-SKO Open House. Ushering everyone to the back of our building in Lutong the whole morning, while anxiously waiting for the arrival of YB Lee. Oh my God, why did i ever said YES to lead the Publicity & Promotion unit???

Alhamdulillah, everything went OK. Not perfect but it wasn't bad. At all. which is good, really. my team members, although wasn't been briefed properly actually came and help. Bagus juak lah! :)

mingling with peeps i rarely hang out with. talk to the YB's PA like i really know what i'm doing, Lalala. I'm convincing enough. He was surprised that i'm from KL and it's my 10 months here. Hehe.

Gambar. em, i didn't actually bring along my cam. but i remembered that i have some pictures taken. I wore my convo's songket kebarung. so this was my second songket after last week for PETRONAS Ramah-Tamah Aidilfitri, in the orange songket. eceh! :P

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lalala before Bye-bye Sunday.

Learn to recite "Alhamdulillah" whenever you feel empty in life. There are so many who are going through so much compared to what you're in, Hartini.

Before i say goodbye to Sunday, Alhamdulillah...
Tomorrow is going to be better, InsyaAllah.

Kenapa cepat rasa tak puas?
Kenapa banyak sangat yang tak cukup?
Kenapa semua pun nak?

First weekend after Raya Holidays.

i was thinking if i am in KL during the weekend, i might be all around the town berhari raya - attending open houses and what not. well, i could always go window-shopping or SHOP at my favourite malls.

unlike here. Miri, i have to find the fun. the fun won't just appear out of nowhere. :)

I'm liking the companionship of my housemate Aishah. we get each other, not all the time, but we do. aishah, if you're reading this, thank you!

attended PETRONAS Ramah-Taman "Sentuhan Kasih" - Open House. it was in Eastwood Valley Resort. OK, not that bad. definately for people to mingle around and say selamat hari raya to everyone. stranger/not.

went to KakLaila's house. my neighbour. house neighbour and workstation neighbour. she's a great perso. She is. Never cares what others think, as long as she's happy. which i should take a good lesson from her nih! her daughter Iman, who is just so damn cute. she was just so quite but she smiles a lot!

This picture was taken when she was here for buka puasa last month.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kawan-Kawan Saya.

Over the weekend, i get to meet 'ramai' important people in my life. at least some of them. :)

There's Zukry obviously. On Friday right after prayer. Picture - tak amek. ehehe. then, the next day, despite was at work malam tu, Zukry beraya with me. First stop, Haniff's engagement ceremony. tapi dah terlewat.

orang sumer dah balik, Hartini baru sampai. Both, Haniff & Naim glowed in pink. "Macam orang dah kahwin" - the first thing thing that popped in my head when they were rushing to the tent sebab Hujan. tengah bercanda ria mengambil gambar. Mane gambar? Apsal nak sorok-sorok plak??? dah lah tak amik gambar tetamu-tetamu yang hadir... sabar jelah. Adli, Sarah tu GF you ke? cam teman tapi mesra je. i don't think Adli is reading this. Haniff lah tolong jawab kan... :P

Nilah orangnyer. picture them in pink instead of green. Ni masa Teman & Mesra lagi... i curi gambar you haniff.

Mawarni of course, datang sampai dua kali. at my request. first was on Friday, lunch time. she was with her two friends. one from Kelantan and the other was from Tawau.

Mawarni - bile nak g umah u plak ni... malam ni Ok kot. tengok dulu camne.

Then, yesterday she was here again with Sajidah! my long-time-no-see friend. she was in Ohio for 6 years kot. we send cards, emails, (taklah banyak mane) but we manage not to lose contact. Mawarni is being her usual self. everyting is in order. even though her job is a 6 months contract, she seems to enjoy it. She's always very calm and acceptance towards things. Complaints but not too much. and of course, we can't stop talking. she will talk-talk-talk non-stop. Huhu! :) Love ya, Warnie. As for Sajidah, You pun tak banyak berubah lah... i thought she'll attack with some American twang, tapi she was being modest ke ape, somehow yeah... cam dulu :) hehe. i like! We took sewing class together right after SPM at chow Kit, kan Sajidah? lawaks sungguh.

Sajidah - masa dia beraye di Ohio.

Panjang and Suraiya joined Sajidah and Mawarni after about 10 mins or so. first time meeting them both at the same time (togheter lah). Before this, i only met panjang at KLCC and Suraiya in Brunei/Miri. Like i told Panjang in SMS, nampak sepadan :) they are also going to be engaged. Next Sunday, 28th. theme color, Lilac. unlike Haniff, Panjang refuse to wear baju melayu. By the way, mak masak Laksa Johor and I have my special hot-from-the-oven carrot cupcake yang sungguh yummie!!! I don't have panjang's and Suraiya's pic. so takdapatlah nak tunjuk... nanti kita mintak gambar from their engagement plak.

Sambung crite ari sabtu balik, right after Haniff's engagement, Zukry & I went to Tahirah's house at Bukit Rahman Puta, Sg Buloh. So taklah jauh sangat from TTDI umah Naim. cuma jalan Jam tak hengat. Zalina and Mawarni joined us in a while. so being us, of course, non-stop talking again. a year story, aduh macam2 lah. oh, Halim was also there. Tahirah's Teman & Mesra. Hehe. khabarnyer dah dapat cincin. semoga berbahagia ye. by the way girls, trip to Miri next year? visit lah i yang kesepian di sana. Huhu! :)
so, papehal pun, amek gambar. Mawarni, Zalina, Me & Tahirah

Went to Zalina's house yesterday with Sajidah & Mawarni as well. Arif was already on his way back. za ada amek gambar tapi it's not in my hand lah. Zalina is happy with her job as well. tak banyak cerita... she was rushing on Saturday because of P. Ramlee the musical.

Finally, last night; Kak Ijat decided to stop by. She also being her usual self, came in cute pink cotton baju kurung. banyak crite kan? but honestly KakIjat (if you're reading) i was very tired already last night. but hey, you are always all jumpy everytime we met so i couldn't help but join you being jumpy and all excited to share a one year story together :) KakIjat is helping her father with some projects. Art stuffs. Planning for her future is all there. tinggal nak buat je lg. KakIjat is also following Haniff and Panjang is going to be unavailable next year...

Kak Ijat - photo courtesy of Friendster. haha!

arini, nak pergi pos barang ke Miri. barang2 i bought from IKEA. Da!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Family Pictures

Maktam and family. Paktam, Emmy, Ika & Fadhli. We are supposed to have two kind of pictures. One is very conservative, proper, very formal... and the other one is the fun one. the not-so-formal, weird pose, Lalala... so this is a fun pic. very rilex but still in raya mode :) Maktam choses Red for 2007. Pink, maroon...

Here's me and my family. Mak, Bapak, Abang, Mizan & Baby. we don't have a family theme for Raya. It's been so long since we last have a mathcy-matchy baju raya. Hehe. We all were divided into the ladies and gents. The ladies were wearing Thai Silk, and the gents chose yellowish color. Gambar ni conservative pose lah. Actually all pictures of us are alike. Baby was the one who posed like a celebrity, the others KAKU including moi :) i have nice smile, memadailah... HAHAHA! :P

Makngah's Family! KakLong, KakNgah, Epit and PakNgah. The ladies punye baju, the materials KakNgah beli all the way from Singapore. Jauhnye... Epit was the one who "melemang" for us all. Sampai tengah malam!

Daddy's little girls with Mummy. Shining kan our baju? Love Thai Silk! I have two. One is royal blue and 2007 = Yellow! Baby pakai baju kurung Kedah. just to show the Utara in her, now that she's studying in Changloon. Hehe. We were all in Estee Lauder's make up. Mum bought before Raya. ah, sungguh best meng'apply' make up. hihi. And the curls on baby's hair, thanks to KakLong.

OK! The girls with our parents. i love this picture. sungguh happy, sungguh senang... :)

I want to take pictures of my house. and post it here. nak tunjuk all the good things my mum dah wat. hehe. Kalau semangatlah, harap2 semangatlah jugak!

Aidilfitri Celebration @ Kuala Lipis, Pahang

I'm posting here the "suasana" of celebrating Aidilfitri in Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

Basically, the morning of raya the gents are the first to dressed up for Solat Sunat at the mosque. Complete with Songkok & Sampin. Aduh, everyone is just so dashing! :)

The girls will take turn to dressed up afterwards. Inai is already on our fingers, Baby & Ika curled their hair this year (KakLong & KakNgah need no help in that area. Hehe), while i was just there excited about all that. Haha! I tried to keep every raya a lil bit more exciting that the previous one.

After "Salam Raya", pose for the camera "click,click,click!". and then, head to Kuala Atok to Visit kubur our grandparents... Raya-raya to like 4 houses until maghrib and then, back to Lipis.

I bagi duit raya this year. That's new and sungguh tak terurus. I think it is all so kelam kabut. Unfair. Sometimes berbeza Uni, sekolah menengah, sekolah rendah, anak saudara, dua pupu, whatever - Lalala, rezeki masing2 lah ye :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Salam Aidilfitri :) Maaf Zahir & Batin

Excitednyer tak terhingga!

macam rasa before fly to Paris last year. pelik kan? but it's true. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

11th October 2007 - Menanti dengan penuh kesabaran :)

Salam everyone :)

Hartini here reporting from Miri.
The crowd in the office is thinning. Total people in my unit is 9 but we are down to only 4 tomorrow. All the other units pun lebih kurang camtu lah ratio nyer.

ah, cepatlah 11th October 2007, 6:15pm!!!
Hehe. oh wait. i have good news for me.

i was supposed to attend a meeting in KLCC on Tuesday 23rd. i dah beli ticket balik Miri on 22nd. Now i can extend and dah ask the travel agency tu pun dah change it for me.

tibe2, petang tadi dapat email that the meeting is postponed to 24th! and i asked my senior if it's OK that i just stay in KL and he said YES. Extended another day!!! i have Monday and Tuesday free from work! swonoknye!!!

things to do tomorrow, call back the travel agency and change the date again to 24th plak!!! well, i can claim for the extra charges so whatever. best kan??? boleh shopping2 ke, jenjalan... whatever lah. i taksempat pikir lagi ape i nak wat. hehe...

lalalala, esok 10th. lusa i balik!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Alicia Keys - No One

Belos is the lyrics to Alicia's new single from her new album coming out in November.

Eveyone knows about Beyonce cancelled her show in KL, kan? i'm disappointed, alright. But whatever. she cancels because she was asked to cover up - of course, i understand to sing "Deja Vu" covered up - macam tak kena :P Hehe...

Better not come than throw crappy shows or being cynical about the cover-up thing during the show like Miss Carey did (according to mum, Maktam, KakLong). Alicia Keys did really GREAT show when she was here in 2004. thanks mum - front seat! with corset and tight pants. no problem whatsoever! U rock, Miss Keys. Couldn't wait for "As I AM".

"I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure, That it will only get better

You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry 'cuz
Everything's going to be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all i know is everything's going to be alright

No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try try to divide something so real
So til the end of time"

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cheese cake + Mee Kungfu

I had a very productive day today :) at least, i think so. well, not the going-to-office type of productivity. life in general is pretty much "terisi".

buka puasa today is Mee Kungfu. sedap :) puji diri sendiri. but yeah, my housemates tak usik nasik pun. makan mee kungfu i masak je. kuang3x. bangga, bangga, bangga!

and Cheese cake as well. aduh sangat creamy... sedapnyer. i'm feeling that the fat are all running towards my hips. hahahaha! :P the cake is not yet keras - gelatin tak cukup ke hape, ntah. tapi the taste, aduh... sedap!

tomorrow i'm going straight to Eastwood Valley Resort for a course. "Perfomance Management System". basically learning how to write a superb appraisal. this will help i hope. mid Year review is due next Monday!

* need to book my supervisor's time to together review what i've done so far....

ok, toodles!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


It’s not that I don’t want to join integrated operation planning section. But I’m having a second thought.

Too many people especially the E1 (my colleagues, office peeps) were very discouraging. “YOU NAK MASUK IOP? WATPE?!”

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ramadhan, so far so good.

Fasting away from family is not something new to me. I’ve always faced this when I was still studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Mum would call to check the menu for the day. Or Mizan/Baby would call to brag about the cool and happening places they went for Buka Puasa. It’s not getting on to me anymore. I’m used to that :)

Here in Miri, it’s more or less the same as what I used to have in UTM. Instead of going to class, of course I have to go to work everyday. It’s been only two days working while fasting, well the first was OK but the second one – last Friday. Aduh! Pening kepala dong!!!

It hit me that this is my first time berpuasa di alam pekerjaan! :) takdelah gempak ke ape. But yeah, last year I was at home making a big fuss about why PETRONAS is still not calling?! But this year, hey; I’m there already. Of course, the responsibility to give duit raya pulak yang haunts me. Berapa I should giveaway agaknyer? :P sepupu lain, dua pupu lain, jiran lain, anak sedara lain, cucu sedara pun ada! Aduh… anak2 kawan mak yang datang raya nak kasik jugak ke? Kuang3x… banyak tuh!

I’ve never been to any pasar Ramadhan here in Miri. There’s one in Lutong but I usually malas nak park kereta. Hehe. And I’m sure at Seberkas (Tapak Pasar Malam) is packed with people everyday! Dahlah bulatan besar tu pun selallu jam, tambah lagi sesak nak gie pasar Ramadhan. See, kat Miri pun ada JAM! We should also get waktu bekerja yang pendek like those in Klang Valley. Hehe…

Solat tarawih is at Masjid Lutong. Macam2 orang ada. Expatriate from Petronas and Shell. And of course the locals. Selawat after tarawih dia berbeza sket. I know it’s the same thing like in KL but panjang sket. So, I just senyap instead of menyahut. I like the lagu of the selawat tarawih tu. I don’t know about other Masjid, tak pernah gie tempat lain lagi.

I’m going to spend the whole Ramadhan here. I only get one day berbuka puasa with family on the last day of puasa. I’m sure Mak is already cooking Raya dish my that day. So I miss all the nice lauk mak masak… Mak sure masak everyday. Unlike the normal busy she has before, Bapak is always early I supposed. Nak catch solat tarawih lagi. I know what their schedule since I was home last year all month long. And to tell you truth, I was not helping in the kitchen dept pun. Setakat defreezing chicken/ikan/daging tu adalah. :P haha!

And of course, one more thing; last year was about preparing new look for the house. Mak tempah langsir baru from Aunty Normah. Which is just fabulous. And I help to choose the new sofa for the house! This year, don’t know who is going to help Mak with that…

Oklah, tibe2 semangat nak balik pulak. Padahal baru nak masuk 4 days fasting. Apelah! Good Morning, people!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello IOP!

I was informed today by my section head that it is now confirm that I’m going to fill up a vacant permanent box in “Integrated Operation Planning” section starting October 2007.

Today is 12th September, so I have another around 18 days in “Field Planning” section. I was thinking:

“Don’t you want to leave behind a legacy? Something that proves you presence in Field Planning actually meant something to the residents of the section.”

Aduh, it’s an additional stress. So, I don’t think it’s really important. It will be superb if you can but if you can’t, no pressure. Whatever it is, I’m performing my best and that’s what really matters.

Basically, all in all; “Bye-Bye FPs, Hello IOPs”.

As for the attachment in Terminal like I’ve mentioned in the previous entry, no confirmation still. That’ll be an additional point if I were to continue my journey in the Engineering field. From the experience, I’ll be able to convince anyone that I can do what an Engineer should be able to do…  by anyone, I mean Operation people, Project Team in KL – those who are searching for Fresh Engineer in the market lah. Eheh :P

I’m beginning to develop my interest in planning as well. It’s an eye-opener when you know the impact of your small work is actually significant especially in selling our oil to the market. Terasa hebat what our numbers can do. hehe…

So tengoklah camner. Izza is giving me words of advice. The advice sounds rather scary though. I hope I’ll get the guidance I need to be an excellent IOP 

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Offshore trip - Cerita.

My days in Bintulu.

I took the bus from Miri to Bintulu with all my PPE (Personal Protection Equipments) like my oh-so-orange life jacket and of course, the helmet. Visu and i has always had stories to be shared. Tak pernah stop. ada new stories - which is great! :)

Had a little crite yang embarassing. just because i takde kad kredit. I NEED CREDIT CARD! for the hotel reservation. aiyo, mana i nak ada RM1000 for the deposit. RM200 je in my purse. hehehe :P

There are so many "kedai mamak" here in Bintulu. the one in front of the Hotel reminded us of Ayob! ah, i miss Ayob. the place where everything starts. chewah...

Offshore - bangun awal giler to catch breakfast before going to Petronas Carigali Temana Office somewhere in town. dekat je dengan Hotel. makan pun takut2 because if the weather doesn't agree with us, i might be mabuk and muntah on the way!

TEMANA B Sector is the nearest platform from Bintulu Shore... only an hour away. my first trip was quite a success. the boat transfer was rather easy. the weather and wave was being very kind to the first timer - Hartini. hehe... Alhamdulilah, i survived!

I was very excited to see wells! the most important subject of the upstream operation. the crew are being very nice to us. thanks. i hope the presence of girls somehow makes it even more interesting to your days in offshore. hehe...

i am so proud to be wearing the coverall. the yellow coverall. the Petronas coverall. the coverall that does nothing whatsoever to my figure. hehe. but damn it, i'm just do proud to be wearing it. kuang3x. being a girl plak tu. rasa cam i'm the engineer everyone wants to be :P

Oklah, nak tido. esok kena turun laut lagi. nak truly understand the Crude Oil Transfer Pump tomorrow. hopefully the weather is good, and Temana A can back to production...

I miss people. so many people. agak2nyer diorang rindu tak kat hartini ni...

Familiarization Trip to Temana

Convocation Pictures

These are the few image from my convo last year...

Family yang datang - bapak, mak and baby. sedih pulak kan that not everyone is in the picture. padahal abang and mizan ada je kat Malaysia...

with Huda and norid. and of course, with our Anugerah DiRaja student, Shamina.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

2nd SEPT today - A year after my Convocation :)

Whatever happens to my friends?

Huda has always been there - we really do keep in touch. Sibuk dgn Masters of course. Norid - where are you?

Ah, UTM. i can't believe i would actually Miss UTM! :)

Line tengah tak elok. Nanti i post some pics of my convo last year. takdelah gempak tapi baju giler gempak. orang nak kahwin pun, pinjam baju songket. i ada baju songket utk CONVO! jgn mare :)

everyone, dah nak gi Bintulu ni. i hope adalah kawan2 yang sudi entertain i kat sane. hehe.

oh, i'm so thrilled about my first trip offshore tomorrow. Visu, jaga I baik2 eh? Hehe... Mak, doa extra 4me eh? nervous ah.... :P

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Salam 50 Tahun Merdeka :)

Proud to be Malaysian :)

Happy Merdeka to all.

Ika, if you're reading this; i actually watch TV on 31st August to catch you. but i supposed you're the blue one in the middle where the camera can't go eh? Hehe...

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kekasih Gelapku - Ungu


I've never been lifted by a song since a-long-long-time-ago!
Whoever reads this blog, please listen to the song by Ungu "Kekasih Gelapku".

Ku mencintaimu lebih dari apapun,
Meskipun tiada orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya Kekasih Gelapku...

Yakinlah bahawa engkau adalah cintaiku
Yang ku cari selama ini dalam hidupku
Dan hanya padamu ku berikan sisa cintaku
Yang panjang dalam hidupku...

I'm flying so high that i just can't touch the ground everytime i heard the song.
Sesiapa yang duk bersebelahan my Cube; "i'm sorry, the song will just keluar outta my mouth everyday starting today" Haha!

whatever "Kekasih gelapku" means = i think it means Kekasih yang that guy can't have but whatever! - i still Love it!

Thanks to Zukry for email me the song :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pictures of My Family and I in Miri.

I'm posting some of the pictures i have in my camera. most of them is in Bapak's and Baby's camera..

My parents. Mak and Bapak, eating mee kolok at Kafe Idaman. yang pasti; my family agree PakCik Wan cafe has the best Mee KOlok. Mee Kolok 'round the world'!

i got loads of "TEENY, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER!!!" duh, that's not a surprise to me. :) Hehe... Me and Mizan and also; me and Baby at the airport.

I think i can upload more, but i have to go back to KL to get them first lah. so, that will be happening 2 days before raya. :) 11 october 2007! lame lagi tu.

Mak, Bapak, Baby and Mizan were here in MIRi :)

18th August - 21st August 2007

My family (exclding Abang) was here last weekend. Abg g tgk Gwen Stefani kot.
i was very excited. my weekend off too. nothing to worry. just enjoying the company of my family.

Drove to airport singing along to Michael Buble's "Save the Last Dance For Me". somehhow that's my official happy song for Jul/Aug. hehe... waiting for i think; one hour or so. saw bapak with his Targus backpack, Mizan was waving while trying to get the bags. then, mak and baby... just get out from the toilet kot.


membeli ikan, udang, ayam and what not for our jamuan makan with housemate. they finally sampai to my house in Miri nih! Aishah was around. Izza and Visu came in later. and then kak Ada dropped of just to say hi to my family. masakan Mak is just so yummy! your deep fried ikan - ah-so-the-very-best!

bawak gi pasar malam. mak dengan selambanyer membeli berlambak2 imported magazine yang hanya bernilai RM2.50 at the most. sangat swonok membaca gossip2 nih...

went to Brunei. met Suraiya.
had lunch Brunei style... :)
Ambuyat - the sticky kanji thing that we, malaysian don't enjoy. tapi meja sebelah2, makan ambuyat cam tak ingat dunia. they seem to really enjoy the sticky jello kinda thing. Ambuyat makes a nice additional feeling to CENDOL tho. cube try wahai bruneian. we created the recipe on that day itself! Haha! Suraiya pun terkejut that it actually tasted better in dessert than being the main dish.

GUA NIAH is just a different story. i think even though i put it in a different entry, tak cukup panjang for me to describe.
bottom line, it was SUPERB. outdoor activities with Mizan, is just never boring!!! i had a good walk after all these non-exercise days. i think i paid off my dues with the 4hours long walk!
Mizan would repeat all the P. Ramlee movies "Wahai Bangsi Hikmat....." sungguh entertaining Mizan! miss you already.

ape2hal pun, akak tak suka mizan wat menggatal dengan mane2 aweks tau! bahaya!!!

the last day was the hardest. i was thinking that there are so many other thing that i want to show them to. mak had a great time shopping for our Bali-exoctic theme house... prep for Hari Raya already!

sebak kat airport while sending them off. it's not i can't see them anymore. they had a real good time here. (i hope) so, that's that.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes.

I was browsing and i found the lyrics of the song that Cinderella sang to her friends (the cute mice and birds) when she woke up from her sleep in Disney's Cinderella. ah, i miss my childhood. (there's Makyah of course, but still 'great times'!

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you will lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for you keep,
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving,
If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're feeling small
Alone in the night you whisper
Thinkin' no one can hear you at all
You wake with the morning sunlight
To find fortune that is smiling on you
Dont let your heart be filled with sorrow, for all you know tomorrow
The dream that you wish will come true

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rumours - betul ke tak ni???


it's been soooooooo long since my last post. anyway, life in general is OK. basically i'm doing fine, been getting opportunity to go back to KL almost every month since PIPE. and crossing fingers that my family are going to visit me in August! tak sabar!!! :)

ok,nak dijadikan cerita...

the rumours that got me excited this whole week:

On Tuesday, i went to my manager's room regarading confirmation. it wasn't my intention to see him actually. i was just going to put the papers on his table and be gone. but he was there, "yes, Tini! what can i do for u?"

during the whole session with him, he asked a lot of questions and we were just chit-chatting, he was telling me how to grow in this company. and he ask "if i were to give you an opportunity to join in project that is going on in terminal?" i was so damn excited, but very professionally, i asnwered "it's a great opportunity, i wouldn't want to let that oppotunity go" - "discuss with ur head and senior about it and get baack to me"


bestnyer. so immediately after that meeting, i went up to my senior. he actually congratulated me! he has always been very supportive and motivating.

the day prior to this i-can't-stop-smiling-day :) My section head actually offers me to join in another section. still a planner but a different kind of planner. a lil more exposure to the management team i have to say. and i actually didn't say NO, if it can help me grow - no problemo! :)

lepas tu, nak dijadikan cerita lebih menarik, i met the terminal engineer at Bintang Plaza last night. she asked me "Teeny, u akan masuk terminal eh? my head ada gtau sorang budak pompuan nak masuk. Hartini"

i'm like, biar betul! mane satu ni??? ke my manager actually have mentioned this to the Terminal Manager? ahhhh, bestnyer whatever i'm feeling.

i hope i will get to be field engineer. in terminal. the sad part is only wearing-coverall-all-day. other than that, i think it's a great opportunity to establish myself as an ENGINEER. just like both Bapak and Abang :) Amin. it's been a great week for me so far. i hope by the time my section head comes back to the office, i will get some great news regarding all these rumours.


Friday, June 1, 2007

Rumah Titian Kaseh - Taman Titiwangsa, KL

Four of the many pictures captured during PIPE's (PETRONAS Induction Program for new Executive) Community Service. A lot of fun. A pause of reflecting how blessed and lucky I am compared to those chidren.

Didi & Hawwa in the children's room. Haikal - The one who asked RO, "Bila nak datang lagi?". Alya and Abby - little cuties who was having great fun and clinging to me up until the end of the program. And the participants with Mak Pah - the woman whose contribution is our aspiration...


Sunday, April 22, 2007

The pictures mentioned in the previous Entry.

Enjoy! Makin Chubby :P Banyak masalah!!!

11th SKO Games Carnival 2007

I'm done with SKO Games carnival. Three weeks in a row i was up on the stage in the Morning Assembly every Monday! Check out the pics.

1. I was introduced to all as the Team Leader - Secretariat
2. Updating the first few games held during the first weekend
3. Updating again the next monday - inviting everyone to the closing ceremony.
4. Played tennis for my team, Mach 5. Kalah tho :P

People is friendlier now. I can smile to more people since i know more peeps. I was just so occupied with work and i like being this busy - not having enough time to think about what's wrong with my life here in Miri. Not having enough time to be sobber like i used too - or a lil too depressed with how things work here.

Visu is here. Huda - UTP trainee who happens to have the same issue as moi - are always with me. So i'm happier. I have people to talk too, to make jokes with - just be Harteeny. Aaaah, i miss that! :P my Sup ayam bodo somehow tested better when i eat with Visu & Huda...

i'm currently on the go - out & about with both the girls to find Visu a place to stay. Room to rent. I feel teribble that my roommates just don't agree with Visu staying in the extra room we have downstairs. that huge room nobody is now staying. Malu jugak, bila tanya officemate 'ada room kosong for VIsu tak? then, they answered "BUKAN YOU ADA BILIK KOSONG KAT RUMAH U KE?" nak jawab ape??? :( sabar jelah...

Life goes on.
like Avril sang...

"KEEP HOLDING ON, JUST STAY STRONG, So far away, i wish you here... With you by my side; i'd fight and defend!!!"

Manalah Zukry agaknyer...

HOME - 25th April 2007

To : Mummy, Zukry, Baby, Mawarni, Family and Friends...


Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
'Cause this was not your dream
But you always believed in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
In even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I’m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
Oh, let me go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

Aaaahhh, Michael Buble rocks! :P

Note to whom?

Kepada Norfairolzukry Ahmad Rasdy,

Hey, you bought a very expensive handphone just to keep it in your pants? show it off to your family? or your cousins? or just for the games installed in it?

For what exactly?

Terima Kasih kerana membaca.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday - Sunday in Miri :P

Dear Me,

Weekends could be that 2-days-of-leisure to some. but for me, Leisure - yeah but chores day too, update myself too, a total loneliness.

I'm OK.

I spend my weekend watching the latest episodes of both Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. I'm loving the fact that Dr. Grey is now Dr. Shepherd's GF. After all this while, she's always floating between Yes/No. I'm liking the episode where Meredith were drowned and everybody - the friends actually really cares despite their always bitteness-to-each-other. (Dr. Stevens, George, Alex and Christina) as for Betty, i'm just so in love with Betty's boss. I just realized that he used to be that Mean Dean of Harbor School in The OC!

Cudn't wait to get back to KL. 25th my flight at 1800, will be back in Miri on 2nd May. But let's just focus to the fact that i'm going to be in KL for 7 days. hehe. Thanks mum for the icket - Akak banked in the money already :)

I have a lot of things to buy. Kuang3x! As of now, handphone is definitely number one in my list. MP3 player 2nd - ahhh, it'll sure be really great if i can't have my music 24/7! and that portable hard disk for my TV series/work/whatever - think Ugly Betty/Grey's Anatomy/Heroes... Haha! The OC is finished. SethSummer got married! One Tree Hill - sometimes i feel like there's too many dramas. but whatever.

If i have enough money - another pair of Mark & Spencer pants would really be great. Maybe a dark brown one. Remember, less buttons is better. My gray pants has 5 buttons!!! ridiculously Menyusahkan.. :P

It's only 1342.
I need inputs for my on-stage SKO Games updates tomorrow during morning assembly. Yes, I'm known to people as the Miss Secretariat. She who should be running SKO Games! Closing ceremony is only 3 days awat dear. are you prepared? Em, kinda. Hehe.

Owh, I have Visu now in the office. so people are hearing my happy voice more and more now that i have some to really talk to. Thanks Visu. :) I met Rho last Friday. The UTM Chem Eng Grad meet again in Miri. Hehe...

Need to freshen myself up. Panas kat sini.

Friday, April 6, 2007

April Fool's Day - Mum, Happy Birthday!

I don't know...

I feel like I'm getting used to living here in Miri. Hehe. I mean, i realized that i have not be complaining as much as i used to when i first got here. Which of course is a good thing...

I went back at 10pm last wednesday! My first time and i know it wouldn't be my last and i hope it will not happen a little too often. i was out of my head with the not-understanding-what-to-do-but-i-have-to-finish-it workload! Alhamdullilah, the presentation went well. Nobody noticed my last slide was actually unfinished! Hehe.

Tomorrow is the start of 11th SKO Games Carnival. Netball & sepaktakraw at 8am at Kelab Rekreasi Petroleum, Lutong. I most probably be playing tennis (mix double) for my team, Mach 5. Tennis will start on Monday, got to step up and practise, practise, practise!

Anyway, want to concentrate watching FRIENDS. so Funny! watching it over and over again...

Saturday, March 31, 2007



Dear friends and family,
I decided to move because i thought everybody can leave a message. i mean, everybody! *Not that i'm really-really commited to blogging. Huhu :P
so, yeah. Harteeny is back! All the same (even though i hope something has changed)
to get online was really; a long-painful story. but i got it now, so yeah... whatever!
Family is OK. Bapak - busy with work, golf, askar huh? Mak with work too and YEAH, PLANNING FOR THE EUROPE TRIP? Not so, MakTam is doing the planning thing eh? Baby in Kuala Krai, Kelantan - PLKN-ing. Mizan at school and Abang is busy with work if not friends, PS2-ing at home. Huhu...
I am busy with myself. That's all. Hehe. I was left alone. For five days to be exact. My housemates are away. One is attending Induction Course (which i don't understand why she got to go first). The news was sudden so everybody wasn't aware about me living in this HUGE house on my own for 5 whole days. The other one went back to her hometown in Kuantan.
Miri, huh! i don't know. To tell you the truth, i just find it quite a challenge to be here. No friends, no family - Nothing. Still blending in. Still learning to cope with my housemates' hectic life and character. Almost everyday, i came back home with myself. After i'm done with TV and ready to go to sleep, then only the others came home. Not everyday is like this; but quite a lot of days that i was alone at home. :(
2 years of this, like Maktam always said 'Belajar Redha....' and that's what i'm trying to do.